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Mythical Pet Simulator X Codes {Aug} Know More Here!

Mythical Pet Simulator X Codes {Aug} Know More Here! >> In this article, you will learn all details about the latest 3D simulation game’s hacks and recent updates.

Hey, gamers! Do you also play pet simulator X? Are you aware of the new update out there? Well, people across the Philippines and other parts of the world are looking for the latest Mythical Pet Simulator X Codes to get the rarest pet Phantom Wolf! We are here with the new updated code in the pet simulator. We will talk more about that but first, let us see what pet simulator X is?

What is pet simulator X?

It is a Roblox game that starts with purchasing pets like dogs and cats, and as you move forward in the game, you get tons of pets. These pets can be obtained by hatching eggs. To purchase eggs, you have to collect coins and diamonds. So, basically, codes help redeem in-game rewards, coins, diamonds, and more!

You may be wondering what to do to for getting Mythical Pet Simulator X Codes? But don’t worry; we will tell you in this article the latest code.

However, the codes are for a limited time; if you redeem them after expiry, it is of no use. 

What are the Latest update?

According to the latest update on 15th August 2021, a new log is added, and an auto hatch is coming soon. The recent update includes Candy Island, Haunted Island, two new eggs, 15 new pets, teleports with gems, and Mythical rarity. In addition, there is an auto-delete feature and lots of fixing. However, Mythical pets are the 4th most difficult pets and consume lots of coins and gems if you are unlucky.

Mythical Pet Simulator X Codes- 

  • The latest working codes in pet simulator X are:
  • Back2Back- free diamonds
  • Triple275k- triple coin boost
  • SuperUltra1- Ultra lucky boost
  • FirstUpdate- free boost
  • Ultra225k- ultra lucky boost
  • FreeDiamonds0- free diamonds

New pets in the game:

Using these latest codes, you can update new pets like golden willow wisp, shadow griffin, golden shadow griffin, etc. In addition, storm wolf, mushroom king are also on the update list. However, the phantom wolf is the best pet in the latest update. It is unique, epic, legendary, and pet comes with triple enchants. As of the update, around 27 Mythical pets are there and out of which six are limited. So, use the above Mythical Pet Simulator X Codes to progress further in the game, and act fast and get those lovely pets. 

How do you redeem codes in Pet Simulator X?

All you have to do is open the pet simulator X game and click the pet button. At the bottom of the screen, you will get an exclusive shop (star Icon). Next, scroll down and click on Redeem Twitter code, where you can directly paste the above codes. Next, you hit enter, and rewards will be added.

For the latest update on code and pet, follow


In the above discussion, we have seen the latest update and Mythical Pet Simulator X Codes. These codes help to get coins and diamonds and ultimately legendary pets. Also, you can use diamonds for turning pets golden, increase their speed. In addition, duplicate pets can be fused and turn them rainbow to unlock the mysterious vault!

Have you got the rarest pet yet? What are you waiting for if you don’t? Just use the above code, and comment below if you got it or not?

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