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Myst Toothbrush Review (Aug) Must Read Before You Order!

Myst Toothbrush Review (Aug) Must Read Before You Order! >> By reading this article, people will get the details of an oral healthcare toothbrush with the legitimacy and customer reviews.

Myst Toothbrush Review: Our guardians taught us to take care of our teeth as they know the pain. Further, curing tooth problems is an expensive and painful process for many people in the United States. That’s why the dentist suggests brushing your tooth twice a day. 

Besides it, we know that no one has enough time to brush their teeth after every meal in today’s world. Some people and children are stubborn and do not want to change their eating habits, but you can change your brush for oral care. Dentists say, using a U-shape brush is much efficient than others. Here we have a product for your oral care. Let us get its details and find, Is Myst Toothbrush Legit?

An Overview of Myst Toothbrush 

It is an automatic brush that will help clean your teeth with modern technology in a hygienic way. This brush’s technology will help you break up a plaque of your teeth by its sonic vibrations. Moreover, its U-shape covers your full teeth and covers the tooth area where reaching with a simple toothbrush is not easy.

Besides it, brush’s technology will help in whiting the teeth and lessen the time of brushing the teeth. Let get some more in-depth details of this brush by Myst Toothbrush Review.

Specifications of Myst Toothbrush 

  • Theme: It is an automatic toothbrush that brushes your teeth in 30 seconds and does deep cleaning of your mouth with its 360-degree cleaning technology. 
  • Manufacturer: It is manufactured by MYST oral care.
  • Price: rice of one MYST toothbrush is 99 United States dollars.
  • Vibration technology: It cleans your tooth by removing plaque and food from teeth by its vibration. It produces a vibration of 24,000 strokes per minute.
  • Silicon brush: It has silicon brush heads that are perfect for sensitive gum lines. It is safe for children’s teeth and high sensitivity for gums. Let us get more details of its functions by Myst Toothbrush Review.
  • Three-speeds: It has three active speed settings for brushing your teeth with the power button, such as high-frequency vibration, medium frequency vibration, and low-frequency vibration.
  • Speed Indicator: With the three active speed options, it has three-speed indicators to define the operating speed. 
  • LED light: It has the inbuilt LED light for the teeth whiting process as blue LED light reacts with whitening chemical and makes your teeth more whiten.
  • XRT technology: It use the XRT technology for its manufacturing that makes it an antibacterial mouthpiece.
  • USB Charging: You can charge this brush with its inbox USB charging cable.
  • Battery Life: After one charging, you can use this brush for approximately one week.

Pros of using Myst Toothbrush 

Here we find the following pros during Myst Toothbrush Review.

  • It shortens the brush time to 30 seconds from a 2-minute cycle of brushing with a simple toothbrush.
  • It has the Inbuilt tooth whiting technology with the help of UV led light.
  • It is comfortable and easy to use for every age people.
  • It is soft to sensitive gums.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It is made from antibacterial silicone.
  • It brushes your teeth with the BASS method recommended by the dentist.

Cons of using Myst Toothbrush 

  • It has no reviews on the internet yet.

Is Myst Toothbrush Legit?

We get that this product is new in the product during the analysis of the 360-degree ultrasonic electric MYST toothbrush. This product’s official website is registered on the internet for a few months, and it is approximately four-month-old. 

Furthermore, it also has no reviews on public platforms and the internet yet. Thus, it is not easy to define its legitimacy yet. It may be it is not famous among the United States citizens.

What are Customers’ Myst Toothbrush Review?

After the in-depth analysis through this review, we get that it has no reviews on the internet, but it has few reviews on its website. On website reviews, all reviews are with a 5-star rating. But in actual these reviews look fake as they have no date of reviewing on the website. Also, there is not an option to review the product. 

Final Verdict

We get that the reviews available on the website for its product are fake, and there is no review on the internet. Thus, in our analysis, it is a dubious product. We suggest exploring more about it.

For more about Myst Toothbrush Review, please contact us via the comments section.

24 thoughts on “Myst Toothbrush Review (Aug) Must Read Before You Order!

  1. I just bought it and have used it two times, last night and this morning. I have a narrow mouth. I like that the U shaped mouthpiece fits comfortably. Last night I moved the mouthpiece around to ensure it was touching all surfaces. This morning I did not move it. I do not know what is recommended. I came here for guidance. Clearly, it is too early to see if it works well.

  2. I highly appreciate your review and suggestions about the Myst toothbrush. I was about to purchase one for $99 and your review gave me pause. I may still buy one but I will wait and do more research. Thank You.

    1. I’ve tried and bought this product. I DON’T recommend buying it. I think the price is to much and besides that I don’t feel like my teeth are any cleaner after using it. The vibrations also cause some dizziness!

  3. Agreed with Jessica Tufts. This is like someone writing a book review without reading the book. You make lots of good points and also note some genuine points of concern but this is not an actual review & evaluation of the product, it is a review & evaluation of the information that you could find. These can be found for around $40 online. I’d be hesitant to try something without finding an independent review too but this does not pass for one.

  4. I’ve tried and bought this product. I DON’T recommend buying it. I think the price is to much and besides that I don’t feel like my teeth are any cleaner after using it. The vibrations also cause some dizziness!

  5. I regret coming to this website. This review is useless. If you are actually going to write a review for a product, you should provide more information about your experience with the product. How long did you use it for? Did you compaire the appearance of your teeth before and after you used the product for a period of time? Even your response to Jessica Tufts comment was more information than you put in your review.

  6. I tried this product as well for the last three weeks. Just as mentioned above, I do not feel the cleanliness as a regular toothbrush especially on the back along the teeth. So I have stated to use each setting twice but no change. I have also tried rocking the Myst from side to side on the second treatment but no change. I have also noticed that white debris along some of the teeth gum line is not removed. I wonder how this is affecting my breath so thanks God for my mouth covering. On my first brushing I did feel a bit dizzy due to the vibrations but did subside after a few brushings, I just don’t look up or sideways while using it. Maybe it’s better at whiting something I haven’t noticed yet. For the price, well, I haven’t seen it’s value. I thought that maybe it’s a duration product but then I returned to reality, I need my teeth cleaned now. One last thing, the product’s instructions are limited on usage and what toothpaste is ideal, it just states to put toothpaste on mouthpiece, well that didn’t go well. After my first brushing my toothpaste was still where I dabbed it and pretty much intacted so i’m still looking for that one. The battery doesn’t last as long as they say, about one week, no more lid a few days.

  7. I just tried it for the first time, which led me to one question. “How do I get a refund?” It feels like it’s doing absolutely nothing. I feel like I have to manually move the gadget around my mouth to have any effect at all.

  8. I just received my MYST and charged it up.

    I used it for my first time and had an interesting experience keeping the tooth paste from falling down. So that will take some getting used to.

    I like the experience and really enjoy the speed.

    I notice that it left food particles after the brushing. So I will floss before my next use of the device.

  9. You are labeling this a “dubious product” based on what? Before you slander a product and create enough doubt and negativity that it’s actually giving people pause, why don’t you try the product and then give a fair review based on experience.

  10. If it’s left food particles on your teeth, I’m pretty sure it’s not brushing her teeth. Just saying says:

    If it’s left food particles on your teeth, I’m pretty sure it’s not brushing her teeth. Just saying

  11. I’d like to know how long the mouthpiece lasts and if you need to buy replacements and where and how much?

  12. I ordered my brush on Feb.22,2021 and have not received it yet. The payment cleared my bank. Please respond
    Thank You

  13. I used the product for 3 months then had a scheduled dental appointment for a cleaning. I took it to my dentist for a show and tell. I demonstrated it for the dentist and the dental assistant. They thought it was interesting. After the cleaning I asked my dentist what he thought of the job it did. He said that it was disappointing and advised me to get a Sonicare or Ora B to use instead. I had high hopes but after the dentist’s verdict I would advise against buying it. Unfortunately it is past the 30 day period to be able to return it so I am stuck with a very expensive toothbrush that is worthless. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING IT.

    1. Hello Michael, we appreciate that you took the pain to consult a dentist and go with his advice. It is always beneficial if one consults the medical practitioner before using any such equipment or any supplements. Because what goes good for one may not be good for another. Stay Safe.

  14. I purchased one and have used it. In the last two months it will not work more than 10 seconds. No matter how long I charge it and now it will not work and after that.I was really excited about this product but I guess I’m the one that got the lemmon lol. If they are a legit company they will pay heed to this review. Herbs review!!!!!

  15. Hello,
    I have a myst toothbrush, saw the ad while watching YouTube and decided what the heck why not seeing as I had just enough money to order it. I got it about a week or so later straight to my doorstep and it truly does work and delivers a full mouth clean I love it. It saves me time and I have even noticed slight whitening of my teeth since I began using it.

    1. Hello Kathy Watt! We appreciate for writing here and updating other readers and prospective buyers about the quality of the product. Thank You! Have a Blessed Day!

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