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Mycartus com Reviews [June] Is It the legit Business?

Mycartus com Reviews [June] Is It the legit Business?  -> The website displays different electronic items from gaming to electric robotic cleaners, cameras, camera drones, lights, mobile phone and tablets, etc.

Is Mycartus com Reviews enough to get any electronic gadget in exclusive price? jump here to see your gadget what you are willing to purchase. 

We understood that and figured a way out to explore some more about this website. To help everyone make their minds before investing in the website.

Several countless online websites provide electronic gadgets and inflated air pools and toys.

But this site looks real and authentic with the sort of designing and product description it opts.

The website seems to be providing free shipping to most of the countries like United State and others, although it will get clarified during checkout.

But still, there are many concerns like lack of clarity over the exchange of products and no COD and limited product display on the website.

What is the Mycartus com?

Mycartus com website provides a range of electronic items form household to gadget things, including mobile phones, tablets, gaming stations and accessories. It also provides some limited air-inflated pools and slides at a reasonable price.

The site appears like a well designed branded website with safe payment gateways and accepting all online payment modes.

It does provide a refund within 21 days of return of the products. Although for that, shipping has to be paid by the customer.

Further, some negative reviews about the website online do raise some doubts regarding the delivery of the products. It is a scam opted by several sites to fool the customers nowadays. So knowing in detail about this website becomes essential.

Precise specifications about Mycartus com:

  • Website- It provides a range of electronic items from gaming, to electric robotic cleaners, cameras, camera drones, lights, mobile phone and tablets, etc. 
  • Shipping charge- It seems to provide free shipping; however, nothing is specified anywhere you get to know it while you try to checkout.
  • Return- It accepts returns within seven days and provides a refund within 21 days.
  • Contact details- 
  • Address: 398 S State St
  • Shelley, ID 83274, US
  • Email: billing.mycartus@gmail.com
  • Phone- +1 253-854-8777
  • Payment- It all wallets like or card payments online.

Does Mycartus com provide any pros while shopping from there?

  • The website is well designed with specific categorisation for different products like any branded website.
  • The site appears to be providing free shipping to all countries after a particular price of cart order.
  • The website has shared all contact details.
  • The electronic items on the site come with detailed product description from the manufacturer and other information as well.

Does Mycartus com depict any cons while shopping from there?

  • The website has no COD option although the page appears like any branded online site which offers all modes of payments.
  • The website has displayed subcategories; however, there isn’t anything to view any products for most of them, indicating it to be a fraud.
  • There is nothing specified about shipping charge or exchange of products.

Is Mycartus com a legit site to shop?

Mycartus com Reviews does not provide any positive vibe to consider it as any legit site.

So to confirm that we suggest dealing the helpline first before ordering anything to clear all doubts. The website design and layout seems safe and fine. 

However, there are not many products in each category, and that raises some questions too.

What did consumers say about Mycartus? 

The website has minimal reviews, and among those, most of the ones are indicating a negative side. 

Because many reviews indicate that the payment was paid and till date no product was received, even their helpline was not working.

We understand that every website does experience shipping and delivery issues. But the ones which are not fraud take some initiative to clear off the negative vibe and image.

But nothing is observed about this till date. So, refraining from doubtful sites is the best way to avoid risks.

Note of conclusion:

The website has a different collection of electronic items from cameras, drone cameras, robotic cleaners, air-inflated pools and slides, to mobile phones, gaming accessories, and tablets, etc.

There isn’t any specific category or exclusive range which the site offers. However, among the ones listed products are not available.

Shipping charge and exchange of product has no clarity, although the website appears like any authentic ones with product details and specifications. 

Finally, there is no option of COD and several doubts about delivery in the reviews. It becomes challenging to put some real faith in such sites.

0 thoughts on “Mycartus com Reviews [June] Is It the legit Business?

  1. Stay away from mycartus. I ordered something from them and they gave me a phony tracking number. I tried to contact them but their phone number is disconnected and their email got returned. So I contacted paypal and it is now in dispute.

  2. The website is a SCAM. The phone number has a Kent, WA area code, and has been disconnected. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE.

  3. Scam website…ordered saw blades on June 4,2020, paid with PayPal, payment came out of my checking account immediately, immediately received email that order was received. Now I’m logging into website, and it shows I have no order history but they sure took my payment, and I never received item! Called their phone number on website, it’s a disconnected number! No other way on site of contacting them!

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