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Modacici Clothing Reviews {Oct} Another Scam or Legit site?

Modacici Clothing Reviews {Oct} Another Scam or Legit site? >> In this article, you get to know about an online platform for comfortable women’s clothing items.

Modacici Clothing Reviews: Do you wish to buy stylish women’s western clothing justifiable price? Finding the right place to purchase premium quality products like women’s clothing which fills all the requirements is tough. The items should be of top-notch quality and also stylish at the same time. The place should also have diversity.

There is an online platform named as Modacici, which has the store of all kinds of women’s fashionable clothing items at a cost-cutting price. The Modacici location is in China, but most of the brand’s sales are in the United States. The pieces of this brand have all the varieties like casuals to festive in one go, for the comfort is the new fashion.

What is Modacici website?

Moda Cici Clothing Reviews say that it is an online platform for various women’s clothing items at a justifiable price. The products of this website have a top-notch quality priority, and the products have diversity for casuals to formals. The clothes are shown on this website mostly focuses on the comfort of the person.

The categories of this website are blouses & shirts, pants, dresses, and bottoms. The products from the group of blouses & shirts are long sleeve tops, crew neck tops, casual printed blouses, floral-printed blouses, casual v neck shirts, etc. Others are loose shirts, hem short sleeve shirts, cotton blend tops, etc.

The products from the pants and bottoms are like velvet wool fleece jeans, buttoned pants, casual Capri pants, warm pants, cotton pants, pockets loose pants, loose striped pants, winter fleece pants, long casual pants, casual floral pants, unicolored pants, etc. The items have different options for size.

The products from the category of dresses are like a cotton-blend maxi dress, colour block mid dress, short sleeve dress, v neck sleeveless dresses. Other products like swing fashion dress, a line plaid dress, casual floral dresses, layered dress, blue-dyed maxi dress, loose mini dress, ruffled dresses, stand collar dresses, etc.

The specifications of the Modacici website:

  • Website: It sells top-notch quality women’s clothing items which provide maximum comfort at a justifiable price.
  • The customer service is available at service@modacici.com.
  • The social page of this website is available on Facebook and Instagram.
  • The company’s address is room 507, building 24, Songtaoli, Xiyuan New Village, Laoshan District, HefeiAnhui, China.
  • The online modes of payment are through PayPal only.
  • The processing time of the orders is 3-7 days.
  • The shipping time of the orders is 20-25 days.
  • The products have 30-days of the return period.
  • The different currency options are USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD.
  • The categories of this website are blouses & shirts, pants, dresses, sweater & cardigan, and hoodies.
  • To visit this website: https://www.modacici.com/.

Is Modacici perfect for you?

The Modacici Clothing Reviews say this website is perfect for people who want to buy top-notch women’s clothing items at a cost-effective price. The clothes show that they are made especially for providing comfort. The things have enough diversity and options to choose from it. 

The product descriptions are also excellent; the items available on this website is perfect for teenagers to senior citizen female. The products have good ratings, and the products are very stylish. The pieces are usually available on huge discounts, and it is helpful for everyone.

The positive remarks of the Modacici website:

  • The website has different currency options.
  • The website has a good return policy.
  • The website has provided enough whereabouts about itself.
  • The website has diversity in products.
  • The products are of premium quality.
  • The website usually has ongoing offers.
  • The website has excellent customer service.
  • The website has excellent customer reviews.

The negative remarks of the Modacici website:

  • The delivery of the orders is comparatively late.
  • There are not many options for online payment.
  • There is no option for offline payments.
  • SSL does not protect the website.
  • There are some glitches in the website.

What are people saying about the Modacici website?

The website only shows the ratings of the products and not the reviews. Some customers have complained about the late delivery, and some were unhappy with the limited payment modes. Some customers were satisfied with the quality of the products, and they recommend it. 


According to the Modacici Clothing Reviews this website is has mixed reviews about its services but the products are worth the deal, but the delivery can delay. In the end, we recommend this website to all women.

0 thoughts on “Modacici Clothing Reviews {Oct} Another Scam or Legit site?

    1. I ordered a blouse, received it and wasn’t happy with the fit. I contacted customer service and after about 5 emails back and forth they refuse to refund my money. They suggested that I donate the blouse to charity or give it to a friend. The cost of returning it to China is too much, however the product came from their warehouse in CA.
      I’m sure I’m not the only one this has happened to.

    2. I am currently in a battle over requesting refund for products I purchased for christmas. The items are not at all what is advertised on their website. Your only option for a refund is to email them to request the address to send the product back to receive the refund. Now they are saying I will have to return the items to China and it will be very expensive so they are suggesting I keep the items and give them as gifts. That’s why I purchased them in the first place. I can’t give these sweaters as gifts. They are horrible! I will update on the issue as soon as I have more information.

  1. My order is real late, I have not been able to contact customer service. I have checked on my order twice and still have nothing. Trackings still says in Calif.

  2. They charge me for an order that i placed days ago, but I didn’t receive shippinf information untill today.
    The order # E21200616144206212.
    I am trying to contact customer service but service@modacici.com does not exist. There is no way to contact
    them for questions. I feel ripped off.

  3. I would like to return my purchase but afraid it will never get credited because it took a month to get purchase!

  4. Tried to follow directions for return product however when I go to the service site they send you to it says the page is not available. I would not under any circumstance order from this company again, for several reasons.

    One it is in China and two the size chart is not accurate.

  5. I requested information several times for the return for an item that did not fit. I have never received and reply, which means the time for an item to be returned will run out and I will not receive a credit to my account.

    Also, I have never received the remaining items of my purchase. All items were billed and paid for on my account.

  6. Like everyone else here, I placed my order in May but have not received anything. Quick to charge, but slow to process anything. I have made several inquiries and have received one response about only one of my four purchased items–over a month later. Please beware about this company. The website looks great and the prices are good, but you will not receive your clothing and the customer service is awful. I wish that I had read these reviews before I had made a purchase!

  7. My order took 7 weeks . I ordered 2 blouses that were advertised as a cotton/linen blend. When they finally arrived they were 100% polyester. They told me that to return the items would cost between 35-45 dollars. Terrible company. Fraudulent advertising

    1. Sorry for your inconvenience … please go through customer care number and know the return policy… thank you…

  8. I thought I placed an order with Fancy Crush but I received my order from “Modacici” only following an inquiry as to where it was. Had I not reached out to them, I’d probably still be waiting.
    Buyer beware! After finally receiving the order the clothing was less than subpar. I ordered the same size for both items (1 size larger than normal) and one was huge and the other was actually sewn wrong and way small. Will not even bother to return as who knows how long that would take. Instead, Goodwill is getting some brand new (albeit cheap) clothing. So wish I’d read the reviews prior to ordering!!

  9. Absolutely horrible! Don’t do it!
    Ended up giving my clothing to Goodwill. Wasn’t worth trying to do an exchange. Sizes are no where near true to size. Is Fancy Crush & Modacici the same company? Cheap, cheap merchandise! You get what you pay for! So wish I’d read reviews before ordering.

    1. Visit the official website and go for contact us page to know more detail about your placed order… thanks to being in touch…

  10. I am still waiting for a response to my order. After I paid for it through PayPal , I received an email from PP showing that the order went to a company called CHICINFOS LTD which after thorough research I found out this company was a scammer. Why doesn’t PP know this and why are they doing business with these type of companies? They need to do their homework. I’ll probably never get my merchandise. Seems like I’m out $179.92. So angry!!

  11. Just like all the other reviews, I purchased from Modacici and did not re dive product for a long time. When it came the size was way off and I did not like the quality of the material. There was NO RETURN INFORMATION and by now they will say that the return period is over. Not a great company to do business with. karenkeilitz@hotmail.com. Please send me return information.

    1. Thanks to sharing your experience here.. you will get to know the solution of your problem when you will click on official website…thank you…

  12. I tried to contact this company about a refund for 3 tops that did not fit. However, the contact information is not legit. There’s no way to contact them. I, too, will donate these to Goodwill and chalk it up to a lesson learned. NOT A GOOD COMPANY!!!

  13. I do not recommend this website. I ordered 5 items of clothing and never received an order form indicating the items ordered. 3 weeks after ordering, I received a package of 4 items. Again, no order form or any paperwork enclosed. 2 of the items did not fit and I emailed them to initiate a refund. They asked for the order number, which I did not have and instead I sent pictures of the shirts and photos of the labels on the plastic each one came in. They finally wrote back stating they will refund me $5.00 and I can keep the shirts. The shirts cost more than $60.00! I then called American Express and told them the issue and they refunded me the entire amount of the order and will deal with the company.

  14. Do not buy on Modaci. They have a deceptive return process. If you are not satisfied, you will waste a lot of your time and never see your money again. Believe the other negative comments.

  15. I was dissatisfied with the merchandise. After numerous e-mails to them – including having to photograph the merchandise along with the bar codes, they still would not refund my money. On a $94.00 dollar purchase, they offered $9.00 and told me to donate the clothes. Their policy states they will refund if you contact them within 15 days, which I did. They said it would cost $35.00 to $45.00 to return the items to China and it was not cost effective.DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  16. Beware!! I believe I placed my order over 2 months ago and still nothin’. From all of the other reviews here I can tell I will never receive my order. Lesson learned….check the website for reviews first. I do that very thing for other kinds of items I buy, I don’t know why I didn’t with these online clothing sellers

  17. This company is absolutely horrible. I’ve sent no less that ten e-mails about returning items.
    First they said order number was wrong (it wasn’t)
    Then wanted to know why I was returning items
    Then wanted pictures of the items
    Then said I had to return to China but no address given
    No way to reach by phone
    No address found for the company
    This is a fly by night company that rips people off

  18. Total scam. The quality of the clothes is poor in terms of fabric and size. I used their size chart and what was shipped was way too big and boxy, not the style I ordered. I got such a run-around when “using their return policy”, after four ties to get a return authorization, I realized I was being scammed. YOU CANNOT RETURN NOR EXCHANGE ITEMS, no matter what their policy asserts. Luckily, my credit card company helped me out; I am giving the items to charity, hoping someone can use them.

  19. TERRIBLE COMPANY – I strongly suggest that you do not purchase items from this company. It is impossible to return your items and they are manufactured at least two sizes too small, plus – the material is so thin you need an under shirt to wear their blouses. Not happy at all. I have requested the return address every week for over a month and still have not received it. DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY IT IS FRAUDULENT.

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