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Moe Dunford Texas Massacre {Feb} Know His Role, Summary!

Read about a new NetFlix film featuring Moe Dunford. Know all the details of Moe Dunford Texas Massacre in this write-up below.

Are you a fan of horror films? Did you know that NetFlix is relishing a reboot of an old film, ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ by Kim Henkel Tobe Hooper? Are you a fan of Moe Dunford? Did you know that Moe Dunford is featured as a main character in the NetFlix film? 

Would you like to know more about the Moe Dunford Texas Massacre film? When will film get launched on NetFlix in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States?


Moe Dunford is a famous Irish actor playing the role of ‘Richter’in the NetFlix film. Moe Dunford was born on 11th December 1987 at Dungarvan, County Waterford in Ireland. 

Moe Dunford completed his graduation in June 2009 from Gaiety School of Acting. Moe Dunford became popular with his acting and role in the Vikings, The Dig, Knuckledust, and Patrick’s Day. 

Moe Dunford is said to have an Irish influence in the NetFlix film. He was nominated for 12 major awards, winning 6 awards for Vikings, The Dig, and Patrick’s Day.

Moe Dunford Texas Massacre Crew: 

  • Production companies: Legendary Entertainment, Exurbia Films, and Bad Hombre.
  • Distributor: Netflix.
  • Release date: 18th February 2022.
  • Cast: Moe Dunford, Sarah, Mark, Elsie, Jacob, Olwen, Jessica, Alice, Nell, Chelsea , Jina, Marisol, andJessie.
  • Director: David Blue Garcia.
  • Director of photography: Ricardo.
  • Producers: Herbert, Fede, Ian, Kim, and Pat.
  • Executive producer: Shintaro and Jay.
  • Duration: 81 min.
  • Language: English.
  • Screenwriter: Chris.
  • Production designer: Michael.
  • Editor: Christopher.
  • Composer: Colin.
  • Costume: Olga.
  • Narrated by: John.
  • Cinematography: Ricardo.
  • Music: Colin.

The Plot: 

Five friends travel to the remote town of Harlow in the Taxes to set up business in the town where Moe Dunford Texas Massacre will take place. 

Melody, Dante, and other friends stepped into a house and were surprised to discover that the home was still occupied. Mrs. Mc claimed that she was still the owner of the house.

An argument broke between Melody and Mrs. Mc, who had a heart attack and collapsed. She was rushed to the hospital accompanied by Ruth and an old man.

Mrs. Mc passes away in the ambulance. The mysterious old man gets out of control and kills the ambulance driver. 

Richter, a local mechanic, hides the car keys. Moe Dunford Texas Massacre features Moe as Richter, who offers to return keys if the friends produce papers about the rightful ownership of the house.

The old man cuts the face of Mrs. Mc to make a leather-face mask out of it and returns to Harlow to take revenge. And a series of massacres by leather-face are showcased. 


The sole survivor of the previous leather-face massacre arrived to help the friends. But, leather-face emerges alive after all the attempts. Leather-face is finally shown dancing on the street with Melody’s head before going back to the house.

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