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Masi Bra Reviews {Feb 2021} Safe Deal Or Another Scam!

Masi Bra Reviews {Feb 2021} Safe Deal Or Another Scam! >> Are you searching for the right bra for the perfect fit? Read this article to know more details.

Masi Bra Reviews; Bra is essential but wearing the correct one on the right outfit is more important. Women usually get confused in the various ranges of options available as each bra has its function.

Above all of that, comfort is more preferred, and we will be focusing more on that. Today we will be discussing a product from Masi bra, and people from the United States are curious to know the legitimacy of the brand.

So if you are also one of them, then read this article till the end as we will be discussing some salient features of the product.

About product and website for Masi Bra Reviews

Let us know more about the product’s website before going into details of the product. So the website was launched recently on 28th November 2020. The website has a vast collection of bras of various sizes and colors.

There are many discounts offered to the customers, and deals fluctuate according to the offers and items.

The products are shipped all over the world, including the United States, with respective shipping fees. The website believes in comfort and has sized up to four times extra-large, especially for the plus size.

Now let us get into the specifications of the product!

Masi Bra Reviews; Specification

  • The product can be searched with the following keyword; Plus Size Front Closure Push-up elastic, comfortable bra.
  • The bra’s actual price is $59.95, but at a discounted rate, it comes to $29.95.
  • The product is available in the set of two, three, and four.
  • The colors available are black, beige, violet, coral, pink, and lavender.
  • According to the sets, the discount rate changes; the group of four is offered an 80% discount.
  • The bra gives the best support for better coverage with the help of its wireless design.
  • The product has thick side wings that support and avoid side bulges.
  • As per Masi Bra Reviews, the bra is super comfortable and is breathable.
  • The product is available for worldwide shipping and also comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • The official website accepts payments via debit cards and credit cards, also online payment methods like PayPal.

Pros of buying the product

  • The product is available at huge discounts and in various sizes and colors.
  • The bra is very comfortable with unique features like soft and elastic material, breathable, and wireless. 
  • It’s apt for the even plus size wearers as well and provides a 100% money back guarantee.

Cons of buying the product

  • The product has no social media presence on the internet.
  • The no presence triggers the question of whether Is Masibra Legit or not
  • The product is not available in stores and can only be bought online.

Is the product Legit? 

The product’s legitimacy cannot be judged yet as the website is not even six months old, there are so many legit reviews available on the internet. Besides the ones on the official website, no other considerations are to be found.

The refund and return policy is not transparent. The discount offers fall into the shadow of suspicious radar as any website that offers more than a 50% discount sounds very unreal.

The product has no social media presence or mention which questions the method of promotions done for the product.

Hence it is too early to establish the legitimacy of the product. Now let’s know what the customers have to say about the product!

Reviews from Customers

Is Masibra Legit? The website is new and hence is still not eligible to meet the legitimacy checkpoints. So far, there are no reviews found on the product besides the one on the website. And as we know that those reviews are not be considered as they can be bots.

The product features look pleasing, but the purchase cannot be made on that basis as we need solid proof.

The product looks appealing, but there is nothing we can say due to absence of reliable and honest customer reviews.


In the conclusion of Masi Bra Reviews, we will like to mention no reviews found on the product.

Hence we cannot say much about it, but if the readers want to give it a try, then better research on your side is recommended. Better planning before a purchase is suggested to all those who are interested in purchasing the product.

Please mention your thoughts on the product in the comment section!

3 thoughts on “Masi Bra Reviews {Feb 2021} Safe Deal Or Another Scam!

  1. It has been a month or more, since I ordered 2 bras. I just want to know, if my order(s) have been shipped, or have I been scammed??? Leaving a comment is one thing. Not receiving a response back, is something else.

  2. The Masi bra didn’t fit ne (cups were too small). It is hard to hook 4 hooks, especially since one of them was bent (I could have fixed that if I was keeping the bra). They would not fully refund or replace the bra. They offered a 40% refund.

  3. I ordered wear a 36″ bra, and it was not even close. It was about 28″ though labeled 36″. I’m giving them to my teenage niece. Disappointed that it’s too small to even try on.

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