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Meridress.Com Reviews – Smart Shooper Read It To Be Safe

Meridress.com reviews – Smart Shooper Read It To Be Safe >> In 2020, one should read reviews before shopping online. Read to have info about this online store.

Are online stores trustworthy or fraudulent? What do you think about Meridress? Have you experienced buying clothes from there? Your answers will depend on your experience. I have come across different statements from various customers. It is very important for you to know and be aware of the company they are trusting and spending money on. 

From so many available meridress.com reviews across the web and our analysis has come to end as a conclusive post. You will get the answers of all your questions in this post.

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What Is This Meridress?

Meridress is an international online fashion store of clothing and accessories for women. They focus on the latest fashion trends going and offer them at affordable rates. This looks good to hear and amazing to see the products you are viewing can reach you so easily.Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States are the featured countries where this online store serves at a higher level.

What Is Available  On Their Website?

Coming to their website firstly, we would like to highlight the About Us page. It seems that they are giving a message for the viewer about their service and how they are better and different from others. In today’s competitive world, being different is very important to compete. 

Since April 12, 2018, they made shipping free on orders above $65. They also reduced the delivery time to make their customers get their orders as soon as possible. Different countries have different shipping duration depending on the country and distance.

For US and Canadian customers, shipping time is shortened to 8-14 business days for standard shipping and 5-10 days for Express shipping. For UK customers, shipping time is shortened to 9-15 days for standard shipping and 6-10 business days for Express shipping. For Australia, India, South Africa customers, shipping time is reduced to 10-15 business days for standard shipping. For France, Germany, Spain customers, shipping time is reduced to 8-16 business days for standard delivery. 

What Is The Return Policy?

It is stated on their website that they offer return warranty to their customers. You can avail for return within 30 days after you get your order delivered to you. But you can avail of this only when you get a defective product. They say that they offer easy returns so that customers do not suffer much to get their money back. If you have an issue about the order received, you can mail to their customer support.

In that mail, you need to provide the order number and elaborate on your issue. But they never validate your return in case you don’t like the product or the size does not fit you. They promise to get back to you within 24 hours after they receive your mail at customer support. 

We have come across different meridress reviews and complaints from various customers about the quality and price of products. It can divert anyone’s mind, and the confusion arises in their mind whether they should purchase from here or not.  You have heard many things about meridressclothing

What Are Meridress Review By Customers?

Rubia says, “I had purchased a dress from meridress. I am disappointed with their behavior. However, they delivered the product late, but I was relaxed atleast they delivered it because I came across different reviews from the customers who do not even get their product delivered after paying for that.”

Jeneffier says, “I don’t like the product color and product quality. It seems different in the image while ordering. I tried to contact them via calls and emails. They don’t respond me back. After that, I filed a complaint to theofort about the product. That was also useless. I found myself cheated and advice you all that please don’t purchase from anywhere until you build trust in them. It’s not about me; I came across several cases like me.”

Lucy says, “They will make you order and pay for it, but they will not deliver your product. They will neither respond to your mails nor calls. This store is unreliable and does not allow payment at the time of delivery. They will make you debit before the shipment of the product.Don’t let anyone fool you easily. These companies must realize and know that people are not to be fooled for their advantage.”

Can you trust meridress.com? Is it a scam or trustworthy?

I must say that different people are thinking and figuring out various ways to make money and fool others. They are not making money; they are snatching your money and attacking your pockets. It is essential to know everything about a company prior to you spend money.

There are several international online stores which makes it challenging to choose and decide which is genuine and which is fraudulent. Coming across different feedback from different customers, I am quite confused and find it hard to know whether it will deliver my product if I order from there or they are just bragging their service. 

Final Conclusion AboutMeridress

We must appreciate that they are having such excellent collections of clothes and the latest trending accessories. It shows unique and attractive products in pictures on their website, which compel people to buy it by ordering the products online directly through their website. Many people gave unexpected meridress.com reviews. 

They called meridress a scam to fool people and cheat them by snatching money from their pockets.But, apart from that, there are many customers who are happy and satisfied with their service. They found their product delivered within the promised duration, and the product was admirable. They found the quality good, and the size was fit for them. So, I must say that before buying through any online store, read everything about that on different websites.

Read people’s feedbacks and reviews of the customers who bought products from there.

At last, no-one cares about your money more than yourself. If you face and such scam, feel like cheated, please don’t sit quietly. Raise your voice against it. Their license must be canceled.

0 thoughts on “Meridress.Com Reviews – Smart Shooper Read It To Be Safe

  1. I ordered a dress from Meridress, the ad stated ships within 24 hours. I never received confirmation of shipment. I emailed them and received notification of shipment the next day. After another week, I tried to track it and no information on the package.
    Today I requested a refund. If that isn’t received, I will take further action against this company.

    1. did you ever receive your order? I ordered April 18th and still have not received anything.

      1. I never received my order, either. Been waiting for months. Those ads on fb – I will never order from again.


  3. Never received my order. Government is cracking down on companies like this. They say you will receive order within days and they never ship. I’m sending in information on this company.

  4. Do not order! Quality is horrible. Customer service is horrible. And I haven’t even received the full order. They sent it in 2 packages. I ordered in January and my emails have been ignored. Fake site linked somewhere in China.

  5. I saw the cutest dress come across my IG page from this company. But when I went to the website and saw the poor grammar and unusual shipping information, I knew it was from China! I said Hell no! And the reviews have no real substance , which also let me know that the reviews were fake.

  6. Never received my order from this company. It’s been a month and a half, don’t order from here it’s a scam. I too, am sending in information on this company.

  7. I ordered shorts from there and the quality is not what they advertised. I asked to return my package by contacting customer service (following the exact procedures they said to follow on their website) and they came back with what seemed like a computer generated or scam-like email that said I would have to pay for shipping the package back or that I could “sell it to a friend.” Though they said I could pay to send it back, they never provided me information on where to even return my item. I emailed back saying that I want a full refund and need to know where to return the item, and they sent a computer generated email that claimed “they cannot receive my email” because their “email account is full.” I tried emailing them again expressing my frustration and received that same computer generated email saying their email account is full. This is bull crap and I have been scammed. NEVER EVER USE THIS SITE. Does anyone know how I can report this company???

  8. Brought a pair of shorts from this company although they sent me a knock off version- not even close to what i ordered. DON’T buy from them! The package took nearly a month to receive.

  9. This site is a fraud! They have you download an app that are supposed to track shipping but provide no information. I continue to email them asking to cancel my order & they send me a response that my order has left various warehouses in China. I just want to cancel! So frustrating that companies like paypal partner with these scammers. Uggh! What can we do to beyond filing a claim with better business bureau in States?

  10. I ordered a dress from them in March 2020. I got an email stating dress was being shipped on 4/16, but it never arrived. Every time I asked for a refund, I got a response of “I will push shipping provider” or “it is sitting in customs”. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY IT IS A SCAM.

  11. I ordered Jean shorts from them that were so cute on the ad! They arrived weeks later looking NOTHING like the ad. CHEAP knock offs. And when I wrote the company for a refund they offered me $5!!!!! AND they blocked my Instagram account where I left the bad review!

  12. I ordered 2 dresses April 1. It is now June 2 and I have not received them. When I email the company they say it is in customs. I asked for a refund twice and they have refused. DO NOT order from this company!

  13. I also placed an order mid April and nothing has come yet. I emailed them and they just said “we don’t have any information and wait another week.” I’m going to request for a refund and will never trust ads on Instagram again.

  14. Lost a couple hundred dollars to this company. 381 to be exact. They say its coming and then they never get back to you, never send you anything. They take your money and that’s it. Say goodbye at that point. Really disappointing because I thought the stuff was cute. I hope people read this and dont get screwed over like me.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to review. I wanted to place an order Since their Instagram ads have such cute clothes, but I have seen ads for the same clothes under different company names which seemed sketchy to me. Thank you for confirming this and I’m sorry for your situation

  15. I ordered from this company in April as well. Got an email and a tracking number for my order about a month after placing the order. The tracking says it’s in a China loading dock for almost a month now. Just wrote them an email haven’t heard anything. Super disappointed. Hate to think I got scammed.

  16. Purchased an order for a Mother’s Day gift in mid May. It’s now June 25 and I still have not received my package. Customer service was responsive though could never give me exact details on the status of my package. Apparently the package was held in customs so they say. As of now, the package is at a nearby USPS facility and hopefully to be delivered soon. Don’t waste your time on this company.

  17. Do not order anything from this company. I ordered a dress, and eventually received a tracking number by mail that said it was delivered to my post office. I checked with my post office and they have no record of the package. Post office says the tracking number they sent was not one that corresponds to our postal zone- it was a fake. The dress never arrived. I emailed company but received no response. Lost $!

  18. My order was placed for a great looking ruffled Sleeveless blouse.
    After a month it arrived. Similar looking but not remotely the quality presented in the ad. A knockoff for sure!
    I inquired about return address and received a poorly drafted email. They suggest giving it to someone or donating it.
    Returns are sent to China. You pay shipping and custom fees. They will issue a refund but charge you to mail it to you which is not the normal postage. Also consider the change of currency and those fees.
    I should have paid more attention. Facebook doesn’t take complaints about their advertisers beyond “this is a scam”. Buyer beware.

  19. I placed an order on 5/31/20 paid 105.00 and have never rec’d the clothing. I have tried to email and they finally responded in Chinese so I have no idea what it says. The tracking number provided has my shipment arriving in my current town on 6/23 then it has been forwarded to another city in La now on to Texas. I don’t think I will ever get my clothing…100.00 down the drain.

  20. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. All of the dresses I ordered were described as cotton fabric on the website. They are all polyester which I can’t wear, are poorly sewn and are beyond gross!!!!! I also paid for $18.00 expedited shipping. The order was placed on 6/19 and was supposed to arrive in 2-4 working days. I have tried responding to the company to ask for a refund; however, all email responses are in Chinese which I cannot speak or read. I aslo saw the ad on Instagram. I’m totally bummed but learned a lesson I guess. I wish Intragram would screen these scammers.


  22. I ordered five items in mid June. Received today July 24th. Love all but one. Not worth to return. I also ordered a dress in May. It came in two weeks. Adorable. Love it. Two orders and both came and merchandise same as advertised. No scan

  23. Do not buy from Meridress. Ordered a shirt and a dress from them on June 6th and did not receive it until July 20th. Ordered according to their size guide and when received both were extremely small. Actually I don’t think this XL would fit a 6 yr old. I am not even going to try to return as I am guessing I will be out the product and the money. I have learned my lesson.

  24. I am going to report them to the better business bureau. I’ve emailed them several times with no reply and it’s been 2 weeks.

  25. They didn’t tell me that the return policy was so difficult. I ordered XL on a dress and 2 shirts. Only 1 item fit….the other was mis-sized

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