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Martial Peak 1921 {Feb} Read Exciting Chapter Summary!

This article includes all the information related to Martial Peak 1921. We hope this article is helpful to you.

Reading comics or novels is a hobby of many people throughout the world. Nowadays, E-Novels are on-trend. Do you love Martial Peak? People from various countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, India, and the United States are fond of this online Comic series. Some of you might have heard the name but never read it.

If you are willing to read this novel, you must have a glimpse of the summary and one of the interesting chapters Martial Peak 1921.

Introduction to Martial Peak

Many novels are good to read, but few of them are close to people’s hearts. However, some novels get high appreciation from the readers, which makes them the top novel among many. Martial Peak is one of them. Momo has written it. It was one of the top 10 most read Novels in china. It has 50 million views and reached the top rank in 2014 June Charts.

Martial Peak is a novel series from China and published by a Chinese author. Its genre is Martial Arts, Action, Haram, Xuanhuan, and mature. This Chinese novel includes numerous chapters upto 6009 and has drawn the attention of thousands of people worldwide. One among the various interesting chapters is Martial Peak 1921.

Summary: Martial Peak

Martial Peak journey is Solitary, Lonely, and for the long term. To be successful in the journey, one must know how to survive and be stubborn. Sky Tower disciples are prepared for the journey they have to go through brutal tests. Only the strongest one could reach the Peak.

A boy, Yang Kai, who was a servant, found a book that changed his life. The story begins when Yang Kai gets a black book that opens doors for the Peak of the martial world. The main character of the novel is Yang Kai. The black book was like a miracle that changed his life.

Martial Peak 1921: Dark Star

The chapter began when Yang Kai and You were in an ancient hall, and there were marks of damage as no one had reached the place for a long time. Moreover, Hundreds of skeletons were sitting in the hall with their leg- Crossed. After watching the depressed face of Ai Ou-Yang, Kai was thinking about how he could comfort him. 

The sky and Earth were shrouded by an invisible lid and made their world. Yang Kai. After flying a hundred thousand kilometres in height, Yang Kai decided not to go ahead as he felt some effect of the natural array. At the end of Martial Peak 1921, yang kai decided to stop. If he moves ahead, there might be a lethal trap from which he might not be able to escape.


This Chinese novel has won many hearts. People belonging to different countries read this novel. Although the novel is published in the Chinese language, it is also available in the English language on many sites. It is mainly translated by the Divine Dao library. Visit this site to know more about Martial Peak  

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