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My Hero Chapter 342 {Feb} Read Fans Reaction On Delay!

This article is all about the My Hero Chapter 342. If you are interested to know its details, you can read the complete article.

In the last couple of days, this one series has been talked about. Do you like the Japanese series? This article is all about My Hero Chapter 342 of the most favored series called My Hero Academia.

This popular series has caught the attention of many people Worldwide. It is a Japanese superhero manga series, and many people are hooked upon it. After an emotional chapter 341, fans were waiting for this next Chapter. Let us talk about this particular Chapter in the following article.

About My Hero series

The popular manga series called My Hero Academia is written by KōheiHorikoshi. The book includes a story about a boy named ‘IzukuMidoriya’ who is born normal where everybody is busted with superpowers. But, despite the deficiency, he still wills to become a superhero.

The upcoming Chapter, My Hero Chapter 342, which was expected to release on 4th February 2022 but was later delayed to 6th February 2022.

What to expect in this Chapter?

The latest chapter of My Hero is suspected to be the beginning of a new exciting hunt filled with fights. The primary focus of this Chapter is ‘Toga.’ This Chapter begins in U.A. It’s been clear that there are more spies in AFO than Aoyama. This is a story of ‘How we all became heroes.’ In the end, the communicator announces. Let’s get started, which clarifies the beginning of a new thing in the upcoming Chapter.

Reviews on My Hero Chapter 342

As this Chapter was delayed for 2 days due to reasons not specified, the fans were a bit disappointed. However, there was curiosity among the fans because of the previous Chapter. The fans are enjoying this Chapter, filled with laughter. Light but impactful episode. The fans are tweeting their favorite scenes from the Chapter with utmost joy. With an end to chapter 342, fans are excited about the upcoming Chapter.

It was one of the exciting episodes, and people are talking about this on Facebook, Instagram Facebook, Twitter, etc. But unfortunately, just a slight delay of My Hero Chapter 342 disappointed the readers. Other than that, this episode was enjoyed thoroughly by the fans.


The Book is a Japanese manga series written by KōheiHorikoshi. It has reached 342 chapters. The latest Chapter was willed by the fans. It was supposed to be released on 4th February but failed. So finally, it was released on 6th February.

This Chapter is a start of a new league, which was indirectly announced in the end. The fans enjoy the episode and are excited for the new adventure in the next Chapter.

In this article, we gathered information about the newly released episode, My Hero Chapter 342.

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