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Minted Data Breach [June] What caused the breaching?

Minted Data Breach [June] What caused the breaching? -> This article aims at providing you information regarding Minted Data Breach about an online independent design store.

Independent artist communities offer a wide selection of handmade products. These make for perfect gifting options, something the person is sure to remember. Minted is one such site that provides you with fine art pieces from artists around the world. 

The art pieces offered are not limited to painting and printing but also serene photographs. What attracts you to the pieces are the minimalistic approach and the white framing. The site Minted aims to find the most unusual designs and offer custom artwork, greeting cards, photos, leather accessories, etc.

Minted Data Breach was a recent scare that made the company talk about how their cybersecurity impacted. They claim that their information illegally obtained from their user account database. This market place bases out of the United States

What is Minted. Com website? 

As mentioned, minted is a market place for independent artists and was set up in 2008 by Mariam Naficy. The website reflects her upbringing, having grown up in 5 different countries, she discovered exciting art and design. 

The website has become a platform for artists over the years. Each artist submits their work, which is then voted for on the community. The winner gets to sell them; the products can be home décor, stationery, or fine art paintings. Don’t believe us? Then click- https://www.minted.com/

Today, Minted lives and breathes art, and its personalized gifting options are in demand. These can be custom created to suit your needs, such as customized sketches. Isn’t that amazing? 

Key points to note about Minted Data Breach

  • Minted.com faced a data breach after hackers sold off their database. 
  • They conducted forensics on May 15 
  • The database contains email addresses and phone numbers of various users 
  • The same hacking group hacked into a Taiwan based company as well 
  • Claims have been made Minted knew about the database breach 
  • Fewer than 1% of the numbers and billing addresses were affected 
  • The company has been urging users/customers to change their passwords and email id’s 

Why does the site matter to the USA? 

News update by-  https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/minted-discloses-data mentions that Shiny Hunters, a hacking group, was selling user records of 11 companies. One of the companies was Minted. The second database table had phone numbers and mailing addresses of users.

A more shocking discovery tells us that the company knew about this breach weeks before it came into limelight.  

Minted, in its official statements, claims that no credit card information, customer book, photos, or personalized information of customers were accessed. The customers who have been using it are advised to change their passwords to a stronger and unique one. 

More about its creator 

The website is the brainchild of Mariam Naficy was made with the idea to have people see a variety of artworks. These could be in the fields of home décor, photography, stationery, etc. Minted supports independent artists by providing them a creative platform to reach savvy customers who are aficionados of impeccable and timeless design. 

It is a platform for the artist as much as it is for the customer. They ensure top-notch quality and their newest endeavor- Minted weddings have been doing exceptionally well. 

Minted is a paradise for everything creative, minimalistic, and personalized. The customized invitations are the customer’s favorites; every website is filled with love for the exceptional detailing and designs provided. 

Views of people about Minted 

While the data breach comes as a shock but an online blog- https://www.cyclonis.com/minted-finally-fessed-up-to-data-breach-after-5-million-records-found-online/ claims that the data breach was not as bad and that users should be on the lookout for any phishing attacks. 

They have gathered positive reviews from customers over the years. The site gets 4.5 stars on its wedding wire page, and the customers mention being very happy with their services.

One customer talk about it is very easy to get a customized invitation and them also being budget-friendly. The website provided her with numerous options that were extremely beautiful. 


Minted has gathered only positive reviews, and a look at their Instagram handle will tell you that they are the most creative. The products available are minimal and extremely beautiful and will make you weak in the knees. You are not to leave empty-handed. 

As for the Minted Data Breach issue, the website mentions in- https://www.minted.com/data-incident-notice post regarding what happened. All the details ensure transparency and the safety of their customers. 

You can contact their helpline numbers to get further clarity. 

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