Money Network Cardholder Services Scam [May] Is It legit or Not?

Money Network Cardholder Services Scam [May] Is It legit or Not? -> So today, we have some words about this site like it offer card to users to easily process with ATMs mini mall , shopping mall and many more places.

Do you want to save your hard-earned money creatively? We have a great solution to your problem. And that is Money Network Cardholder Services Scam where you can recognize is it scam or legit . Money Network gives you the savings, convenience & service you deserve as it is like an online fixed deposit which returns your hard-earned saved money with great interest. 

This United States-based company deals with your money in a very rational way. It teaches one to manage money in multiple ways possible. It allows one to gain more freedom with their money as they can easily manage their money anytime, anywhere. They came up with the agenda to start the idea of safe money, plastic transactions, and to make it very quick and easy.

About Money Network

Money Network is a platform that teaches you to conserve, control, and then spend the money. There is no activation fee; one can get in hand conserved cash quickly at surcharge-free ATMs. 

It came up with the schedule to teach people to save money, use it intelligently. It has also launched its app so that one can easily keep a check on its account. 

If one uses this app, they can get their salary/ wages/ payments quickly and faster than a paper check with only direct deposit. 

They claim themselves as FDIC insured with Visa Zero Liability. They say that dealing with their website is the easiest and the safest way in the world.

Money Network Card Stimulus Check process to encourage the people to maintain the economy.  Stimulus payments also helps to relief economic hardships for those are affected by the corona virus pandemic.


  • Type- Monetary/ Investment
  • Available- Yes
  • Newsletter- Yes, One can write to them easily
  • Established in- 2017
  • Social Media- Google Play Store, App Store
  • Secured- Partially
  • Additional services- No Additional services
  • Email- Not mentioned on the website

How does it work?

If you have registered yourself with Money Service, it works as a piggy bank to you as one can easily do the savings, and it is effortless to operate. It offers other services like Direct Deposit, Deposit Check Funds, and Sending and receiving money, Reload locations, and tax Refund. 

They mainly issue a card which is also known as the Money Receiving Card, which allows one to spend money, shop, send, receive, use it to pay bills & in ATMs. One can also transfer money to a US bank account by just a swipe of your phone. It allows more freedom to you by merely accessing the account you registered with them on your phone by installing their app. One can easily send and do many transactions with this app/ website.

Pros of Money Network

  • The Customer Care service is 24*7 open
  • The site is very well maintained.
  • There are fraud protection methods on this website.
  • The website is https:// secure.
  • One card allows multiple uses.
  • It teaches how to save money intelligently.

Cons of Money Network

  • Not available on any social media
  • No Email id mentioned.
  • Many negative reviews on this internet, creating doubt about its legitimacy.

Customer Remarks

We although received many negative reviews about this website by calling it a scam. Somewhere it depends on our doubt when there is no reliable social media, and the customer care only serves telephonically. The piggy bank idea liked many, though, as it gives a high return after fixing the money for a long time with huge interest. As it doesn’t ask for much tax on their transactions, so it feels very comfortable to work with it in any way possible. 

But anyhow, we can’t forget the fact that Money Network Card website is negatively reviewed on many platforms, so it is somewhere very doubtful and leaves one in a dilemma, whether to trust them or not.

Wrapping Up

We concluded in today’s discussion that the website is counted in mixed reviews as some are saying that their policies have fooled them by calling them baiting for money. While others call it a complete legit as the website is always high on its offers, gifts on gift cards, and one can use the money in a very effective way, making it safe and reliable. 

The money network company offers the card to the customers to quickly work with their cash in ATMs, Shopping malls, grocers, and at number of places. They say they provide Visa Zero Liability, which keeps their money safe.

2 thoughts on “Money Network Cardholder Services Scam [May] Is It legit or Not?”

  1. Received an EIP card, but can’t get the money. Called the number on the back of the card. Registered the pin. Went to an ATM locator and found an approved ATM in our area. Tried to get money and was denied. Tried to contact Money Network and all they wanted to do was transfer me to a lawyer. Why do I need a lawyer for Money Network to fix my problem. Calling the phone number just makes you go through phone mail hell. You can’t get a live person to solve your problem to save your life.

  2. I transferred money to my bank and its 10 days and the money has not reached my bank yet. need to talk to service rep but i can not find a number.


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