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Missed Call Text Scam (Aug) Avoid Such Things & Be Safe!

Missed Call Text Scam (Aug) Avoid Such Things & Be Safe! >> We covered all the information regarding the topic, which will guide you to protect yourself from scams. So read till the end.

Here we are discussing a very important topic that is related to a scam. Most of the people of Australia are going to be trapped in this Scam. The crime related to scam increasing day to day and many of the peoples are unaware from it.

In the following content, we will give you all information about the Missed Call Text Scam, guiding you on being safe from it.

What is Missed Call Scam:

It is a scam done by some fraud people to make money by using a wrong way. In this, you will get a call from a number, and you will be unable to receive the call because it will hang up on your phone. Meanwhile, this number will be registered in your phone’s missed call list, and then to know who are calling you, you will call back on that number now you are scammed by missed call.

Missed Call Text Scam happens in two ways as the number on which you make a call will be a premium-based service it means its initial digit will be 09, so you have to pay a lot of money on this call for each minute.

In another way, when you make a call on those unknown numbers, they will tell you that you got the prize and will provide you with another number for claiming the prize; at this time, this will be again premium service number, and you have to pay a large amount of money for every minute.

How to protect yourself from Missed Call Text Scam?

  • The best way to be safe from this Scam is not to call on the unknown number and not reply to the text messages on any unknown number.
  • Whenever you call an unknown number, check the initial digit; if the number contains 09, don’t make any call or text on that number.
  • If you got any SMS or MMS from any random number that starts from 09, always avoid replying to them.

Recognition of Missed Call or Text Frauds:

  • Don’t be trapped in any lucrative offers given by text messages, and it is the way to make Missed Call Text Scam.
  • If you got any offer through the messages, read all the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Always check the first digit of the unknown number before making a call or replying by text.
  • You can share about this Scam with your family, friend and you can post about it on your social media profile and make more awareness spreading the news related to this type of Scam. 
  • Moreover, you can directly complain to Federal Trade Commission if you faced this type of fraud.

The Final Verdict:

The content we discussed all Missed Call Text Scam is a way to fraud by using a technical method. So always keep in mind one thing don’t try to make a call or text any unknown number; otherwise, you have to pay a lot of charges for the call. Also, recite- How to Avoid Scam.

Here on the site, you can read about the Missed Call or Text Fraud

Have you faced any missed call scams? Would you please share your experience by commenting on us?

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