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Mundo Aplicativos.Com Tylex {Feb} Discover All Features!

This article describes an Android app developed by a series and film streaming website to scale up the user base. Read more on Mundo Aplicativos.com Tylex.

Are you interested to know about a streaming website and its features? If yes, keep reading this article completely to know more on this topic.

Film and series enthusiasts from Brazil are excited to know about the website and its mobile-based application that provides a streaming platform for the latest released entertainment content. 

The rise in the number of online film and series streamers in various online streaming platforms resulted in development of various online mobile applications. Read more about the Mundo Aplicativos.com Tylex.

About Tylex

Tylex is an online platform that provides users access to stream various released series and films. The platform is developed to access a wide variety of films at the user’s convenience.

In addition, the platform user can watch various sporting events using the help of the platform, including major world fighting championships.

As the number of mobile device users surged in recent years, Tylex took an initiative to develop Android applications to increase the platform user base. In addition, the app provided all the video content available on the website.

Mundo Aplicativos.com Tylex

  • The mobile application of the Tylex platform is currently available on Google Play Store.
  • Tylex app is supported on Android devices above 5.0.
  • The app user can create a maximum of three profiles for an account.
  • The user can choose the film based on various genres accordingly.
  • The website has a trust score of 60%.
  • The domain creation and domain expiry date are not available.
  • The domain owner’s identity is hidden from the public data.
  • Tylex has no user reviews on Trustpilot platform.

More About Tylex Application

  • The latest update of the Mundo Aplicativos.com Tylex was released on 24th December 2021.
  • The current version of the app is 1.71.
  • The file size is 14 MB. There will be slight variations in the app size on various Android devices.
  • The application has been installed more than a million times per the current data.
  • The video-based content available on the Tylex platform is teen rated content.
  • Major film and popular series are available to the users quickly.
  • The Tylex app has a feature to connect with the television with the help of Chromecast or Fire TV. 
  • The Mundo Aplicativos.com Tylex user is provided access to use three screens at once.

User Reviews and Ratings

  • Tylex Android application is rated 4.2/5, from 81,677 users across the globe. Most of the ratings are reviews are in Portuguese. 
  • Most of the app users rated with five stars and four stars for the streaming service provided by the app. 


Developing an Android application is a key step to increasing users into the platform, and Tylex provides all the web-based streaming services through the mobile application. To know more about this topic, please visit.

Have you used Mundo Aplicativos.com Tylex? If yes, kindly comment your insights on this topic below. 

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