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Mountains of Power Pokemon Go Research (Jan 2022) Read!

If you are looking out for the details of Mountains of Power Pokemon Go Research tasks and rewards, scroll down to the heads in this article.

Have you heard the details for Pokemon Go Research? What are the Mountains of Power in the game? Why is Pokemon Go at hype?

Some event-exclusive field research tasks recently launched in the Pokemon Go game. All these tasks and the platform are at a hype in the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world.

This article details these research tasks, detailing the features and availability time for Mountains of Power Pokemon Go ResearchExplore the headers below!

Details about the Tasks:

There is a story in the centre of the heritage season, and the new updates for the same feature a whole new set for Timed Research Tasks. Players will have the option to experience these tasks and rewards from 13th January, Thursday, 8.00 PM onwards. They will also have the option to earn multiple rewards by completing all the given tasks.

Apart from detailing the time and event for this task, the game will also have exclusive event research tasks following the power times tasks. 

Steps for Mountains of Power Pokemon Go Research Task: 

The below-mentioned following easy steps will help you get the details for these tasks.

  • Step 1: Players first need to catch 5 Pokemon, earn two different candies while walking with their buddies and hatch an egg. Rewards for this step completion s include1000 stardust, absol encounter and ten great balls.
  • Step 2: in this, players need first to catch six different species for Pokemon, hatch two eggs and earn two candies while completing a walk with their buddy. The rewards for this step completion includes 2000 stardust, mawile encounter and ten ultra balls.

As we have studied the details from these steps for Mountains of Power Pokemon Go Research, these tasks emphasize walking to claim the rewards.

What do the players need to complete these tasks?

These tasks may sometimes be difficult for players who live in extremely cold temperatures as these situations will make it difficult for them to walk. Therefore, the players need to be smart while selecting their Pokemon or a buddy. Players also need to select the best requirement for their walking distances to help them quickly complete these tasks.

Therefore, selecting for these buddies, Pokemon will surely not speed up the egg hatch process in Mountains of Power Pokemon Go Research. Still, it will protect the players from any additional walking tasks.

Mountain of Power tasks in the Pokemon go platform is surely a big hype amongst the players, allowing them to receive rewards and other gifts from merely walking and other related tasks.

Final Verdict:

While doing the research, we found that Pokemon Go Live will help you join this gaming world, giving the details for all related challenges and other facts.

Have you redeemed your rewards from these tasks yet? Please share your comments below for this article, Mountains of Power Pokemon Go Research, in the section below.

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