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Medford Lakes Accident {June} Read Complete Incident!

This article provides all facts on the Medford Lakes Accident. Visit our page continuously for all regular updates.

Do you want to know about the lake accident that happens at Medford? Do you want to know about the latest lake accident in Burlington country? If yes, the article is enough for you to get the same information.

It is a story of 17 years old school student who died in a car accident when two cars crashed in New Jersey, United States. If you want to explore the lake car accident more, read the following factors on Medford Lakes Accident.    

When does the crash happen?

According to the family members and media reports, a 17-year-old school student died when the two-car cars crashed with each other in Burlington country. The crash between the two vehicles happened at about 12:30 AM Monday. The accident location was at Stokes Road and the Pawnee Trail in Medford Lakes. 

According to the reports from the police officers, it has been observed that the car crash accident involved a direct collision for which several rescue squads reached the scene where the crash happened under the Medford Lakes Car Accident.

As per the reports from Gianna mastalski from Mullica Hill (as the family member), they died in the car crash. She was represented as the senior at the Clearview Regional High school. When some noise came to their ears, she first thought that the tree fell on the same house, said the Jill fabricator. But it is not true as the man thinks. It was not the house, and it was the car crash. 

The scene at the stokes road

Here we will tell you about the scene at the stokes road when the Jill fabricator reaches here under the Car Accident Medford NJ. After hearing the sound, jill comes out of her home on the stokes road at midnight to find where the crash happens and where the sound comes from. Here she saw the one girl lying on the pavement and asked her,” can you hear me? She was not sure about her conscious condition. The fabricator said that the laying girl was not responding to her. Other reports have also come from the authorities about the death of injured people in this lake car accident. Look at the report section if you want to know the information from the authorities’ reports.

Medford Lakes Crash 

As per the report come from the authorities, it has reached that three people were trapped while other four people were injured in this lake crash. Other than this, no words will have come on the related condition of victims. 


In this article, we tell you about the lake car accident in which a 17-year-old student dies in a car crash accident in Burlington country. You also get more information from the reports by authorities related to this accident. For more information, you can click here. 

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