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Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina {Aug 2022} Explore!

Do you want to know about the Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina incident? To know about it, go through the article and get more information here.

A violent hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, New Orleans, on 29th August, 2005. Hurricane Katrina produced winds with 140 mph and 10-16 inches of heavy rainfall and stormed up to 14 feet. In that storm, a memorial hospital in New Orleans was heavily affected. 

Around 215 bodies of patients had been found in the hospital, and 2500 patients had been evacuated. People worldwide, including Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, etc., are curious to know the incident of Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina.

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How hurricanes affect memorial hospital?

When Katrina struck the memorial hospital, it was surrounded by floodwaters, without sanitation and also without electricity. The staff over there decided to recover in the hospital. At that time around 2000 people were across the hospital’s premises, with 600 workers and 200 patients. Once the storm started, all patients started screaming since every window shattered under the rock’s hail from rooftops close to the premises. The hospital’s environment was completely disturbed.

When the storm hit in that terrible morning, the electricity’s supply to the hospital’s building did not work. Lights for emergency usage and critical equipment work in Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina, and affected the hospital a lot. Till night, the flood was over and the Memorial hospital had sustained. In that incident, patients, families and staff were evacuated from a difficult situation. But 215 deaths also happened there.


In the afternoon, the administration called for help and mailed to other hospitals where Memorial evacuated over 180 patients. At that time, a senior met with doctors of Memorial and nurses, managers at the training room’s of nursing staff, was the hospital’s command centre for evacuation purposes. They decided on how to evacuate the hospital’s building. Incident of Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina frightened the doctors. 

Strategy of Evacuation:

In hospital doctors decided that babies, pregnant ladies, and severely sick patients in I.C.U. should get priority because of extensive heat. Nurses handle the infants in their arms and manually pumped air into their lungs for saving their life until they could not reach to the hospital.

More than 50 patients were evacuated on August 30, but become too much exhausting for hospital staff. So, when the some staff said that they could airlift the patients, the doctors declined and make the statement according to evidence that helipad had very low lighting and no guard rail and also staff needed rest.

Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina:

Dr. Anna Pou decided that which patients should be evacuated first and last. After Katrina, some witnesses said that Pou injected patients with morphine and midazolam.

Dr. Pou was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Some nurses, Lori Budo and Cheri Landry were also arrested and charged. After several months, the grand jury concluded its work by declining to indict any of the suspects on any of the charges. Read more about the Memorial Hospital’s incidence during Katrina Hurricane here.


Additional investigation has been done after the incident of Hurricane Katrina storm in which Dr. Anna Pou was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. People want to know more about Memorial Hospital Hurricane Katrina. No one classifies deaths as due to homicide or natural causes. But latter on case appeared more questionable on the available evidence.  

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