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Minted Settlement (June) Everything You Need To Know!

Minted Settlement (June) Everything You Need To Know! >> Read on to know if your data is safe on the platforms online and the extent to which your personal data can be breached online.

We all can agree that this is the age of technology. We all are now slaves of our devices. Our devices have everything about us, including personal details, stored and shared via online platforms for different reasons. Most of us indeed feel assured about the information that is given to these platforms online. 

However, once in a while, like a cold splash, reality hit us. One such incident that broke the illusion of online safety for people in the United States and Canada was the Minted Settlement topic. Let’s learn about it in this post. 

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All About the Incident 

Minted Inc is an online platform that aims to sell mainly art and stationery products. However, it is not just narrowed to sell just stationery and art stuff; it is also known to sell home goods. 

However, on 6 May 2021, Minted Inc faced a data breach due to which the personal information of the Minted account holders was compromised. The information that was outed by this breach includes the customers’ names with their email addresses, passwords, telephone numbers, date of birth etc. It is then the Minted Settlement case started. 

The corporation notified its users of the breach by 28 May 2021. However, many users filed a complaint against the platform for not taking the required steps for the safety of their customers and in the delay to notify users about the data breached. 

Important Dates 

Some important dates for people who are connected to this case or people who wish to follow this case are mentioned below:

  • The date to file for a claim or payment is supposed to be 16 September 2021. 
  • If the individual wishes to exclude themselves from the Minted Settlement case, it can be done by informing the Notice and Claims Administrator by 16 September 2021. The same date is given for people who wish to comment on the claim or object to it. 
  • The people who wish to attend the final hearing regarding the approval of the settlements should be present at the Court on 2 December 2021
  • If anyone wants to give up their rights to the settlement money, there is no specific date given to do so. One thing is to be noted is by this action they will forfeit their right to the money.

The Minted Settlement

According to the sources, Minted opposed the charges. However, Court proposed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and settlement money of $5 million as compensation to all Minted users who were the victim of this data breach.

Anyone who had their details, such as name, email address, etc., before 27 June 2020 on the website can claim the money. 


In conclusion, we all can take this case as a learning and practice more caution before sharing our important details on online platforms. It should not be a revelation that everything about us is just one click away for any skilled strangers to access. Therefore it is a good practice to be vigilant before disclosing any information. 

What are your thoughts on Minted Settlement and the way Minted Inc handled it? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Watch here, to learn about tips to protect your privacy online

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