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Monster Valley NFT {Sep 2021} Game Zone Information!

Please read this article to know more about Monster Valley NFT, how to acquire it, and its offers.

Have you played the recent NFT game? Have you heard about the game called Monster Valley? Is your wallet among the lucky few to get 5000 NFTs from the game? If you find yourself confused, then read along to know all about this new token and game.

The players of the game use the token to buy and acquire monster characters. The Monster Valley NFT is predominantly popular in the Philippines, Spain to play and upgrade in Monster Valley.

What is Monster Valley Token?

Monster Valley is a monster-inspired story where players get an experience of Gaming with Blockchain with monsters. The players have to collect and earn tokens in the game to hatch their powerful monster characters. The players are tasked with fighting various Monsters, each with unique powers every day; doing so earns the Tokens for their own.

Monster Valley is an online battle game built on the Binance Smart Chain Network and is a category of NFT gaming, where players can trade and earn tokens. Monster Valley NFT is the most important part of this game that the players need to collect to succeed and advance in the game.

The new Giveaway announcement:

The Monster Valley game, via its official Twitter handle, has recently announced that The company will randomly select 100 wallets, and each wallet will get five random NFT. Apart from this, The company will give 5000 Monster Tokens to 500 random wallets. The game’s most interesting feature is that Monster Tokens in the game can be converted after collecting a minimum number of Monster tokens into Monster Valley NFT, which can be used as a cryptocurrency.

Research shows that today’s price is $0.00786420, with an all-time high of $0.01097083 and an all-time low of $0.00729738.

Market Price of Monster Valley:

  • The logo of the coin is a single animated eye of a monster.
  • The market cap for this crypto is absent, and also, no Market rank is available.
  • The Market Cap Dominance stands at 0.00%
  • The current trading volume is $11,044,133
  • It has a total supply of 465 million with a circulating supply of 0 Monster Valley NFT.

How to buy this NFT:

  • The buyer should initially getting Binance Money ,then select crypto purchase, and  choose BNB.
  • If the buyer is satisfied, they can proceed to PancakeSwap (v2) (2) and select token.
  • Use this BNB to acquire token from the game.


Q1. What is the official site?

A1. (https://app.monstervalley.io/).

Q2. What is the official address of the crypto?

A2. (0x1fe34d34ec67ef7020874a69a9dd1fb778cf9522) is the official address.

Q3. What is the social media presence?

A2. The company is present on both Twitter (@MonsterValeey2) and Telegram (MonsterValley3)


To conclude about Monster Valley NFT, all we can say is that the cryptocurrency is very new, and the players thus, need to be very careful while trading in this cryptocurrency. Although the total supply of cryptocurrency is very large, it has no circulating supply. Also, the new giveaway announcement is going to build hype amongst the players and other gamers. You can also get more details about the Monster Valley Token

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