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Matchedk Reviews [July 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit One

Matchedk Reviews [July 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit One >> In this article, you will understand about the website offering multiple products.

We are living in a society where people are living their life all electronically. The need for using online goods is heightening on a massive scale. All the consumers who previously we’re buying products from the streets are now using internet media for all necessary items.

The transition from direct marketing to online purchasing is making shops also to become an e-commerce website. The craving to choose a different style of online assets is more comfortable and time-saver compared to walking and buying from road shops. Here, we are examining Matchedk Reviews. 

This demand is intensifying the desire of online shops to grow sales and become successful even after giving low-quality products to the customers. The consumers are, therefore, buying online goods to a great extent. 

But, this may also increase the threat of deception and fraud in the online industry. The more you are unaware of the site, the additional you boost the harm of scams. And, the website which we are reviewing in this article is operating from the United States

Let’s know about the site in more detail and will understand – Is Matchedk Legit.

What is Matchedk?

The company is an online shop selling electronic items, washroom products, and other necessary items. The online shop sells goods of good quality, but, being new, we cannot trust it completely.

The reviews of the consumers are not available on the site that becomes the biggest drawback for an online shop. Also, the buying choice is given below the web page, making it difficult for a customer to see if the weather is legit or not.

Specifications of Matchedk

  • Website: matchedk.com 
  • Contact number: +16196146125 
  • Place: 12878, Pimpernel Way – San Diego in California, 92129
  • Mail id: matchedk@outlook.com 
  • Delivery Period: The online store takes ten to twenty-two days to deliver the order to its customer.

Objectives of selecting Matchedk

  •  The company is selling exceptional excellence items to its customers.
  • The online shop is providing proper contact data to its consumers for queries.

Shortcomings if choosing Matchedk

  • The consumer traffic on the company’s website is low in terms of purchase.
  • The domain name of the site recently comes into implementation.
  • The website is selling only a few products in its shop.

Is Matchedk Legit?

The online store is a new website, and so we cannot believe in it fully. The website’s domain name is registered a few days back and doesn’t seem to have legit points falling for it. While moving forward in our research, we excavate that the website uses https in its name.

But, this doesn’t make the shop legit, and we cannot opinion on its validation. Still, we are trying our best to provide you with the exact inputs about the particular internet shop. And, we will provide you with the correct Matchedk Reviews for your better knowledge.

Shoppers Feedback

After our in-depth examination, we reveal that there is no section for customer review given by the website. We did our adequate investigation about the consumer’s ratings but couldn’t discover any of them.

We all understand that the client’s feedback is essential for all the other consumers who may buy items from the website. With no such analysis and written customer feedback, we cannot say whether it Is Matchedk Legit or not?

Ultimate Verdict

We have given all the facts and data about the site in our article. We tried our most authentic to display you the exact evidence of Matchedk Reviews. But, with our research, we couldn’t find much about proving its validation.

As there are no such proper notifications about the webpage by which we can prove its legitimacy. But, we suggest you not buy any product from this site as it can cause future problems. Other than that, it’s your choice as a consumer to purchase from here or not.

We are here always to comfort you with the true knowledge, and that’s why saying you stay away from this website. But, at last, the decision is yours, and you only have to go buy the product. But, if you purchase the item it will be at your personal risk.

We cannot say that Is Matchedk Legit or not? But, can aware you to not pay for any item of this online shop. But, you must not bother yourself on this matter as we are here to assist you. You shall always keep yourself updated with all the awareness about a specific site.

0 thoughts on “Matchedk Reviews [July 2020] Another Scam Site or Legit One

  1. I just spent 2 hours looking into this, the whois information is all bogus and not only that found 6 more fraud sites giving the same name but with 3 different addresses (2 in asian fonts & Hindu), but same IP out of Kansas multiple fake organization names all but 1 created in the last 4 days. I reported them, don’t buy from this site. 1st clue was no tax added for US state of CA & no secure encryption for purchasing online. Buyer Beware.

    1. Kindly go for official website and read all about us and terms & conditions ….thank you

    2. i purchased a vorando fan for $67.00 and ended up with masks after 20 days of waiting for the fan. the site is a fraud site.

    3. I ordered 2 fans and paid $70 via PayPal for them. Got email confirmation and tracking number. Package arrived today and it was 5 cheap face masks. I have been scammed and will file a dispute with PayPal.

  2. I like all your research in this matter.
    I ordered an a.c.
    I think I’m been scams.
    What can i do?

    1. I was scammed aswell by the same website Matchedk.com. It took a month in 1/2 for me to finally get refunded. I filed a claim with paypal since it was the card I used and my case was finally closed today. I ordered a ac also and it took 2wk for delivery which I ended up getting face mask. The company is a fraud. Dispute the charge with your credit card company.

  3. Hi
    I too ordered window ac …initially thought it was a scam as there was no proper email update on my order and number provided is not working …recently got an update with tracking number it says package is shipped from China ..also same tracking number got created in USPS and USPS is waiting to receive package …,will update once i receive the pkg

    1. Whatever you do, don’t open the shipping packaging even. If you get something else I mean. By the looks of what I read, even opening shipping packaging voids your ability to return.

  4. I ordered 2 fans and paid $70 via PayPal for them. Got email confirmation and tracking number. Package arrived today and it was 5 cheap face masks. I have been scammed and will file a dispute with PayPal.

  5. I ordered window AC for $62. Got a order confirmation, two days later a tracking number. The package came from China – it was delivered yesterday after about 3 weeks. It was not an AC but small package of 20 pcs of cheap face masks! I think I was tricked too!

  6. I ordered a portable air conditioner on 7/6/20, yesterday I received 10 face masks. I tried calling the phone number listed, only to find that the wireless number doesn’t work. Just sent an email anyways, although I’m not holding my breath for them to make it right.

  7. I ordered a air conditioner and received 10 kn95 masks 21 days later . Don’t buy from this site it is definitely fraudulent.

  8. Likewise like folks posted here this website is a scam. I purchased a fan For $67 and it took 23 days to deliver. A tracking number from China was provided and I received a pack of 10 face masks. Matchedk stopped responding once I sent the picture of the tracking number and contents. Submitted fraud claim to credit card company.

  9. They only send face masks, no matter what you buy. I’ve been going back and forth for a month and a half and still nothing. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE.

  10. Also ever since I tried ordering from this site something keeps trying to charge my card random amounts any time between midnight and 5 am, I think they keep trying to run my card but luckily they must not have my pin so it gets declined every time.

  11. This site is straight fraud. I ordered an air conditioner and whine up getting a package of mask. Do not order anything from this site. Don’t say I didn’t earn you but lesson learned I will definitely look up sites for now on before I order anything.

    1. Corinne, do you have the address of the company that sent you the masks? Curious to understand who these people are…

  12. I ordered a refurbished A/C unit for $75 and never got anything. I opened a claim with my bank and the company sent a rebuttal letter! I am shocked, they are trying to keep the money pretending they are real. Such a horrible scam, unnecessarily aggravating at this time.

  13. This site is definitely a scam. I can’t wait to contact the Better Business Bureau. It seems as though we all got suckered into buying $60-$70 face masks. I think we should all bash them on social media so no one else can be taken advantage of or maybe they should be a class action lawsuit.

  14. Thanks for your comments to bad I didn’t see this site before I got scammed. I ordered 2 AC units $174 dollars later never receiving anything in 4 months later file a dispute with my credit card company. tracking number says label created never mailed out. sad – what a scammer. There phone number is not in service.

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