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Mygenie zx1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews (Dec 2020) ?

Mygenie zx1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews (Dec 2020) ? >> If you are searching for vacuum cleaners that are robotic and does everything by itself, then have a glimpse over this article.  

Hey Readers! This content will help you in knowing about MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews. So, if you are interested in buying high quality and Robotic Vacuum cleaner, read this content further.This robotic vacuum product are well known in countries like Australia. MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner are very safe and convenient to use. They help you in getting home clean in just a few minutes and are highly recommended.

What Is MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuums Cleaner?

Well, it’s a robotic Vacuum cleaner that can clean your house to the next level with intelligent Robotic Vacuum. It has two in one mopping and vacuuming capabilities. The product is highly recommended and is made of good quality and higher technology. Everything can be done automatically as it has robotic features. Well, let’s know about MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Virtual wall that are two ways helps to control in minimum cleaning areas. It has smart anti-fall and infrared sensor along with anti-collision that detects and avoid areas which can interrupt its cleaning, so it avoids such areas like obstacles and stairs.

Specification Of MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Product Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Product Cost: $299.00 in Australia
  • Product colour: Black
  • Product Size: 35cm × 9cm
  • Battery life: 2200mAh(Li-Ion) Lithium-Ion 
  • Charging Time: six to four hours
  • Suction Power: 24-40W 
  • Input Voltage: DC 24V/0.4A
  • Rated Voltage: DC 14.8V
  • Return Policy: Sixty days Return available
  • Payment Mode: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, afterpay 
  • Two in one wet mopping and vacuuming capabilities.
  • Sidelong brushes and sleek thin nine-centimetre height to reach the impossible reach places.
  • 3D filter plus HEPA filter with 3D XZ1000 that avoid blockage suction while cleaning and the HEPA filter absorbs small dirt allergens and tiny bacteria.

Do you want to know more about the product? then, move further and find more details below. 

Pros Of MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

  • The Product parts are made of high technology.
  • It has Robotic features 
  • Automatic charging and cleaning function
  • Convenient, safe and easy to use

Cons Of MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

  • Inadequate MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews have given on website and online.
  • The product warranty period is not given.

Is MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vaccum Cleaner legit?

MyGenie ZX1000 Vacuum cleaners look like a legit one as a description about the product is very well explained and are impressive. It has high battery retaining capacity with can hold upto 2200mAh Lithium-ion. While the time taken for charging it is upto six to four hours as batter contain high mAh power. Everything given about the product is impressive and looks like it will be worth buying. But let’s know further.

The MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews are Inadequately present on the site and online. There is doubt that only one review about the product has been shared in the given website, but we tried to search further online, and we saw that there were enough reviews about the MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner on other sites. 

We provide you with truthful information, and for your satisfaction, you may search MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum ratings and reviews online. When you do so, you will be happy seeing that the product carries 821 reviews by customers on other online websites. And almost all of the buyer’s reviews and feedbacks seems positive ones.Don’t be confused about the product if you want to purchase it we surely recommend you to go for this product.

What Are People Saying About MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum cleaner?

So, coming on reviews about this product well, we found many thoughts posted online on the website. Most of the reviews were concrete and relevant, which will give impressive light on the product’s quality.


We can end up this content on a happy note as the MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a legit product. There are many reviews online shared by the buyers about its effectiveness and convenience. Yes, the product is a genuine one and are highly recommended. It has been rated 4.2 stars in catch.com.au website and many websites has low ratings. So, we will suggest you to buy it from the site which carries high ratings and MyGenie ZX1000 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Reviews. So, try to purchase it from the place which has high positive reviews about it.Write down your opinions below in the comment section.

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