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Martial Peak 1605 {Oct 2021} Get Complete Insight!

Read all about Martial Peak 1605. Also, know about Yang Kai, the main lead of this chapter.

Do you read fantasy novels? Are you looking for the best Chinese novel details? The martial peak is considered one of the most well-known Chinese novels that have released its entire chapter and ended the story of martial peak novels.

The martial peak readers are found all around the Philippines, Indonesia, India, and the United States. So, today this guide will show you up the summary details of Martial Peak 1605. This chapter was released a year ago in November. However, if you are unaware of what’s going on in chapter one thousand six hundred and five, scroll down and get the character description.

Table of Contents

About Martial Peak 

Martial Peak is a Chinese novel with a total of six thousand and sixteen chapters. The novel summary says that martial peak is a site journey to be reached. The peak journey is solitary, lonely, and time taking. During this, you must remain unyielding and survive such situations. Thus, only then can you continue your journey facing various breakthroughs. 

To reach out to Martial Peak 1605 summary, continue reading down. The disciples give the tough test to the high pavilion heavens in the hardest possible way to prepare themselves for this journey. So one fine day, a person named Kai Yang, a sweeper, managed to get the black book that guides the journey to the peak, a world of martial arts.

Novel Details 

  •  Short title: MP
  •  Alternate title: Chinese language title 
  •  Status: completed
  •  Author: Momo
  •  Genre: Xuanhuan, mature, martial art, Harem, Action
  •  Weekly rank: #8
  •  Monthly rank: #1
  •  All-time rank: #1

Martial Peak 1605 Chapter Details

  • Chapter 1605 of martial peak revolves around Yang Kai saying something and quickly disappearing from Qian Tong and others’ sight.
  • The main lead of this particular chapter displays Yang Kai
  • Yang Kai secretly releases his stone puppet during the fight against a group of Zhang Qing 
  • Yang Kai manages to get three hundred domain stones and clears both the goals

However, many other events take place in the 1605 chapter martial peak:  

Details of Yang Kai

The Martial Peak 1605 chapter shows more about Yang Kai so here’s more information about him.

  • Yang Kai is a trail person of heaven high pavilion 
  • He gives the weak and fragile appearance in his teenage days
  • After some time, he possessed a composed and calm appearance 
  • He’s a neither humble nor arrogant person
  • Instead, He’s a confident, wise, and calm person
  • He’s known for his loving and caring nature against his family, friends, and allies
  • One fine day, he obtains a black book, which carries the legacy of Demon God 
  •  Later, he attains the source of ancestral dragon


That is all in brief about Martial Peak 1605. The chapter is very old and was released years ago. The main lead of this chapter is Yang Kai where he fights against his opponents and focuses on completing his goal.

The article briefly describes Martial Peak’s novel, the briefing of chapter 1605, and in short facts of the Yang Kai chapter.

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