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Myeagerheart com Reviews {July 2021} Is It Scam Or Not?

Myeagerheart com Reviews {July 2021} Is It Scam Or Not? >> This post helps you in providing better vision towards an online store by taking deep information on its legitimacy details.

Are you finding items for your household? Myeagerheart.com offers you multipurpose and household accessories items. Myeagerheart.com is the best place to find products according to your necessity in a single place.

Myeagerheart.com is an e-store which is situated in the United States. It brings a vast range of products for personal, household and multipurpose items like beard straightener, projection lights, paint maker pens and more things.

 Look out for Myeagerheart com Reviews before buying from it.

Brief of Myeagerheart.com

Myeagerheart.com is an online platform based e-store and situated in the United States, providing the immersive range of household items, clothing, winter wear, lighting kits. Few products are listed below

  • Clothing
  • Music lighting kit
  • Shower cup
  • Paint pen
  • 3in1 charging cable
  • Heated floor pad

Its a very new website and it is 44days old. So, its hard to trust on this. Have a thorough view on this write-up and get the correct detail about this query, Is Myeagerheart com Legit.   

Specifications of Myeagerheart.com

While surfing the website, we have few key details, which are listed below:-

  • Purchase multi-utility products from https://www.Myeagerheart.com/.
  • Purchase lighting kits, floor pad, automotive detailer, colouring shampoo, paint pen etc.
  • Contact detail: support@myeagerheart.com.
  • The address of this website is not available.
  • The social presence of this website is not available on any platform.
  • Ordered Items will be processed within 2-5 days. 
  • The delivery of items may vary depending on the area. 
  • It provides worldwide delivery of items, and charges are applied according to the location
  • If the checkout is above 60$ then shipment is free
  • The absence of hosting on any platform regarding Myeagerheart com Reviews..
  • Return policy: product should be returned within 30 days.
  • The payment of the returned product will be initiated within 14 business days.
  • Payment options are Credit card, Debit card, and PayPal.
  • Privacy policy:
  • Storing of a few information like area, province, and I.P Address and other details.
  • Buyers delete their points whenever they need.

Advantages :

  • The wide range of fashion, jewellery, decorative and other utility products.
  • The tracking orders option is available on the official website.
  • Having perfection in privacy, shipping and refund policy.

Disadvantages justifying Is Myeagerheart com Legit:

  • The design of the website is unclear.
  • Absence of social media links.
  • Deprived to customer reviews.
  •  Not Confirmation about delivery time.
  • The trust rank is deficient with 1% only.
  • The launch of this website is on 01-06-2021

Is Myeagerheart.com legit 

Myeagerheart.com is online since 01-06-2021. So, it’s a very new website, and we are not able to trust it. Therefore, few keys are considered on this topic:

  • Policies: Changing the details with third parties indicates wrong moves.
  • Social platform:  All the social media platform does not have any connection or link with website.
  • Customer reviews: Not any other platforms hosting the Myeagerheart com Reviews.
  • Trust score: With the 1% trust rank score, it does not look like a genuine website. 
  • Layout: The whole look of the website is not good, not arranged in a proper manner, the categories of the product does not seem clear.
  • Alexa rank: The website does not have many user’s, so Alexa rank cannot find the website score.

 Myeagerheart.com is a new and fresh website, so the trust rank score is too low, and this post helps you to make your frame regarding to the website.


Items that are present on the website do not have any customer reviews. Having no connection or link with any social media proves that this not a true website. There is no presence of Myeagerheart com Reviews on any other website. The popularity is shallow. Alexa Rank is not able to find due to low user traffic.

Try Alexa Rank for more detailed information about this topic

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The website has only a 1% trust rank score, which shows that fewer users are interested in this, and because of this, it gives proof of scam. The launching of the website on the internet is on 01-06-2021 which shows an issue with the trust because of the too new. Contact details are given on the website seems fake. All items lack reviews on the official website, and any platform does not hold Myeagerheart com Reviews, which show that this is a scam or fake website.

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