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Myarnt Reviews [April] – Should You Order From Here?

Myarnt Reviews [April] – Should You Order From Here? >> Read this review post by expert and then decide about making an order over this eCommerce website. To avoid scam, you must have proper knowledge, read now!

Are you fond of purchasing things online? If yes, you must have seen that number of online shopping websites is increasing every day. Online shoppers are in a habit to try doing shopping from a new website, which can sometimes be risky. Countless online shopping websites are not legit. So it’s essential to research thoroughly about a website before finally placing your order. 

Myarnt.com is also a newly created United States-based online shopping website. This post will talk about Myarnt.com reviews so that you come to know- is this online retailing store is genuine or not.  

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What is Myarnt com? 

Myarnt.com is an online shopping store. It is a recently set up website, so not much information is available about it on the internet. 

Talking about the products, there are very few of them listed on the website. This makes it hard to understand whether the website is legit or not. You will only find one highlighting product on the website, which is the face mask. This product is displayed under the category of daily necessities.

Who the website is for? 

By seeing the layout of the website you can easily make out that the website is selling face mask and therefore attracting more female users. 

Apart from the face mask, you cannot see any other product visible on the website, which makes it trustworthiness a big question mark. Online users are not suggested to buy from any such website which is not displaying the product image. Try to know more about Myarnt.com reviews to find out if the website is genuine or not. 

Myarnt.com Pros

  • While seeing the website URL, you will find out that it has a lock icon, which means the site cannot access your information. 
  • The website has an SSL certificate, which is essential for every online store. 
  • The website has a proper contact us page in which the contact details and email Id is mention. 

Myarnt.com Cons

There are very few positive points you can see for the website. Some of the highlighting negative points of the website include:

  • Lack of proper layout. There is no product category mentioned on the website, and even you will not find any product displayed on the website. 
  • The website does not have any about us page. So, you get more information about the company background. 
  • The website also lacks transparency due to which customers can turn away. 
  • A website selling only is a single product that cannot be trusted at all. This website is only selling face masks, bringing a lot of doubt in online shoppers’ minds. 
  • It is a recently set up website, which is not a good sign. A website that is less than six months old should not be trusted at all. 
  • You will not find any Myarnt.com reviews on social media sites. 
  • When you click on its Facebook page, you will see that the page does not exist anymore. 
  • Talking about the traffic on the website, it is almost zero. This has been checked on Alexa’s data. 

How to purchase Myarnt com?

The website is doing delivery worldwide, and it accepts visa cards, American Express, Paypal, MasterCard, and some other options to receive the payment. 

After placing your order, you can expect the delivery within the United States in 10 days, and it can take 10 to 15 days to deliver the product to any other country. Nothing is mentioned about the delivery charges on the website. However, it is mentioned that on the purchase of four masks, shipping is free. 


When Will My Order Ship?

Your order will be shipped within three working days of your purchase. 

What Is Your Return Policy?

If you have received a damaged, defective, or incorrect order, you must contact the support team within seven days of receiving your order. The product will only be returned when the company has approved it properly. 

Final Verdict

As more people are deviating towards the internet, it is important for them to keep themselves updated. As an online shopper, they must be smart. Don’t get trapped by fraud websites. By looking at myarnt.com reviews, it can be said that the website lack all the necessary information required making a purchase. 

However, you may like the price of the mask, but no other product is mentioned on the website. Also, the “About Us page” is missing, and the website is too new to trust. Therefore, you are not advised to purchase anything from this website. 

0 thoughts on “Myarnt Reviews [April] – Should You Order From Here?

  1. It’s a Scam. Not even a real email they have on the website. I tried contacting them for the items I purchased
    When I try to track the item it says error

  2. I jumped the gun and ordered masks before checking this site out. Site claims to send you notification when order is shipped in 3 days. It’s been a week and I have yet to here anything from them. I have sent emails to both listed addresses and have yet to receive a reply. I will be greatly surprised if I get the masks, either way I have learned a lesson-just glad that it is costing me more.

  3. I ordered their masks too, a week ago. Never heard a thing from them. Is this a joke or what, no a scam I guess. Didn’t check it out either.Dummy me.

  4. Don’t feel bad because I order two sets of masks on April 7 2020 and still waiting for them myself I have spoke with my lawyer and told me to give it two to four days. If I don’t have them he will put a law suit on them.

    1. I ordered some masks from myarnt more than a month ago and have not received them. I have emailed them several times and they have not responded. They sent no tracking information. I am still waiting for a response, but i have a feeling this website is a scam.

    2. Dear Edwin,

      Did your attorney file a lawsuit against them and have you had any luck? I look forward to your reply.
      Be happy, be healthy.


  5. I ordered a necklace for my daughter on 3/26/20 I she has not received it and I have not received an email saying it was shipped that was $30 thrown away

  6. Ordered a facemask 4/3 because of big advertisement on a conservative news site. Today is 4/21, have heard nothing. Boy did I screw up!

  7. Same here, I ordered some mask totaling $50 on April 6 and until now there’s no confirmation number or anything that my order is gonna be sent out. This place is a scam. Can’t believe I fell for this

  8. I have a underlying condition is why I order to protect myself, WOW!! Taking advantage of people, still my bad for jumping the gun. Ugh!

  9. Same complaint as everyone else. ordered 4/7. I filed complaint with paypal so at least hopefully I can get my money back.

  10. I order on this site aswell 3 weeks ago with no updates! I try to email them and the email is not valid!
    this place is a scam . motherfuckers!!!

  11. Yes I have the same complaint as everyone else. I o made an order 4-14,sent out an email still haven’t heard nor received an email back.

  12. Ordered 2 mask on April 6, got a confirmation number said by April 15 and Nothing.
    Have leave E-mails with NO Reply
    It’s a scam. Shame this company is taking Advantage of people in need..

  13. I wish I had seen these before I ordered on April 7th. Still have not recieved my order of 2 masks. I signed up for suggested tracking site called Arrive. It said my order was placed and shipped. No shipping date, or approximate date of arrival. Couldn’t get ANY more info. That was 2 days ago. Today is april 28th, The Arrive site is no longer, and has switched to Arrive/ Shop. I have had trouble every step of the way shopping on line, losing money, always longer shipping times than advertised, & this phony outfit is the topper! Never again will I order on line. All the companies like Amazon should monitor and be on top of these fake companies because they are also aggravating to do business with, but at least you finally get your order. These crap business just add to the anger & frustrations of being jerked around so end up not doing any on line ordering with any company! It would have been nice to know there was some recourse, but there is not. One time too many burned. Not one more on line company will get my business! You all are nuts if you continue to order on line. They treat customers like dirt at the very least, bald face lie & steal from you at the worst! This online ordering business is closing brick & mortar stores & all you will have are sites that will victimize you.. Happy shopping days ahead for you suckers, ruining it for the rest of us!

  14. I ordered 4 mask in March and of course they took the payment immediately, unfortunately I’ve yet to receive an email or the merchandise.

  15. I also ordered masks on April 7. No show thus far. Last time I tracked the orders they were unfulfilled. That means not picked, not packed and not shipped. I sent Myarnt an email about a week ago and followed up today. I told them to expect a charge back from Capital One Visa. Since this transaction was paid through Paypal, Paypal will have to make good.

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