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Mauritania Wordle {April} Is It A Game? Check Here!

The guide shares details about a new geography-based game to eliminate the confusion about the Mauritania Wordle game. 

Do you enjoy playing the renowned popular puzzle game, Wordle? There is a geography-based puzzle game inspired by the daily riddle game, Wordle.

The game has default gameplay where players have to guess the country’s name in six attempts. The game is played by many fans worldwide, and the riddles are updated daily to keep it engaging.

On 15th April, the puzzle game released a riddle with the answer Mauritania. But, people were confused with the solution and searched for Mauritania Wordle.

What was the Riddle All About?

Worldle published a riddle released recently, and it was the 84th riddle of the puzzle game. There were a couple of hints based on which players had to guess the answer to the daily riddle. So, please don’t confuse it with any other game. The clues are:

  • It is an African country 
  • Ten letter country’s name
  • Rich in mineral resources 
  • Starts with the letter “M.”

Players guessed the correct answer based on the clues, i.e., Mauritania. So, it is the answer to the 84th riddle in Worldle and not Mauritania Wordle game.

What is Worldle?

Worldle is the daily riddle game inspired by the famous puzzle game, Wordle. The game shares the same rules and format where players have to guess and solve riddles using their six attempts. However, the game has a twist as players have to guess the country name instead of a word as it is a geography-based puzzle game.

Players get six attempts to guess the correct country name, and they also get hints because the color of tiles changes to indicate how correct their answers are. 

The answer to the riddle is Mauritania, and people are confused the answer with a new Wordle game. 

Is There Any Mauritania Game?

There is no such game in the name Mauritania. Mauritania is the answer to a daily riddle in the geography-based puzzle game, Worldle. On 84th riddle was published on Worldle with a couple of hints. Players have to guess the correct name of the country. 

Many players who play the game have solved the riddle within six attempts, and they shared the answer on the social platform. Soon after the solution to the riddle got viral, people misunderstood the solution with a game. So, they are mistakenly searching for the game using the term Mauritania Game.

But, it is not a game or a spin-off of the famous Wordle game. It is an answer to the riddle published on 15th April by the Worldle game. So, you must not confuse the solution to the riddle with any game. 


Worldle is the daily riddle game that makes news amongst the fans worldwide. The game is the spin-off of the famous riddle, Wordle. However, it is in the news because many people confused the answer to the 84th riddle with a game.

The solution to this riddle was Mauritania and people thought it was a Mauritania Wordle game. Do you know the answer to the 85th riddle? Please share in the comment section.

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