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Nadege St Philippe Cancer {March} Explore Its Journey!

Read this article to know how courageously Nadege St Philippe is fighting cancer. Know the journey of Nadege St Philippe Cancer in this write-up.

Nadege St Philippe is one of the TV hosts at TVA. During an interview with La Semaine magazine, Nadege revealed that she was suffering from stage three of colorectal cancer. Nadege was patient during interview, and people appreciated her truthfulness, which was inspiring. Her fans in Canada were curious to know about her health and fight against cancer. 

In this article, we will look at Nadege St Philippe Cancer journey and treatment that is now an inspirational story for all.

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Initial diagnoses

Last fall, Nadege had undergone a minor operation to remove a polyp. At that point in time, her doctor had found a grown-up tissue that was required to be removed. It was a one-day procedure, and Nadege could return to her work the next day itself. Nadege was prepared for it as her busy schedule gave her the option for a quick operation.

Nadege felt good after the operation and returned to her work the next day. But, her doctor had a piece of bad news for her. The doctor had sent the Nadege St Philippe Cancer polyp for further medical examination. All the tests confirmed that the polyp was cancerous. In her next appointment with the doctor, it was revealed to her.

Nadege Cancer Journey

Nadege was surprised as she had lived with the cancerous polyp for a reasonable amount of time and never thought she would be in such a situation. Likewise, Nadege never expected that she could have cancer

Nadege loved her profession and felt sorry that she had to take a break from her professional life. She was slowly falling sick and notified TVA management. The TVA management extended all their support and reduced TV schedules due to Nadege St Philippe Cancer

After Nadege was diagnosed with cancer, she was under the supervision of excellent oncologists. In addition, Nadege received immense support from her husband, family, and friends.

As of 1st December 2021, Nadege had to take a break from her professional life. On 1st January 2022, Nadege underwent her first session of chemotherapy. As we all know, the chemotherapy procedure is exhaustive. Nadege started recovering slowly. Nadege hopes that within six months of receiving the chemotherapy, she can announce if she has fully recovered (or) if cancer still exists.

Recovery Status of Nadege St Philippe Cancer:

As of 18th February, Nadege returned to her work. Nadege was inspired by the people she had met, who were cancer victims, but they won the battle against cancer. Nadege is focused on rebuilding her health by physical exercise


Nadege, while undergoing chemotherapy, was feeling miserable due to pain. She turned to The Canadian Cancer Society’s Helpline, who had counselled her. Nadege received heartfelt encouragement and a gift of strength. It gave her the strength to attend chemotherapy sessions. Her story inspires others who have cancer.

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