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Merge Mansion Robot (Jan 2022) Get Detailed Information!

Do you want to know about the Merge Mansion Robot toy? The write-up shares detailed information about the gameplay with its several features. Scroll down.

Are you a huge fan of Merge Mansion Game? Or Are you trying to find how to find a toy Robot in it? If so, then scroll to know more.

This game can get played on android phones, iPad, iPhones, laptops and desktop computers. People are excited about the merge mansion gameplay toys in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. To know more about Merge Mansion Robot, read more.

What is Merge Mansion?

Merge Mansion is a fun, casual game where you solve puzzles and explore the manor mystery. The game starts with a mysterious manor that needs renovation. You have to fix the house, repair broken objects, find missing items and expand it by finding lost keys.

What is Inside the Mansion?

Inside the manor, you will meet many characters, and each character has their own story. This game aims to solve all the mysteries in the mansion, find all the secrets, and collect hidden items. If you like escape games, hidden object games, or puzzles like seeking and seeing, you will love Merge Mansion! 

How to get Merge Mansion Coal?

In Merge Mansion you can find a lot of interesting things. Coal can get achieved by completing certain objectives or tasks by playing the game. You will receive 3 free coals as a bonus when you start the game. Once you have played for 30 minutes, you will receive another one. After that, every next 30 minutes of gameplay gives you one more coal. 

Every next daily login gives you one more coal, and completing daily quests gives you three coals (you can get up to 12 coals per day if you meet all quests).

Ways to Get Merge Mansion Robot:

  1. Getting the robot is relatively easy and quick compared to other missions. Explore different manor rooms and help the main character solve various puzzles. Expand your mansion and renovate it into a beautiful place!
  2. Complete tasks to earn toy robots and diamonds that can get used to buying beautiful decorations for your mansion!
  3. Unlock new locations and challenge your brain with fun puzzles!

About Maddie In Merge Mansion

Maddie seeks to restore her family’s home in MERGE MANSION and find the truth her grandma has pointed on. While analyzing Merge Mansion Robot, we discovered that players must combine equipment and other stuff on a table to collect items necessary to satisfy home maintenance jobs on a menu, like sweeping leaves. 

When you combine like objects, the things get more powerful. Place a seed picture onto a square containing another seed image, for example, will turn it into a seedling. Gamers may have to wait for additional goods appear from the chests and other components on the table.


Merge Mansion is a fun puzzle game where you merge similar blocks to solve the game level. The famous gameplay, Merge Mansion has gained so much attention in less time. Several toys get released into the game, like Merge Mansion Robot.

Have you ever played this game? Then do share your experience or viewpoints in the comments down.

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