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Monicio com Reviews [June] Read, Understand, Decide!

Monicio com Reviews [June] Read, Understand, Decide! -> In this article, you’ll read about Monicio.com, an online shopping website that provides furniture and home decoration items.

Are you looking to buy furniture to decorate your home? Or maybe you just bought a new TV, and you’re looking to buy a stand for it because the old one doesn’t seem to go with the latest TV, and you’re not sure where to buy it? Look no further than Monocio.

Monicio.Com Reviews 

It has become popular among users over the internet for providing home decorations and furniture at attractive and affordable prices. This site has become popular in a short time.

Just like everything else, furniture has gone through significant transitions. New trends emerge almost every day in furniture. Monicio.com makes sure that it always remains up-to-date with the latest trends, so their users never miss out on anything.

Currently, Monicio.com is popular in the United States, and the site gets moderate traffic in the country. But does the site give you items worth your money? Is it safe to buy from this new site?

In this review of Monicio.com, we will look at all the essential details of this shopping website that a buyer needs to know. 

In this review, we will talk about all the specifications, advantages, disadvantages, customer reviews, and the question that is on everyone’s mind-  Is Monicio.com legit or not?

What is Monicio.com?

Monicio.com (Home Monicio) is an online furniture/home decor retailer. Items like beds, furniture for babies and kids, bookcases, chairs, recliners, coffee tables, desks, TV stands, and mattresses, etc. can be bought from this site at reasonable prices.

If you’re one of those people who like to look at a lot of options before buying anything, Monicio has an extensive collection of different designs of all of its items.

If you like to stay in trend and buy all the latest decoration items for yourself and your house, Monicio is the place for that. It continually adds the latest and trending designs to its shop. But before you purchase anything, let’s take a look at all other relevant details of this website, as mentioned below.

Specifications Of Monicio:

  • Website- Furniture and Home decoration items 
  • Shipping time- 2-3 business days (the US only)
  • Delivery time- In or under one week (within the US)
  • Return- You have to mail them first, and they’ll decide if the item is applicable for return. A   return address will then be provided. 
  • Exchange- applicable to limited products only
  • Refund- 4-5 days after the return is received.
  • Mode of payment- Debit card, credit card, PayPal
  • Email- support@monicio.com

 Is Monicio.com Legit?

The site is comparatively new. It is also not very well known or popular on a global scale. According to its website, it began as a regular brick and mortar furniture store in New Baltimore, MI. The website was launched to serve people who cannot reach their local retail stores. The website is also based out of New Baltimore. But just because the site is new does not mean it’s a scam. It might grow in the future, considering its recent growth in popularity.

The site seems legit in light of all the information that has been provided on the website. The website currently offers free shipping all over the US. People outside of the US might find it expensive. The site does not appear as a scam. All important details like contact number, email, and address have been provided on the website, which checks out. So, Monicio.com appears legit.

Pros of buying from Monicio:

  • It keeps itself up-to-date with all the latest trends and continually adds them to its shop.
  • Items are available at reasonable and affordable prices.
  • Items can be replaced easily.
  • The items are made of superior quality materials.

Cons of buying from Monicio:

  • It allows only online payment through PayPal.
  • In case of a return, you have to pay the shipping cost to the provided address.
  • Exchange is not allowed on all the items.
  • It is not the best choice for people living outside of the US.

What are the customers saying about Monicio.com?

Customer reviews are available on this site. Each product can be rated on a scale of 0-5 stars. The customer comments seem genuine, as they’re written by actual human beings. The comments are similar to what you’ll find on other shopping websites. Some are satisfied with the products while some are not. There are no customer reviews on several products confirming that the website is not very popular.

Most of the people seem satisfied with the product they receive. However, some complain that their product looks a little different in color from the image, which can very well be a phone brightness and color saturation issue.

The website is, however, not easy on returns. Several users have complained that they had to go through a great deal of effort to have their product returned.

Final Verdict

The website is new and seems to be gaining popularity. The site appears well maintained. It offers quality products at reasonable prices. However, it is not very flexible on its return and refund policies. There is also not a lot of information about this website on the internet. Our readers in the United States, however, may find this website very useful.

All the crucial information, such as contact and address, has been provided on the website. So it does not appear as a scam.

We suggest our readers take a leap of faith and buy from this website as it seems to be genuine. It does not appear as a scam. Monicio.com is indeed legit.

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  1. I ordered from their site, and when I tryed to contact someone on the wear abouts of my order, I cant get a response. And the phone number is not even a business number. Hopefully PayPal can dispute this and i can somehow get my money back

    1. Have you received your item yet? I ordered a $200 mattress and it still says processing.. making me nervous

      1. This company has ignored every email and call I have made. I ordered my daughter a fit but versa 2 from them for $120 and they kept my money and want send me my order this website is a scam don’t order anything from them it’s not a real place to order from its people taking ur money only

      2. I order a kitchen pantry on 04/19/2020. Still says processing. left several phone messages and emails. I see the company should be in New Baltimore, MI. I’m about 20 miles away and plan to take a car ride to the address listed this weekend if I don’t hear from them.

      3. Did anyone ever receive their order? I ordered a 175.00 desk and order has been in processing for over a week. It said delivery in 3-5 days, but nothing was ever said about how long it would take to complete “processing.”

      4. I ordered 2 bedside tables May 17. Today is June 3. Still processing it says. No one will answer my emails about when it will ship. I imagine getting my money back will be just as hard. Never again.

      5. I made an order in mid May and still shows processing. They took money out of my account immediately but I have not heard a thing!! I email them daily but no response! The number is not a legit number!! I have notified PayPal so hopefully they can get my money back!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!

      1. I’m going thru the same thing right now! I ordered my bed online on the 22nd of April and I’ve checked my status and like always it just says processing. I’m wondering if I should just say F-it and get my money back…. looked and searched the number and it’s a small wear-house in New Haven, MI. Called it and no answer! You can tell it’s no a landline. Idk 🤔

        1. I just order the Halstead Food Pantry ($239.99) from them for a Mothers Day Gift and I can’t seem to get a response from them either. I took a leap of faith and haven’t heard anything back from them yet. I will never use PayPal again. It very inconvenient. The order has been processing since May 3, 2020 and the status hasn’t changed yet. Can anyone tell me how long this normally takes? The site says 3-5 days delivery but, that surely isn’t the case now. I understand we are all going through hard times, but at least respond so I don’t feel like It’s a scam. I will give them the time they need, just play fair and let me know what’s going on. Any information you all have will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

          1. I email the company ever day. To all of the email addressed that have been listed in this thread. Ordered on 25 April and I haven’t received any sign of life.

          2. @Mark – I also order the same pantry on April 22 (process of kitchen remodeling). My item was out for a delivery via UPS last week, however sender/seller requested it to be returned. The item was delivered UPS on Thursday. Still haven’t got my refund from PayPal and I’ve contacted PayPal again.

          3. I ordered a bunk bed April 27 and got an email saying it is processing order . Are they even a real website. I tried looking up the same bed I ordered there’s no match for it on their site. I say it is a scam . Theirs a phone number that is out of service and emailing won’t help. They don’t respond to them. All they are after is your money.

          4. I ordered the same Halstead piece. The first time I emailed, I got a canned response. The second email I sent got bounced back to me and the third was responded to by a man named David with a gmail account. The phone calls never get answered and mine were actually rejected twice. I continued to email them and notify them that I have turned them into my bank to review as a scam and to Paypal. I will be making some other calls that I have seen on here as well.
            Today I received and email with a UPS tracking number. It shows that it should be delivered tomorrow but now I will be paying attention to see if a return requested by sender happens before delivery. I had a bad feeling about this as soon as I placed the order. It is for sure a scam.

        2. I just order the Halstead Food Pantry ($239.99) from them for a Mothers Day Gift and I can’t seem to get a response from them either. I took a leap of faith and haven’t heard anything back from them yet. I will never use PayPal again. It very inconvenient. The order has been processing since May 3, 2020 and the status hasn’t changed yet. Can anyone tell me how long this normally takes? The site says 3-5 days delivery but, that surely isn’t the case now. I understand we are all going through hard times, but at least respond so I don’t feel like It’s a scam. I will give them the time they need, just play fair and let me know what’s going on.

          Any new information you all may have will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

      2. I’m concerned too. I haven’t gotten any response, no confirmation email, no response to calls, emails, or form requests. I understand that they are in MI and probably on pause but I would think they would have some sort of response set up. Has anyone gotten a response at all? I ordered two things that totaled just about $300.

        1. I had the same problem with processing. I got a email from them apologizing and said I would be emailed as soon as it ships. It never shipped so I filled a dispute through my card company. Hope this helps and now they refuse to answer me back anymore. My item was 199.99 bunk beds

        2. I had same issue. I bought desk may 23rd. Emailed them.may 29th cant ship because of covid 19 will cancel order and refund. I emailed the company david who replied and the email of the person pay pal was sent to. To this day no response.. I disputed through pay pal my credit card company and better business bureau to give them a bad rating. Waiting on reply. U better do the same.

      3. I ordered a ladder bookshelf on May 20. It still shows processing. I have tried 5 times to email them but no one will respond. The phone number is not even a working phone number. I have reached out to Pay Pal. I hope they can resolve the issues! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!!?

      4. Did yoy ever get your pantry? I was going to order one also but I’m now worried!!

    2. I reported them to consumers affairs it’s a text free number and they want refund you either

    3. I just order the Halstead Food Pantry from them for a Mothers Day Gift and I can’t seem to get a response from them either. I took a leap of faith and haven’t heard anything back from them yet. The order has been processing since May 3, 2020 and the status hasn’t changed yet. Can anyone tell me how long this normally takes? The site says 3-5 days delivery but, that surely isn’t the case now. I understand we are all going through hard times but at least respond so I don’t feel like It’s a scam. I will Them the time they need, just play fair and let me know what’s going on. Any information you all have will be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    4. I finally got a refund for my bunk beds. I disputed this sale with PayPal and was refunded.

    5. This company seems to have stolen my money. Order was never received; money taken immediately. I have contacted PayPal, FTC, Michigan Attorney General, & my credit card company.
      DO NOT ORDER FROM MONICIO! They seem like they are connected to Wayfair, but I can’t seem to get any information from them either.

    6. Hi I’m going through the same thing here. Did you ever get your money back? I’m just wondering If I’m wasting my time. Thanks!

    7. I ordered a ladder bookshelf on May 20. It still shows processing. I have tried 5 times to email them but no one will respond. The phone number is not even a working phone number. I have reached out to Pay Pal. I hope they can resolve the issues! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!!?

    8. i ordered a tv stand and never got the stand,you cant talk too ant one is this a fake site or what..

    9. I ordered a bunkbed for my grandkids on May 23,2020. It was still process as of June12th. I filed a complaint with Paypal and the BBB. After I did that it went in to on hold status. My emails go un answered.

    10. They took my money because now I can’t get my money back I did a credit card through PayPal and I’m trying to fight it but the credit card company sad because I ordered it and I made the purchase I lost out please everyone know it’s a scam do not go on the site do not give them your card or your money thank you They took me for $169 I will never orderOff line again criminals and they should be charged

    1. I turned them in to two different government agencies that deal with online scams and it seems like it may have got them shut down the site it’s working for me now just says error. Dispute the purchase with pay pal you should get your money back

  2. I have ordered my daughters baby bed from them a week ago, the order still show on hold in order to confirm receipt of the payment. I have emailed them and keep being told that they are waiting on payment confirmation. I mean how long does that take because its already removed from by bank account.

    1. So you actually got some type of response from them? I have called and emailed numerous times with no response once so ever. I am about ready to call the New Baltimore Police Dept and give them the address.

      1. This Monicio web page is no worthy. Same as everybody here no response furniture on hold and no answer. Please dont buy at this monicio page.

      2. I ordered and have had no responses to multiple inquiries, paypal dispute filed and now my order says on hold!

      1. My order is one the way, received a FedEx number and I am able to follow the progress. I ordered something on April 25th and is due tomorrow.

        1. Tammy: Did you receive your item? Keep everyone posted on here. Mines was Out For Delivery yesterday then Sender requested UPS return to sender….

          1. Did any one get their product? We are all having the same issue. There’s no way to contact them

          2. It is legit. I got my black Rosendale 2 door cabinet yesterday. Took about 9 days to get it. I emailed. They sent back a tracking number. I will say the cabinet is very nice but a pain to put together! When putting the doors on, mount the hardware to the door 1st! I’m pleased with this purchase.

          3. @Melody: Yay! Was your from Wayfair also? Other customer here said there’s came from WayFair…hmmm? My order I’m assuming is very strange compared to everyone else here. UPS had it Out For Delivery on 4/30, sender then requested UPS return to sender. As of today 5/2 I’ve tracked it and it’s headed back to sender.

    2. Exactly!!! What are they doing to Us? Lord, Please help us All get our Refund 🙏🙏🙏

    3. I ordered a bunk bed on April 30th. It still says processing yet they took my money. Likd the rest of you I have emailed and called with no response. Pretty unprofessional from a place that is supposedly legitimate and based in the states. I am losing out on 200$ I could have used somewhere else for my kids. Extremely upsetting especially given the current circumstances of the world. I will be reporting them to BBB.

      1. Same thing they took our money and now we don’t get what we paid for 😒

      1. My Grandsons are on the Floor Now. Because I gave their older Toddler beds away. Please, me! I just my Refund for $306.98

      2. Melody is not real, I ordered two mattresses and i have not even got a tracking number from UPS. I disputed it with my bank so i can get my money back

    1. This is a scam! I looked on PayPal and the person does not reside in the US. The person’s name is Tran Cong Linh. I hope karma gets her. Dispute your charges on PayPal, call your banks, report it to the federal trade commission!

  3. I ordered from this site Sunday night (4/19). As of today (4/23), Thursday my order is in “Processing” state. I have not received a tracking number or anything else that indicates the order is being processed or shipped. I have called the number listed several times since the day I order. No answer. Ever. The VM message says “The textmail subscriber you’re trying to reach is not available. Please leave your message after the tone” I have left 2 voicemail messages and have yet to receive any type or a response. I have sent 2 emails to the email address and received no response. If you type the address of the place into google maps and look at it, it comes up to be a house in a residential neighborhood in Michigan. Not a business or anything. This looks like a scam to me. I have filed a PayPal dispute in hope of receiving refund.

    1. I ordered also $129.00 order not damn thing been 3 weeks can’t track it at all call. A number and tells me to call back during there hours which is 6:am and I’m calling at 10:00am so don’t ever order from them this my. Third Tim only ever to order on line never any problems always sent a tracking number and. A date and always right on I’m dissociated we worked hard for our money and everyone put it all over face book ,if they don’t have common courtesy to even email back or give tracking. Info then we have all been screwed

    1. I ordered 4 cool gel memory foam mattresses on 5/3/20 and I’m still waiting for my purchase this not cool at all I want my money back or my furniture

  4. I am also concerned on the whereabouts of my purchase. I found this site in doubt of the legitimacy of this store because I have yet to get my item. There is no tracking number on orders. No one answers the phone. No one has replied to my email or contact form.

  5. Same, though I only placed my order 4 days ago. The phone number is a TextNow phone number, which from what I understand, is a internet based phone number anyone can get. Also, I have emailed their “support” team a couple times, about my order and about the fact that when I click “My Account”, it takes me to a Wayfair mattress that is listed on their site, with no response. Also, if you Google Map the address, it is a house, not a business. Did you ever hear anything or receive a response?

  6. Same here. I ordered something and didn’t get any updates. Call them bu no one picks it up. High suspect it’s a scam.

    1. I ordered something on the 17th my order is still processing have not receieved it and the money was taken out of my bank account.

  7. I ordered from them on the 19th and received my item on the 25th. Upon ordering I called them immediately and could get a hold of no one. I sent them emails with no response. My TV stand was delivered and in fine condition however because of their lack of communication I will not order from them again. Also I’m nervous about their return policy!

    1. Thanks for letting me know that there is some hope! Did you get any updates that your order had shipped or did it constantly say that it was processing?

    2. I ordered a end table on april 24th.. says its processing til today april 27 now its says on hold? what does hold mean? they took out my money from my account from day 1… tried calling and response is ” call rejected” emailed them 4 times and filed a claim with paypal… any one has any suggestions what hold means ?

    3. I ordered from them on the 17th and have not gotten my items. I bought two mattresses. I have tried numerous times to email and call them using different sources. I even tried to email the account that is associated with the paypal account which was davidhedera1992@gmail.com and have not received any contact. I file a paypal claim today

      1. I pray this whomever company, person, people, this is scamming people out of their money, using fake website, address etc., get caught as in arrested for FRAUD.
        That email you have associate with their PayPal account is totally different from what I have.

  8. These reviews make me nervous! I ordered 1 item on the 21st and still says processing! Should have checked them out before ordering. Hindsite is 20/20.

  9. I ordered from them April 20th!I really think this a scam!I tried getting in touch with PayPal about this, and on there end, they said transaction was complete!!Sent a email directly to the merchant, and nobody responded back!Anyone have any luck??

  10. Beware, beware, beware………..

    All of the reviews above are so helpful. I just wish I saw them before I have purchased my item on 4-22-2020. As of today, I have not received any response from the seller as to when my order will be shipping out. Email was sent on 4-26-20 to the seller asking about the shipment and clarification on the item. Wanted to make sure that the item/Fitbit Versa 2 was not refurbished as there was no specification about it on their website, and the item was cheaper then any other seller sells it for. — If refurbished then I would cancel the order.
    My email was send 2 days after I have purchased the item to see if I can ketch the order since the website guarantees 2-3 business days for the order to go out and they don’t accept returns easily.
    As of today there was not response from the seller therefore, I have decided to call the number (586) 315-1073 listed on the website. The response I have received “Your call cannot be accepted at this time.” So I called again and received the same message. What business does that, especially if the business address is located in the USA? At this point I have no response from the seller, their phone number is not accepting my calls, and my order still says its processing. What made me give this website a chance were other reviews I have found on Google.
    For example. “Is Monicio.com Legit?–
    The site is comparatively new. It is also not very well known or popular on a global scale. According to its website, it began as a regular brick and mortar furniture store in New Baltimore, MI. The website was launched to serve people who cannot reach their local retail stores. The website is also based out of New Baltimore.”
    – For being new business Monicio’s customer service means no customer service.
    I gave these people- (if they even exist) a chance. -However, poor business is no business. That is how I see it. At this point I am hoping that Paypal can get my money back.

    1. Yeah the melody moore is fake nobody is getting what they purchased because the whole thing is fake. I got 1 email back from a David Walker which is most likely also a fake name!

    1. I’m so glad I googled this companh before ordering…I had a feeling it was fishy when a barn door TV stand I looked at on Wayfair.com was almost $200 and on this site it was $119 with free shipping & not tax. I guess I’ll be sticking to ordering from Wayfair.com. I do hope everyone gets their merchandise or refund that ordered from this scam place!

  11. I ordered a pantry cabinet on 4/17/20. Sent email on 4/20 and got a reply that the order was being processed. I assumed it was waiting for payment. The payment through PayPal was deducted at the close of business on 4/20. I sent another email. I got a reply that when my order was processed that I would be getting tracking information. I check the website daily and still on hold. I have just sent my 4th or 5th email and called the phone number that did say the text message thing as a previous person stated. I’m going to give them another 24 hours to respond then will seek my refund and proceed to legal authorities.

    1. @KC : Did you receive a response? Also, have you proceed to contact legal authorities? I may have ordered the same item as you, that was the only kitchen pantry that was on the website. Mines is being returned to Sender via UPS per senders request and still no explanation or communication whatsoever.

  12. I havent heard anything. I ordered over a week ago. No one is responding to emails or calls. I bought a expensive bed. Im not sure what to do. Has anyone got a refund yet

    1. I ordered as well and been calling. I see some people got some of their orders. But I’m out of 1,000 it’s no time to be scamming people when we are still trying to be normal. I will file for my payment but I thought Palpal do not release the money until the order ships. I guess I was wrong.

    2. I’m in the same boat as everyone else. Ordered a tv stand for $120. No tracking number, no responses from my emails or phone calls. I am going to report them to my bank, BBB, PayPal and any other place I can. I may even call the police in that town. Has anyone had any luck in getting their items delivered? So sad that this happens!

  13. I ordered from them on the 22nd but the receipt said the 23rd. I tried calling and emailing no response. When I called it said call rejected. I checked the order tracking yesterday morning and afternoon and it said processing, so I then contacted PayPal to dispute the transaction and now the order tracking says on hold. I just want what I ordered or give me my money back.

  14. Took a chance because paypal/credit card. Ordered April 22. Order still says processing. Nothing received yet.

  15. The crazy thing is, they know you can dispute it with PayPal, so why even offer it as a payment? Also, so many people are complaining at this point, yet the website has not disappeared. I have so many mixed feelings about this and don’t know what to think. Will I ever even see my crib? This is crazy! I too have started a claim with PayPal. I ordered on 4/21 and mine still says processing as of today, yet they took my money out right after I made my order. Don’t know if you all have gotten to that point with PayPal yet, but they state that they give the seller 20 days to respond BEFORE they make a decision on refunding your money. That’s crap bc they sure took my money out and placed it somewhere, so take it back out and place it back in my account, bc you sure as heck are not going to get a response! I don’t have 20ndays to wait, this crib was for my foster daughter.

  16. Ha, funny how my status changed from “processing” to “on hold” since this morning, right after I filed a dispute with PayPal.

  17. I stumbled across this site after I placed an order with Monicio.com. Ordered a kitchen Pantry on 4/22 got an invoice of my order/order number which seems legit. After a few days of not hearing from them I decided to reached out via email and to my surprise got a response stating that they were processing my order. Next day received a UPS tracking number and I thought we were good to go. Today, 4/30/20 got a text from UPS my item was OUT FOR DELIVERY. Only to find out a few hours later UPS texted to say SENDER HAS REQUESTED THE ITEM BE RETURNED…WTF?! Back to tracking my item again, said it was now on hold at UPS facility. Contacted UPS and was told that the SENDER (Modern Marketing Concepts, Inc. Kentucky)is where it was being shipped from? Contacted shipper/company to no avail. I’m getting ready to also file a claim with PAYPAL.

  18. How has your PayPal dispute process gone. I just filed one, and I would like to know how long it might take.

    1. I gave the company a few hours to respond, but haven’t heard anything. I also contacted the seller through PayPal option and still no response. So I just went ahead and filed a dispute with PayPal. PayPal says they’ll respond by May 20/20, which I’m so pissed about because that’s way too long being that the seller already got his/her money on that same day of placing my order. A few minutes ago I found out that SENDER requested a Return to Sender at 7:05 am this morning while it was out for delivery…the whole damn thing is weird

  19. Paypal told me the same, that they had til May 20th to respond before they make a decision on my claim, which I also don’t have time for. The crib I ordered was for my kinship foster. Now I’m sitting here with a bed set and crib mattress in my living room, with no bed to put it on. Jim, did monicio request a return to sender after you filed a Paypal dispute? The reason I ask is because my “order tracking” on their site has said “processing” since I made my order on 4/21, and still said “processing” this morning, but as soon as Paypal sent me confirmation that they had filed my dispute, the status all of a sudden changed to “on hold”. They also have had my money since the day I placed my order.

    1. I initially stumbled on this site here because I started getting skeptical when I didn’t hear from them a few days after placing my order. I felt good after reading this blog and at the time there was only one comment. Today, to my surprise I was shocked at the number of comments just within a few days.
      The company sent me an email with the tracking number for UPS, a David Walker me with a gmail account. I’ve tracked the box till today. Early this morning UPS Out For Delivery. Waited for them all day, only to get a text/email stating Sender requested return of item. Spoke with CS UPS again this evening, they indicated that Sender made a return request at 7:00 am while it was Out For Delivery. I’m furious because money was taken out of my PayPal a week and a half ago.

    2. Also, NO I did not receive any communication from the company via PayPal either. I’ve been checking periodically. Wanted to speed up the process with PayPal but they aren’t taking phone calls during Coronavirus. I have emailed the company and called numerous times. I, too either want my item I paid for or give me my damn fricken money back.

  20. Please report this website to the federal trade commission-they are stealing thousands of dollars from people!!! It’s easy, it’s on the website. I have a PayPal dispute as well to get my money back, but it will keep happening! REPORT them!!! The address if fake, the phone number is fake, the website is even fake with all stock images. REPORT!!

    1. I am so livid right now!!! Just received a text from UPS at 9:35 pm that item they was supposed to be delivered today is now going back to Sender. For what reason, I would like to know. There was NO indication from the Seller/Sender that they were requesting for a send back return. And as of right now, I have not received any feedback from them. I will report them right now to the Federal Trade Commission. If there is any other source where we can report please let all of us know. Thank you so much.

      1. Sounds like this A-hole is taking people’s money and SOME people are getting their orders which he is buying from Wayfair. The site had a really nice desk but the price was to good to be true. So I looked up the site before buying it and came across this page. There are soooo many scam sites these days it’s ridiculous. I have been also looking for an apartment and anything under 1k on Craigslist is scam. They take the photos and even what is written about the apartment from apartments.com and other similar sites and just change the price. It’s so annoying. I live in RI and the rent here is really high. So you get hopeful when you see an apartment for that is 2 bedrooms for under 950 but it’s a scan every time!

    2. I filed a complaint with the federal trade commission. Thank you for the suggestion. I will also be filing with Paypal to see if I can recover anything for the kitchen pantry I ordered on 4/25 but have heard nothing about from the company.

    1. Hi Keri, I am so nervous now about my coffee table! FYI I also got a Fed Ex tracking email at 2 am this morning. There are not enough numbers in the tracking for it to be real. Ugh this is not the time to lose money!!
      Let’s hope for the best. The only reason I haven’t filed a dispute is because there’s ONE person here who says she got her item! ???

    2. Keri! Keep tracking your package. UPS just contacted me this am saying that my package was on it’s way back to Sender who goes my Modern Marketing Concept in Simpsonville, KY.

  21. Following! I ordered two very nice twin beds on 25 April. Emailed three times without a response. Phoned and left a message without a response. Texted the number on the website without a response.

  22. I just reported them to the federal trade commission!I want everyone else on here to do the same!We need to do this together!!Then maybe something will be done!I am still waiting also!!Filed a dispute with PayPal April 29th!This site needs to come down! Everyone is gonna get ripped off!!

    1. I, too have reported them last night. I’m still waiting to hear anything back from PayPal. I just think 30 days is way to long for PayPal to make a decision.

  23. Keri! Keep tracking your package. UPS just contacted me this am saying that my package was on it’s way back to Sender who goes my Modern Marketing Concept in Simpsonville, KY.

    1. It says it was shipped out yesterday and is on a FedEx truck to be delivered to my house by the end of the day today, so we’ll see. I’ll update if I receive it. Mine came out of GA, and I live in SC.

      1. Appreciate ALL of your responses here. This at least helps us out knowing we are not the only ones. The fact that it is 2020 when the vast majority of us know what to spot for scams/fraudulent websites, etc. But this company https://monicio.com operates a full website using fake address, emails, & phone. Not to mention PayPal as a method of payment knowing customers can and will file dispute charges against them.

        I look forward to hearing if you have received your item.

  24. UPDATE! Crib just came via FedEx. Shipping label says it is from the Wayfair Fulfilment Center in McDonough, GA. I received my item! But, only after filing a dispute with PayPal. Won’t order from them again, though.

    1. Oh WOW! I am beyond shocked. Did you receive your item in good condition? Did seller respond to your PayPal dispute? I just opened one late yesterday. It seems like https://monicio.com is a company that buys and resells items. However, you can’t be selling items on a website pretending to have a brick and mortar store while using fake information. Do you know the sells name on PayPal if you don’t mind me asking? I got some kind of Chinese company name.

      Thank you for updating us all.

  25. Yes, I was shocked too! More shocked that it said it came from the Wayfair Fulfilment Center. My PayPal invoice and my bank statement say:
    Payment to:
    The person who emailed me this morning with my shipment info was a Walker David. I dunno, it’s all very confusing! I never received a response to my PayPal dispute, but I did notify PayPal that I did receieve my item, but had only got a response from the seller once I had filed a dispute. Item is in good condition, no torn up box or anything.

    1. Thank you for the info. That is exactly the seller name on my PayPal as well. Email is a Walker David (mistakenly posted David Walker) but the email is totally different, and different from the person who posted. Two different emails were sent to me david.contact2014@gmail.com & support@monicio.com
      So happy you got your item 🙂 Mines is a strange situation, with it being Out For Delivery yesterday then having Shipper request it to be sent back, as of today same tracking number it is being sent back to Simpsonville, KY. And still haven’t heard back from seller/sender.

    2. Wow oh wow!!They r still scamming people, if it’s a Wayfair label!!I did report this Co to the federal trade commission!And I have the same merchant that took the money out of my account!!Glad u got ur furniture though!

  26. Ordered April 22 and order still says processing. Number is fake and the address is a house listed on Zillow. Definitely a scam. I reported them to the as well and hope they are prosecuted. This is sick to do to people.

    1. I haven’t but I just ordered on Wednesday. I filed a dispute on PayPal so we will see

    2. Been checking on here periodically to see if anyone else is receiving their items, I still haven’t received mines or heard anything back from Seller/Sender….

  27. I ordered a desk on 4/28 but other than an order confirmation, have not received an update. I emailed support@monicio.com and did get a response from a david Walker that had a gmail address. I emailed him back, asking what an expected shipment date is, and why am I getting an email from a gmail address. Got a second response that due to covid, their shipments are late but that they’ll get it to me as soon as possible. I will just cancel this order and get it from somewhere else.

  28. I ordered my grand daughter a baby bed on 4/17/2020 and it still says processing. I am wondering if the Corona virus pandemic has anything to do with the delays we are seeing. I hope that is all it is. I am willing to wait but I have tried to e-mail them and call them. When I call the phone # posted it says call rejected.

  29. Ermahgerd. You guys… I’m really fixin’ to lose my ‘ish here. I ordered two twin beds for my nieces on 25 April and my order says it’s on hold. Still. My payment has cleared. My nieces will be here Friday. I have emailed about 8 times. Phoned. Texted.

    I’m hopeful because it seems like they’re just slow. And maybe because the ‘Rona. But. Nieces. Here. Friday. No beds. 🥺

    1. Do bottom line is…. report them to PayPal and maybe Monicio will responded and maybe see my order? This is crazy. I blame my self. I should of just bought the same tv stand from Wayfair for $180. Instead thought I found a good deal from this scam company and paid $120.

    2. FYI Everyone: I still haven’t heard from Monicio.com / Walker David (email they use) in regards to my Kitchen Pantry I ordered. I am still waiting for a response from Seller via PayPal dispute.
      However, today when I went to look online for the same item I ordered on a different website that looks very similar to Monicio.com I took it upon myself to call the number. No answer but VM sounds like it was a personal cell phone, after texting them turns out it is. She knew exactly what company I was talking about and said it was a SCAM, they were using her number on their website https://mingotees.live/
      It is 2020 this sh*t is not okay with what these sick a**holes are doing scamming people out of their money.

  30. I ordered a tv entertainment center from here on the 25th and it’s still “processing” 🙄🙄

  31. Still haven’t received anything!!Anyone still waiting, I would file a dispute with PayPal!Some people got there stuff, but still a shady site!!

    1. Has anyone received a refund yet from PayPal? I have disputed with them but they are still waiting on a response from the seller

  32. Well my item was ALMOST to me! Less than 60 miles away from my house since 6 am, now all of a sudden it says “pending, delivery date not available”. So I can guess what will happen next!! They are going to request it to be returned!

    1. Similar to what happened to me. Item Out For Delivery at 5:30am by 7:05am Seller/Sender requested a return. So UPS being 4 houses down from me delivered my neighbors item then turned around went back to facility. As of today my item is on its way of being returned to sender by sender. Ugh

  33. Well it looks like PayPal is gonna be busy with this monicio site!!Hope everyone filed a dispute!Even if the one lady got her furniture, it was used under a different name!And that’s not ok!!These people need to be tracked for this!!I wonder how many people actually ordered from this company the last 2 weeks?? Everyone do a favor, and call the Federal Trade commission!The more complaints, the more the case will be open immediately!

  34. I also ordered on May 3! I never received a confirmation email, I haven’t been able to track my purchase since I didn’t save my order number.
    I emailed the email provided my PayPal, no response. Just emailed support@monicio.com and David.contact2014@gmail.com to see if I get some type of response!

    Are you still able to open a claim with PayPal regardless of your tender? I used my bank account, not PayPal credit.

    This is ridiculous!!!! Let’s find these con artists!

  35. (586) 315-1073 called this too and it says “Call Rejected” but looks like it’s located in New Haven, MI

  36. I’m wondering if all the folks on here who said they hadn’t heard from Monicio.com about their orders and filed complaints with the appropriate entities, FTC and PayPal, ever got their products and just never updated us? That’s plausible, right?

    1. If you scroll to the top there are a few more people who posted that they did receive their items. Some came from Wayfair. I did a little digging, I believe Wayfair site lets companies buy in bulk and sell items on and off their site. Now it’s not to say that Monicio.com is one of them, however If they are I still think it’s screwed up to falsify info especially for an e-commence site, not answering customers phone calls/emails, etc etc. This is NOT how to run a business.
      Filed complaints with Federal Trade Commission, PayPal, & UPS. So far no response from seller and still no item or my money 🤬

      1. Well, thanks for being so tenacious, Jim. I really, really appreciate the updates and word of the shared experience. I’m holding out hope here. And those folks who didn’t return to this site to follow up with their experiences, I’m hoping that they got their stuffs and just didn’t feel the need to keep bemoaning Monicio.com’s poor customer service.

        1. I’m just here waiting to see how many people did get their items and those who didn’t how long it took to get a refund from PayPal. I would love to purchase the same item of a different company but I also want to wait until I either get resent (crossing fingers) my item or my refund. But I also would love to hear why tf they sent it out, out for a delivery, then requested return to sender. That is my biggest gripe wtf return it.

  37. Well, sh*t. Wish I would’ve seen all of this before I ordered two lanterns! The paypal went to TRAN CONG LINH and the email associated is tiempo20011@gmail.com
    I tried calling the number on the website and its says “call was rejected” I filed a claim with paypal already. Has anyone received their money back from paypal? It says that I will have an answer by 5/14/20. I see people mentioning wayfair-these are the same pendant lights I was looking at on the wayfair site.

    1. Has anyone received their product?
    2. Has anyone gotten their money back?

    1. I don’t have a paypal account. Does anyone know how I can reach paypal to file a dispute without having to register and become a member? I ordered something today and wish I found this thread before. I received an email from paypal and its says merchant is LE HOANG SANG tiempo20022@gmail.com. No David walker

      1. I dont have a PayPal account either. So do you still file a complaint with PayPal or do I have to go through my bank? I have received one confirmation email with no useful information and only the email address of monicio support. Im so upset I just want my money back.

  38. Good news! I have been following this thread for about a week now because I ordered a desk from them on april 28th and almost immediately recognized that this may be a scam. I immediately called, emailed, and filed a dispute with paypal. I also got those weird replies from Walker David. I don’t know if I am a lucky one that got my desk because I caused such a ruckus or what, but I just now had it delivered!
    Just saying, at least for some of you, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. That’s exactly how I felt. I feel like the only reason I got my stuff is bc I showed my butt. Sad, but true!

    2. Well, I feel kind of bad now. I received my coffee table yesterday and it’s in perfect condition. I canceled my claim with PayPal. FYI…mine came from Ashley Furniture. The tracking info I finally got said it was coming from California, but the label on my box said Ohio. There is definitely something fishy going on with this company, but I got a coffee table for over $100 less than advertised on other sites. Jim I’m sorry about your item, that is frustrating. I hope all who didn’t receive their item get refunded.

      1. @Carmen – your item out for a delivery 60 miles away the other day? Did they resend you out another one or just a different delivery date?

  39. I had issues also! I even googled for reviews and this page did not pull up. :(. I am placing a dispute also with PayPal. I’ve already placed one with my CC and BBB.

    1. A few hours ago to my dismay got an email from Walker David stating I would get my refund to my PayPal account in a few days. However, I sent an email a few hours prior stating that since I did not hear from anyone and my item was being returned per sender/seller I filed a dispute with PayPal, BBB, & FTC and was also going to contact authorities in the area to where my item was being returned.
      Now, let’s see how long it’ll take to get my money back…ugh 🤬

      1. So guess what, PayPal just sent me a email, And is refunding my 119.99 now!And monicio sent me email.as well, that they r refunding me!!No reasoning, what so ever!!Waste of time with this scam of a company!!

        1. @Stephanie : That’s the problem. Those who aren’t receiving their items there no explanation from the company. I’m still waiting for my refund. SCAMMERS

  40. I have been having the same problems as all of you. Ordered on 4/17. Haven’t received any responses to e-mail or phone. I have seen this before. Some one overseas has a relative in the U.S. They use their relatives address (New Baltimore) as their business address. You place an order and won’t see it for 60 days when the shipping containers get to the U. S.

    Lesson I have learned… never use PayPal. We have had multiple experience where Pay Pay vendors have provided substandard products which usually take a long time to get. All of our experiences involve products from China.

  41. DO NOT order from this site. After only receiving one email saying my order was confirmed, I kept checking to see if it had been shipped & after a week, I sent an email asking about the status of my order. I received a nasty email saying I “obviously ignored the letter” they sent me with the tracking information. I received no letter or follow up email. He gave the tracking information that said it will be delivered in a few days. I will never order from them again.

    Be careful!!

  42. Same deal here, order placed on April 30th. Got a message from Walker David that I would get tracking information. Nothing sent as of yet.

  43. Hello everyone! So i have been following up with all of your comments since the very beginning because I had placed an order the 17th of April and other then the conformation email i had not received any updates or anything! I tired to give them as much as time as possible since i know things are crazy right now due to COVID. However, I emailed them for an update around the 27th and nothing. Called. Nothing. So finally yesterday night I decided to file a complaint with PayPal and requested a refund. This morning I woke up to an email from PayPal stating the dispute was closed in my favor and i was going to be refunded. I also received an email from Monicio stating they had refunded me.

    I suggest you all do the same. Or request through PayPal to receive your item. Also, its kinda odd to me that both of the emails I received from them were at odd ours of the night like if they are not operating from the US. My payment went to TRAN CONG LOI and not Dave or whatever email… hope this helps.

  44. Order placed April 23, 2020 for Fitbit Versa 2. Order still processing. No response to emails or comment section on site. Unable to reach by phone. Payment went to Tran Cong Loi. It looks like we tried to save a few dollars and were scammed!

  45. I placed an order on May 3 for a child’s bed. Payment made through Paypal. The payment confirmation I received said the merchant name was Tran Cong Linh with an email address of phantom99002@gmail.com. I immediately became concerned after seeing that. When I try to track order it only says processing. I should have known better that since the bed was cheaper than on any other sight I found it I shouln’t have bought it. Initiating a claim with PayPal. I’m not holding my breath on getting anything from the company directly. I attempted to call and after one ring it said call rejected. Googled the address and it’s a house. Sadly, I know from previous experience in dealing with PayPal that it takes quite a while to go through the process of filing a claim and having the claim settled. I believe the last time I had to submit a claim it took almost a month for it to be settled.

  46. It’s day 15 and I’ve neither heard a peep nor received my mattresses. I mean, how difficult is it to respond to one of my eleven emails? Hopefully PayPal will come through for me with a refund. 😞

  47. I am working with PayPal now on a dispute. I am not going to keep waiting and maybe I will get my tv stand. They need to be stopped.

  48. I just received an email from Walker that they were out of stock on the mattresses I purchased. He will be refunding my money. As for the time delay, the supply chain is overwhelmed with the ‘Rona. But the lack of communication and response is what’s unaccounted for.

    1. The no response, no communication is very unprofessional. Also, I’ve never had anything debited out of my account while something was out of stock. The whole company itself is not reliable.

  49. I ordered 7 days ago and its still say processing.they already took the money put my account. They emailed me back saying it processing but that’s what I had already told them. No help at all.

    1. Thats the only email I got. Nothing else since April 30th. I tried to call no answer I have emailed no answer. They took my money but my order is “processing” and I don’t have PayPal so I don’t even know who to dispute this with.

      1. I disputed my charge on PayPal and added my order confirmation as well as screenshots of all your comments to show that it was a scam. I got an email 2 days later from PayPal saying they closed the file in my favor and Tran Cong Lih refunded me my money. I suggest you all do the same! Best of luck!

  50. Ordered a bookcase on 5/2/20. Got no follow up emails. Tried to email numerous times with no response and then started calling. I have called roughly 10 times with no answer. I left messages and received no responses to those either. My order continued to say processing until I filed a PayPal dispute on the evening of 5/11 after reading all these horrible reviews. Now all of the sudden my order says on hold. Should have know better than to trust this site. I admit I was nervous when the recipient of the payment showed as TRAN CONG LINH and not Monicio. Stop yourself from ordering from here!

  51. UPDATE: We received a FEDEX tracking number last night saying our order was on the way. The email was sent by Walker David with this email address david.contact2014@gmail.com. We have been tracking via the FEDEX website and it says it will be delivered by Wednesday end of day. Based on what I have read here I am not holding my breath. Will update here when we know.

  52. I ordered a desk 2 weeks ago. I emailed their support email and tried calling 3 times. No response. I need this desk to work from home. Did they completely shut down due to the virus?

  53. Has anyone here received their order? And, how long did the order got processed? I placed an order May 4 for a kitchen pantry but until now (May 13), I have not received a response. Got an email from Walker David saying the order is processing. However, it is now over a week and my order is still processing.

  54. I am having same issue as everyone else. I ordered a kitchen pantry May 2 and my order still says processing. I have emailed and called multiple times. The PayPal transaction says Tran Cong Linh and the email is phantom99002@gmail.com. I looked up the address and it is associated with ANOTHER website nitioa.com that sells children’s furniture and such. The phone number listed on that site is not a working number. I have not been waiting as long as some other but I will be filing something with PayPal tomorrow.

  55. I made an order on May 2 payment processed on May 4 have sent emails to company and have left a voicemail with the number they gave me. It says they shipped 3 to 5 days I waited because of COVID-19. Today is May 14 I have yet to receive my order so I decided to do some checking on my receipt and I wish I could post a picture here on it but the money went to phantom99002@gmail.com. I have written him directly I have asked for my refund and then I am going to dispute it with my bank these people are frauds it is very sad they have taking everyone’s money. I will let you know if he responds but in the interim feel free to send him an email look at your receipt if you pay PayPal it will show you exactly what email address excepted your money these people should be ashamed of themselves.

  56. What information did you give PayPal? The denied my request and I have to appeal it. I am sending them screen shots of my emails where I was told that my order was still processing. Then, I said, since it was still processing, could I request a refund. He replied a few minutes later, saying that it shipped. However, he has not answered my multiple requests for a tracking number. I am so mad at myself for not researching this company before purchasing.

  57. We received our product HOWEVER one piece of the bed is missing. I contacted the company directly as the imformation in the box directs you to and have been told since I didn’t buy it from one of their approved sellers there is nothing they can do for and I need to contact the seller directly to get my money back or a new product shipped. I have never been so frustrated in my life.

    1. Erin-Where did it say it shipped from? wayfair?
      And when was your original order date?
      I ordered May 5 and submitted a claim on paypal and my order got placed on hold. SO many calls and emails and no response yet. It is SO frustrating!

      1. It never said where it shipped from. Came from GA. I placed order on May 3rd. Very frustrating because one piece is missing and we can not get a replacement part. We contacted about that and were told he’d issue a $50 credit but we haven’t seen that yet.

  58. I have been following your thread since I ordered a full over a full bed on May 7, the day after I ordered the bed and couldn’t get in contact with the company I immediately started some investigating. I came across the reviews after I ordered. I too have emailed and left numerous voice mails. I disputed my transaction with PayPal and the day I did that my order changed from processed to holding which it still is at this present moment. I have heard not one response back from this company they are truly scammers, I just hope to get a refund after PayPal investigates. My money went to a person named Le Hoang Sang email address tiempo20022@gmail.com. At this point I just want my money back!!

  59. It’s MAY 15th I still have not received any “new” shipment since I got the “return to sender from UPS” also I have contacted PayPal and still nothing is resolved. NO Refund NO Item. I’m beyond f**king disgusted with scam company Monicio & PayPal

  60. This is the 8th day no response or information about my order from monicio or PayPal in a time like this when the people really need to help each other out and money is little to none in some households this company chooses to scam !!

  61. After reading these comments I immediately filed a claim with PayPal. I ordered a table last Saturday, I received the standard confirmation email indicating my order was being “processed”.

    In my complaint to PayPal, I mentioned that it appeared many customers were having problems with Monicio and that since Monicio only allowed customers to pay using PayPal it seems PayPal is complicit in fraud and recommended they do a better job vetting the vendors they service.

    I emailed Monicio and stated that if I did not receive an update on my order by EOD Monday May 18, I would be contacting the Michigan Attorney General’s office (I found the consumer complaint form online), the New Baltimore Police Department, the Better Business Bureau and PayPal. I advised them that if they are running a fraudulent business it will be coming to an end and I will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. I sent that email at 11:47 PM EDST, I received a reply from David Walker at 11:51 PM EDST indicating they were processing my order and they would send a tracking number once the item was shipped. I replied back that this was not an update and I am still expecting an update by EOD Monday May 18. I also mentioned that I already contacted PayPal. PayPal sent me confirmation that they have contacted Monicio.

    I will provide updates as I learn more.

  62. Thank you! If all of us have filed a complaint with PayPal and the only ties that we have to each other is that we all ordered from this scamming site surely they can see what the problem is.

  63. Hi, I placed an order on Saturday 5/16. I saw this website and decided to order because the article was helpful. I am now reading the comments and I feel stupid for ordering from here. I ordered a desk and my money went to a LE HOANG SANG. I emailed every email in these comment section, and left a voicemail. I don’t have a Paypal account, is there a way I can file a dispute? Thanks, for everyone who has left a comment, I’m hoping I will get the chance to receive my package like some of you.

  64. What a joke. It’s been over a month for my order. You can’t get ahold of anyone. I can’t even cancel it. Save yourself the hassle.

  65. You need to be a part of a contest for one of the greatest websites on the web. I’m going to recommend this blog!

  66. I ordered bunk beds on May 7th, the status is still processing, no answer to the email or the form they have on their website, nor trough the phone, same situation, i’ll file a complaint with paypal too, and update.

  67. I still have not received my tv stand. I ordered 3/3/20 and have now opened a case with PayPal and have contacted the emails provided on the site multiple times. Has anyone else received their items?

  68. I got an email from Walker David stating “Your order is being processed, after completing the order we will send the tracking number to you. thank you!” That’s it. I’m hoping I actually get my desk 🙁

  69. I ordered bunk beds May 5th, still processing. I got multiple texts May 7th from overstock saying my order was cancelled. It’s a scam. I emailed them after the texts and did get a reply, they said it was processing. I keep asking for my money back, no response. I wish I did a little research before ordering. Unbelievable.

  70. Hi! I know this is kinda off topic but I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest writing a blog post or vice-versa? My website addresses a lot of the same subjects as yours and I think we could greatly benefit from each other. If you happen to be interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Wonderful blog by the way!

  71. Placed an order May 4. Charge appeared on paypal as TRAN CONG LINH
    (tiempo20011@gmail.com). I e-mailed support@monicio.com about this and received an email from Walker David (david.contact2014@gmail.com) stating
    “Your order is being processed, after completing the order we will send the tracking number to you. thank you” I sent emails on May 11, May 18, May 20 to each email as well as directly on the site. I was able to leave one voice message on May 20 at (586) 315-1073 other then that call rejected and no response. I submitted a dispute with PayPal May21st and my order now says on hold. Either I get my item or my money. I will come back and update.

    1. It’s now June 5. PayPal has now updated that they expect a resolution by June 10. Beyond frustrating. The original resolution date was today. My order still says on hold. Do not order from this site.

    2. I placed an order on May 4th. The money was taken immediately then no response. I initiated a dispute with PayPal on May 21st. PayPal ruled in my favor and I received my money back today June 12th.

  72. Thank you. I was just about to buy a Gleason desk, because the price much better that
    Wayfare and Birch Lane. Too good to be true.

  73. Wish I’d seen these reviews a few weeks ago when I placed my order. My credit card was charged, but I never received my bookcase. My order still shows as “processing” and despite repeated calls and emails, I’ve only received one email response from Walker David stating that an update would be provided when my order shipped. I’ve disputed it now with my credit card company.

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  75. I ordered a dog bed on April 22 and still no response it’s a scam wish I could of read all this before hand.

  76. I filed a complaint with PayPal. They said they have til may 28th to respond. Since I ordered my tv stand may 2nd. My order now says “on hold”. I told PayPal I just want my money back. I ordered a tv stand from Ashley furniture. Received in 3 days. I am contacting PayPal today and telling them I want my refund now. They are responsible too. I told them about all these people haven’t issues and they need to do something asap.

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  78. This is the worse company and I would never buy from them again I had to file a dispute and I did get my money back

  79. I ordered a cabinet from Monicio.com on May 26th using their website. It was grand looking, checked it extensively, etc. When I clicked the “buy now” button the name NGO HOANG SON popped up. Dang, not good. I waited and waited for the in shipment e-mail as the website said ships in 3-5 days. Nope, nothing. Called their phone number, nothing. So I should have searched Monicio.com reviews on Google then I would not have wasted my time buying their cabinets. Looking back, that happy young adult group all meeting around the table is definitely a clip photo art cut/paste picture. I wonder which one is NGO HOANG SON? I filed a dispute with PayPal. We’ll see what happens next. I feel pretty sure Monicio.com, NGO HOANG SON, Walker David and David Walker were not expecting all of us to pay attention. Let’s keep each other posted. In solidarity, y’all!

  80. I’ve always thought it was a very good idea. I don’t know why some people do not think so. I’m glad you do. I agree with you completely

  81. I ordered a pantry and bookcase may 2nd. I understand things are taking longer than usual but I received no acknowledgement at all of my order, no response to phone call, email,or form submission. I finally received a bill of sale AFTER filling a complaint with pay pal. I want the items I ordered, plain and simple. My order status is now “ON HOLD” pay pal says they had until May 30th to respond, Notre they’re giving them until June 6 th. I truly hope that means this stuff is on its way. I’ll never know of course because they don’t communicate at all. Even if I do get all my items in perfect condition I’ll NEVER buy from them again. I have no idea how they are in business.

  82. I finally heard back from my dispute with PayPal and my money is being refunded to my account. I hope you guys get a resolution as well because this company is a scam!!

  83. Hmm interesting. Here are 2 names and ph numbers of people who live at this address.
    Raymond Cooper 810-725-4954 and James Grimaudo 586-716-3596. These people show up as owning this property.

    This address is a 2 bedroom s bath house in Baltimore. The person who receives the payment is a furniture company in Vietnam. I think Monicio is a go between the customer and the furniture company.

  84. Same issue here. Ordered in april, no response with emails and phone doesn’t work.

    Contacted my bank, PayPal and better business bureau. This site can not be legit with all the complaints. Don’t use monicio.com.

    You would think PayPal would remove them by now with all the complaints.

  85. Hello, I received an email from PayPal on Saturday telling me they ruled in my favor and I would be issued a refund. PayPal initially told me they would give monicio.com until June 5, which was too long in my opinion, I was inpatient, but I did get confirmation from the credit card company that my account was credited with a refund from PayPal.

    I did not contact authorities in Michigan as I mentioned because they were dealing with floods and then the country was dealing with protests. I figured the authorities had far more to worry about at the time.

    Hopefully everyone will get their refund. I did report this as a fraudulent charge to the credit card company about a week before PayPal sent the email about issuing a refund. I am certain that did nothing, but I wanted to report it as fraud since it certainly seemed to be the case.

    1. I got my refund from PayPal about 2 weeks ago. I learned my lesson and make sure to find out more about these kind of companies. It may take up to a month from the date you ordered to get back your money from PayPal, but they will refund you due to so many complaints with this company.

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  88. I placed an order 5/4/20. I immediately became suspicious when the transaction posted on my PayPal account as Tran Cong Linh. I immediately sent an email to question this… no response. A week later l called and left a message and sent another email requesting updates… no response. A week later l sent another email stating l was contacting PayPal. I filed a dispute and was told by PayPal they would allow them until today to respond. Evidently they never received a response… received my refund from PayPal today. PayPal needs to close their access to accept PayPal after all these complaints… sad, really sad😒

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