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Met Gala Price (Sep 2021) How Much Is The Ticket Cost?

The guide shares details about the fundraising event and the Met Gala Price for tickets.

Unlike the traditional calendar used by folks Worldwide, the fashion year starts every February and lasts till September, and it includes the Met Gala, also called Oscar Night of Fashion World. Met Gala is scheduled for the first Monday of every May.

The red-carpet event was scheduled for 13th September. However, things have changed after the global pandemic as the event is now scheduled in the September 2021 on the second Monday. It is expected to be a more exclusive event than ever before. 

The event is also a fundraiser, and people want to know the Met Gala Price and ticket costs.    

What is Met Gala?

Met Gala is an abbreviation used for Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala. It is a fashion event or the fundraiser and opening night party for the annual fashion exhibits organized by Costume Institute. It is organized by the fashion department of the museum, and it is the distinct curatorial department at Met that needs to fund only itself. 

Every year a theme is decided for clothes featured in the exhibit, and it acts as the dress code of the attendees. Back in 2019, the theme was camp, and Susan Sontag’s essay inspired it.

What is the Met Gala Price for Tickets and Tables?

It is the first time Eleanor Lambert came up with the notion to organize a fundraiser event for Costume Institute. When the event was first organized in 1948, the cost of each ticket was $50. In 2019, the price of each ticket was $35 000, and the event registered a gathering of 500-600 people. 

Brands and companies like Apple book tables for $200 000 and $300 000 and invite the guests from Worldwide. According to the sources, the Met Gala Price for each ticket would be around $30 000 in 2021, and 500-600 tickets will be sold to make up about $15 million from the fundraiser event.       

Some museums are invited for free. The event’s goal is to sell as many tables and tickets as possible to raise money for the museum and Costume Institute. 

Who Pays for the Tables and Tickets?

Wintour is the in-charge of the fundraiser event. Wintour invites the celebrities and stars to the event. It is common for the brands and companies to pay the Met Gala Price to host the celebrities and stars and buy tables for them at the event by paying hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

Celebs and stars are accompanied by their dress designers or costume designers who dress them for the event.  

How Much Money Raised from the Last Fundraiser?

The event is organized as the fundraiser for the Costume Institute of Museum. The Costume Institute serves as the fashion department of the museum. It is the only department of the museum that needs to fund itself. So, the fundraiser event is organized to allow celebrities and brands to lend their helping hands.   


As you are aware of Met Gala and the Met Gala Price for each ticket, you may book your ticket for the next event. You can find more information about ticket booking online from its website. Met Gala is a fundraiser event organized every year. But due to the global pandemic, the event timings have been changed. So, please check the dates before booking your tickets.

Did you attend the Met Gala event? Would you mind sharing your views in the comment section?

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