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Morty and Rick Multiversus {August 2022} Releasing Date!

This article will provide information about Morty and Rick Multiversus and the release dates of the characters Rick and Morty.

Are you excited to see Rick and Morty in Multiversus? What are their release dates? The fighting game Multiversus is so popular that people Worldwide are awaiting the announcement of new characters in the game show. Popular Rick and Morty can be seen in Multiversus. Here in this article, we will give information about Morty and Rick Multiversus, the characters being presented in the game. 

Who are Rick and Morty?

Rick Sanchez and Morty are two new DLC characters on the Multiversus agenda. Though Multiversus has won the hearts of many fighting fans, Player First Games intends to release new characters in order to create something bigger. Thus, Morty will be announced as a free play on August 23, 2022, but Rick’s release date is unknown. However, he will be cast in the first season. Rick and Morty will be the next DLC personas to be settled from the popular sci-fi show Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty Plumbus

Everyone in the Rick and Morty world knows this home device used for every work. We can see in the episode of Inter-dimensional cable 2: tempting fate. The character Stealy has stolen it from a workroom. Thus the audience knows how the plumbuses are made. And it is worth six and a half grapples. In Rick and Morty, the plumbers can be found in the garage. It helps to create different shades of plumbers. Plumbuses are manufactured in the factory and have workers for conservation and common tasks. The workers are called plumbus worker Morty, plumbus slave Morty and so on.

Release dates of Morty and Rick Multiversus

Multiversus is known to assist in developing known characters from Game of thrones characters Star Aryak, Bugs Bunny, and many more. This time even the developer has something bigger to do. He announced the characters, Rick and Morty, from the sci-fi show Rick and Morty. Though Morty is set to release on August 23, 2022, the persona Rick’s release date is not yet known. But moreover, he will be arranged in the play in season 1. 

Game enthusiasts are ecstatic about the news. Season 1 contains more information about Morty. Thus players are eager to know more about Morty and Rick Multiversus.


To summarise, everyone is excited to see Rick and Morty as new DLC personas in multiversity. Morty will arrive during the month of August. However, Rick will be seen very soon in season 1 as Rick has been declared coming soon in the schedule on Multiversus’ official website page. Multiversus has always made their game interesting and difficult. As a result, the free-play game may be more appealing. If you want to know more, please click the link below:  

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