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Mofylook Reviews and Complaints [April] Is It Trust Worthy

Mofylook Reviews and Complaints [April] Is It Trust Worthy? -> This read is for those who want to learn more about moonlyfe.com

Clothing or apparel is a clicking business anytime. All kinds of human beings love to wear clothes and consider it an elementary mark of their personality in today’s time.

Whether it’s the rich, poor or middle class, everybody dress to suit the occasion and mood.

For instance, if you are going to a party, a casual top teamed with denims won’t look good, rather a little embellishment on the plain white shirt with a slight flare in your usual tight jeans can project you much bolder than your usual self.

Oh no, no I am not any trained designer to design your wardrobe but the point that I wish to make here is clothes are no longer meant to cover our body.

They are a form of expression. Clothes speak for us and delineate our personality. Since, online shopping is the best form of buying things. Let’s check out another apparel store in the virtual world, that’s mofylook.com.

Mofylook.com has originated in the United State and is slowly trying to establish itself in the e-commerce business world.

What is Mofylook?

Mofylook.com is largely about men’s and women’s clothing and shoes. However, shockingly, the website’s home page displays disinfecting products like wipes, toilet rolls and so on.

This is not a sign of a viable e-commerce business. The ‘About Us’ page talks only about apparels, shoes and bags, while the home page depicts pictures of sanitizing wipes and toilet rolls. This is a deflection. 

The company isn’t practicing it’s preaching.

The attractive feature of the website is that the garments and footwear are available at less than half the market value. The prices are written in red so that they become noticeable to the viewers. 

If this is real, then mofylook.com will be a buyer’s paradise but provided they are fake, and the probability of being so is high, then the company would lose a big time on customer’s trust.

How does it work?

You can order your choice able products through advance payment by PayPal, as the site is secure and has an SSL certification for protected data encryption.

Once the payment is made, it would take 15-25 business days to ship your ordered items. Suppose, you don’t wish to keep the products and desire a reverse in payment, then you have to contact the company at support@mofylook.com or call at (978)301-6796.

Within 7 days of your receipt of the items, you should be able to return the goods otherwise your return request stands cancelled.

Who should buy from here?

The images portray a very general and vibrant outlook, so the products obviously would suit any young and energetic mind and body.

Impulsive shoppers or chance buyers can pick items from here as the costs seem to fit the pocket very well.

Why is it famous?

Mofylook.com is an attention seeker and it does so through the highlighted prices on it’s website. The images are colorful and the products look trendy, fashionable and up market.

Clothes and accessories will never lose out on marketability, so mofylook.com has simply worked on it’s product pictures and prices very well, so that any passerby gets a glimpse of them and indulge into shopping.

What are the negative remarks about it?

However, if you are considering purchasing from here, then I would suggest you to think twice. The website has concealed important information about the company and owner(s). 

Secondly, the designing or layout, the product images and even the phone number is same as used by several other ingenuine sites like BeetBest.com, RayPom.com, CoraChic.com and so on. This proves that Mofylook.com is not a safe shop to buy from.

In these sites, if you pay for something, the item(s) would never reach you and you will lose important information about your financial transactions. These fraudulent companies misuse the customer’s data and rob off their money deceitfully.

The return address is not mentioned, which means the company is reluctant to refund under any circumstances. Sometimes, they furnish an address from China, where shipping goods is quite expensive and takes a long time for delivery.

So, the 7 days deadline can’t be met, as mentioned in the return clause.


Moonlyfe.com also lacks in external links and social media presence. There’s no description of the products so the quality of the same cannot be ascertained. The pictures can be copied and prices might be unrealistic.

It’s always better to spread a word about such companies and gather information ‘bout the same through social media groups.

0 thoughts on “Mofylook Reviews and Complaints [April] Is It Trust Worthy

  1. I agree that mofylook is a terrible site! My order never arrived and they took way to much time to reply they played with me for a week and when I threatened the BBB they responded but again did NOTHING. I’m contacting the BBB with every email as well as my confirmation email that clearly states the confirmed address and that I bought the item that never made it to my mother for her birthday present. DO NOT EVER SHOP WITH THESE FRAUDS. THEY WILL ROB YOU.

  2. I ordered a pair of men’s buckle boots from mofylook for $ 60.00 including shipping…Today instead of the boots i received a hair razor…Huh?…
    Ive contacted them but I’m certain i won’t get the boots nor my money back…
    From now on i will only buy from an approved vendor on Amazon…
    Never order from them.. Caveat Emptor…

    1. DO NOT SHOP MOFYLOOK.COM!!!!!!! Ordered April 26 2020. Today is July 18 2020. Never received product nor a refund. Mofylook.com should be removed from facebook google, etc FRAUD! FRAUD!!

    2. I had the same problem my husband order from them in February and just keep coming up with all these excuses saying they sent the package and they didn’t I ask for my refund and still nothing I am reporting them as well…..

    3. Your right they did the same thing to me it’s been six months since Ive made my purchase and nothing has happened I asked for a refund and they keep giving me the run-around I have more that 16 emails with complaints and nothing has happened I really hope some expose these frauds

  3. I ordered and paid for a sweater in February… it is now April 20, and I have not received my sweater. When I tried to inquire, a no longer exists page popped up.
    I’d like a refund, but am not hopeful after reading your site regarding fraud.
    My order number is 9519. If anyone can help.

  4. I ordered two pair of shoes over two months ago , didn’t find or reads these bad reviews until a couple of weeks after I placed my order . I have a feeling I screwed up . But now we’re sending emails and I’m planing on calling if it does any good . , certainly have learned a big lesson . Marshall Border Jonesboro Arkansas

  5. I also ordered in February and received a hair scraper on April 7. Email responses were being answered for a while by someone named Monica. I also feel that I was robbed and will never see my shoes or my refund. Trying to find out who I need to contact about this continuously happening through Facebook.

  6. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes from them April I got a Fake tracking number, and they got the balls to say it was delivered by China Post !! In Tennessee,, Really !!

  7. My order was shipped to someone else according to the tracking number. I’d like to get the sweater or get my money back. The order number is 4326 dated 1-29-19 for $30.98 .

  8. I ordered a sweater on February 26th & never received it. I checked a tracking number & it said that it was delivered. After reading these emails, I did receive a hair scrapper. Why can’t something be done about these phoney places.

  9. I ordered a few items of clothing on 4/5/20. To date 5/18/20 I have not received them. Like other reviews, I sent several emails to them inquiring on status. Received response(s) from someone named Monica, in retrospect, I feel was untruthful. I stated if I did not receive them by today, I would contact my CC company and dispute the charge. They negotiated my payment of $105.40 on 4/5/20. I also received some bogus tracking number which (DAHHH) could not locate it.
    On May 13, 2020, Monica (non-existing person) informed me my items had been delivered. I responded and asked what method of shipment did they use, i.e. Federal Express, UPS. The phantom Monica stated she would check and get back to me. Have not heard a word. I am upset with myself for not checking into this Bogus Company prior to placing an order. Shame on me. THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD AND I WILL REPORT THEM TO THE BBB AND ANY OTHER ENTITY THAT CAN SHUT THESE CROOKS DOWN. OH, I KNOW…MY ORDER WENT TO KANSAS WITH DOROTHY AND TOTO!!!!!!!

    1. I should have read these reviews before. My fried, if you are reading this message after you ordered, I an sorry to say that it’s too late. If you are a cleaver person and trying to find out about the site, humble request to you is, dont buy.
      I have purchased on 24th April 2020 and burnt my fingers. They gave me fake courier no. which was going to come from Chaina. When I checked the no. online, China post said its incorrect number. And when I said the same to the customer care support people listed in their site, they said it is getti delay due to covid19. And later they just ignored my mails.

    2. I ordered back in February – a pair of boots- because of covid19 they said delays were happening. This Monica is the only one apparently who works there because she is the only one responding but even that is misleading. They have lied to me 3x and I did threaten with reports to the BBB. So frustrating….I am going on every social media site to talk about these fraudsters!!!!!!!

  10. I ordered boots on March 1, 2020. Never received them. Contacted them. They Balamed it on there deliverer from China. I wonder how many people they have ripped off. It’s a scam site

  11. Mofylook,CoraChic,Callabuy,Beetbest,RayPom etc is part of a larger,scamming network!Pay and they won’t send a thing,just steal your money.They can also steal your credit card number!I escalated my claim to PayPal and they forced CoraChic to give me a refund.It took 6 months.The problem is that you think theese companys are legit because they advertise on Pinterest but no they are pure SCAM!!!!

  12. Holy shit. No wonder. I have tied emailing back and forth with these assholes for three months and they keep writing back the y will deliver my shows to no avail. SCAM! SCAM!! SCAM!!!

    1. how do you know, that raypom.com is a scam? i can’t find real evidences about this. i’m waiting for my order from them at the moment. do you have any real experience with them? or anyone else?

  13. Same stuff as everyone above. I ordered four tops and received one in early August after a month. Have been contacting them since then. It is now late September. I have received bogus tracking numbers. I just filed a claim with Pay Pal to get my money back. What a pain and disappointment. Thanks Monica….whoever you are!

  14. Me too, ordered and paid for a pair of boots and paid by credit card which they somehow twisted into a paypal payment and added $7,98 to the bill then delivered a parcel to the other side of Canada. Said they would send another pair but nothing and complete silence, no reply to countless emails I’v sent except the first one from Monica! Total SCAM artists and crooks! Don’t go near them!

  15. I ordered 2 pair of boots in dec they didn’t arrive by end of Jan they claimed they mistakenly sent them to wrong person & would send me a bother order they have never arrived & they will not respond to my many polite regulars for explanations for delays. I guess I am out of 113.00 . Wii report this to visa & BBB but don’t think it will help . Any suggestions from anyone on how to get a refund? Thanks!

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