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Why Should You Choose Moissanite For Your Engagement Ring?

Without a doubt, diamond is the most renowned gemstone for engagement rings. However, due to its amazing properties, a stone similar to diamond is becoming increasingly popular among people today.

Perhaps you may have read of Moissanite. It seems like a gem if you see it with your own sight. This jewel shines, is robust, stylish, and significantly, is fairly priced. It seems sense to question whether a moissanite engagement ring is preferable to a diamond one.

Whenever individuals consider of costly rings, they typically picture a gold ring with a brilliant diamond. A diamond engagement ring is unquestionably stunning, of sure. But not everybody can purchase a diamond ring. So think about getting a moissanite ring instead, which looks like a diamond but costs 10 times cheaper.

Why should you choose moissanite for your engagement ring?

The most endearing aspect of a moissanite stone is its resemblance to a diamond. It was initially thought to be the same as a diamond until scientists discovered that it was made of a completely different material than a diamond. Here are some intriguing reasons why you should choose moissanite for your engagement ring.

  1. Fiery Brilliance: Moissanite is More Sparkling

Moissanite is the best choice if you adore sparkle. The brilliance of a stone, which is its refractive index, is used to measure its sparkle. Moissanite is known for its radiance and fiery brilliance, and it outperforms diamond on both counts. A moissanite’s striking surface sparkle emits fiery, rainbow flashes that dazzle in the light. While moissanites are classified as “colorless,” they can exhibit a yellow or greyish hue in certain lights. This distinguishes them from diamonds, and many people adore the rainbow of colour that a moissanite reflects.

  1. Attractive Price: Moissanite is cheaper

People can receive their ideal diamond ring with Moissanite without going over their budget or reducing the size of the central gemstone because it is a cost-effective option. On average, a moissanite engagement ring costs less than one-tenth the price of a diamond ring.

  1. Maintainable Sturdiness: Moissanite is nearly as durable as diamond.

Due to its close resemblance to diamond’s hardness, moissanite makes an excellent diamond alternative. The Mohs index is used to determine a gemstone’s toughness. The rating is based on a gemstone’s ability to withstand scratching or other damage. Moissanite has a Mohs hardness of 9.5, making it the world’s second hardest gemstone. Diamonds, while on the other hand, have a Mohs hardness rating of 10. Moissanite rings are suitable for everyday wear because they are resistant to scratching, tarnishing, and breaking.

  1. The morality of artificial moissanite

The majority of moissanite on the market at the moment is synthetic since real moissanite is so uncommon. While it is possible to purchase a lab-grown gem, most moissanite gemstones are artificial instead of mined, allaying many ethical worries about the gem trade. Moissanite happens naturally, but there isn’t enough of it to make useful jewels.

  1. Moissanite has a very comparable look

A range of colours are available for moissanite. Possible colours include white, yellow, purple, pink, emerald and orange. Moissanite comes in a variety of colours with various characteristics. For instance, yellow moissanite is more fire resistant than white moissanite. 

  1. dimensions and forms

Artists are already thinking of novel ways to employ moissanite, despite the fact that it is still a relatively new gem on the marketplace. There are numerous types and sizes available for this lovely stone. Among them include round, royal, emerald, rectangular, wedge, and heart shapes. Such patterns make Moissanite diamond rings incredibly adaptable. They work well with any ring or wedding band design. Each of these things are possible because they can be produced in a lab.

  1. Hypoallergenic Qualities 

Moissanite is also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for allergy sufferers. As a result, it is a popular choice among jewelry enthusiasts. Everyone desires to wear a piece that is safe and will safeguard their health which is why moissanite rings are popular.

The choice between a diamond ring and a moissanite ring is simple and clear. Moissanite is a less expensive and more environmentally friendly alternative to diamonds. Moissanite has characteristics that make it ideal for jewelry design. It’s a unique substitute to diamond engagement rings.

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