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Myus Scam {June 2022} Read Quick & Easy Website Reviews!

Myus Scam has reviewed a website offering retail shipment service to international customers and presented its findings to customers.

Have you tried My US portal shipping service to get the product from the United States and United Kingdom shipped to your home country? My US shipping company assists online shoppers Worldwide in getting a product of their choice from these two countries. It started as mail delivery for expatriates but later flourished as a retail shipment provider.

Recently some customers have raised serious doubt about its services and complained about its exorbitant shipping price. Some customers have labelled it a Scammer; Myus Scam has analyzed its legitimacy and presented facts related to this shipping portal.

Legit Parameters of My US Com Website:

This review section will allow the customer to get all the legit data of the site, which they can use as an informative tool. It gives shoppers ideas of website age, its customer reviews and different trust index. The website can be legit, but it may be lacking in other areas, and customers need to be informed about it.

  • Age of shipping portal – It is a two-decade and three-year-old site (17th March 1999) too old a website to be a scam.
  • Trust score of siteMyus Reviews team found the trust score for this website to be 96%, a trust score ascertaining the legitimacy of the domain.
  • Rank on Alexa – On the web portal Alexa this site is ranked 10674, indicating decent traffic on its platform.
  • Domain expiry – The expiry date for this domain is 15th April 2023.
  • Plagiarism – The text content and images on the website appear to be original and are not copied from other portals.
  • Social platform – The link for social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is present on the landing page of this site. It has a good presence on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Trust indexMyus Scam trust index for this shipping service website is 100%, indicating that MY US is a legitimate business site.
  • Customer reviews – Since it is more than a two-decade domain, our team found many customer feedback related to it. People have shared their personal experiences with this company, and overall it’s a mixed response for retail Shipment companies.
  • Physical address – The contact address of this website is available on the homepage of the delivery company.

What is MY US Com Website?

My Us started as a mailing service for expatriates but later became a retail shipment company. Myus Scam found that it has established itself as a shipment service for Worldwide customers seeking to buy the retail product from the United States and United Kingdom.

It has shipped cost-effective delivery to 6.6 million customers in the last twenty-four years to 220 countries. The customer’s reviews on neutral review sites contradict its cost-effective claim and are the reason for labelling it as a Scammer Company.


  • Domain name – myus.com
  • Website address – https://www.myus.com
  • Email address – support@myus.com
  • Sign up – Available
  • Physical address – 4299 Express Lane, Sarasota, Florida, United States
  • Shipping policy – price differs for countries.
  • Pricing –   pricing according to weight and distance.
  • Contact number – +1 941 227 4444

Myus Scam Pros for this shipment company website:

  • Its trust rating is high, ascertaining its legitimacy.
  • The contact address and the company number are available on the site’s homepage.
  • The Alexa ranking is 10674, indicating excellent traffic on its platform.
  • The site’s age is more than twenty-four years, a positive parameter for its legitimacy.
  • It has got active social media sites for public communication.

Cons for MY US Portal:

  • Customer feedback for this site is present, but customers have mixed experiences of its shipment service.
  • Some policy pages are missing from this site.
  • Customers have complained of exorbitant prices for delivery.

What are Myus Reviews for this Delivery Company?

As Myus is a two-decade-old website, we can find many customer feedback on a neutral review platform. We found a 3.3 rating for this company on a public review site with 7,548 reviews. It has a slightly better customer rating on other well-known sites, with a 4.3 rating from 5,184 reviews.

Similarly, on another platform, it has a 1.2 rating with 124 reviews. People are terming this website as a scam due to its pricing policy. Shoppers can try to get their refund for PayPal Scam by reading here.

Final verdict:

Most of the parameters of this shipment company are favourable, and Myus Scam found nothing concrete against the website to call it a scam. We, therefore, advise people seeking its service to watch the pricing and get clear on it

People having experienced its service can share their thoughts in the comment section; to get a credit card refund on your stuck money, check the recovery method here.

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