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Nala Designs Baju Kurung {Jan 2021} Buy After Reading!

Nala Designs Baju Kurung {Jan 2021} Buy After Reading! >> Looking for a beautiful Malaysian dress? Read here to grab it & check is it suiting you or not.

Want to know more about traditional apparel and its authenticity? Then, we are here to tell you of the same in our article Nala Designs Baju Kurung. Also, we will let the reader be aware of the legitimacy and cultural value of this attire. The dress is worn in many countries, but mainly in Malaysia  Let’s read further.

What is Baju Kurung?

It is a traditional costume of knee-length and full-sleeves. It is paired with a lengthy skirt, known as kain. The wearer can wear it in her way. This female attire can also be accompanied by a scarf on the head. The outfit is of semi-formal version and is a skin-fit costume of two pieces. It is the traditional Malay costume that has origin in the 15th century. Nala Designs Baju Kurung is an “enclosed dress” specifically designed for women.

Unique about Baju Kurung 

The outfit is loose-fitting with comfy bottom wear. Baju kurung is the national clothing of Malaysia. It has cultural values and gives a high level of ease and suitability to the wearers. The great fit, long sleeves, and comfy fit make them suitable for both who want to stay in comfort and exhibit cultural values. 

This is an Asian dress, which showcases cultural ethics. It has sophisticated looks and a stylish appearance. Females can be creative with this dress and can flaunt it in their way. 

Specifications of Nala Designs Baju Kurung

  • Price: S$60
  • Color: Tile Red
  • Sold for 700 ringgit.
  • Size- XS
  • Collarless outfit of long sleeves.
  • Coverage for the hips and knees. 
  • Preferred by the traditionalists.
  • It has accessibility in geometric patterns and lively color.
  • It features a closure on the neck. 
  • It looks new as it is.
  • Resistance against fading and shrinkage. 

Pros of Baju kurung

  • A traditional Malay costume, which revalues the tradition of the country.
  • It has a loose-fitting, which ensures relief for the female wearers.
  • A full-length dress of good looks and unique style.
  • It can be worn in all possible weather due to its fabric.
  • Nala Designs Baju Kurung is suited for a religious purpose after pairing it with a headscarf.
  • The women can pair it with their favorite pieces of jewelry.
  • Also, it is perfect for attending traditional Malay weddings.
  • It is apt for both casual as well as special occasions. 
  • The dress improves the Malays dressing and symbolizes the Malaysian heritage. 
  • Perfect for both Muslims and non-Muslims
  • It is functional as an approved uniform for female civil employers.
  • It is one of the various regional dresses, which speaks of cultural values and is also worn in other countries; Singapore, Thailand, etc. 
  • The dress is perfect for both aesthetics and functionality.

Cons of Nala Designs Baju Kurung

  • The attire may constrict the freedom of movement.
  • It is of limited style and fashion. 
  • It is not suitable for activities that ask for the agility of movement, such as running, climbing, and jumping.
  • Limitation in size and color.
  • Not appealing enough for evening occasions.

Is the Baju Kurung legit?

Our research says that this attire of cultural looks is legit, as it has wide recognition in the market. The official site on which it is being sold is a reliable one. We have seen many reviews of this product, and all of them are positive. The buyers of Nala Designs Baju Kurung have shared their shopping experience and are happy with the product’s condition. Seeing all this, we consider this outfit as a reliable one. 

Customer views on Baju Kurung

The customers who bought this outfit seem satisfied with the condition and newness of the product. The dress is inspired by Asian culture and heritage. The product has got 4.8 stars. 

The dress belongs to a lifestyle brand, which offers pattern designs. On the selling site of this fashionable apparel, the users appreciated this attire in many ways. They are happy with the newness, colors, and finishing of this dress.

Final verdict: 

Nala Designs Baju Kurung is a reliable loved product, which has attained many appreciations from users. It has made the shopping experience of buyers extraordinarily memorable and satisfying. 

The dress is a must-buy for the ladies who love to shop for the reason without reason. We suggest the readers to enjoy a safe, peaceful and fun-loving shopping. We request you to make your research as well prior buying the product. We request you to post your valuable comments here. 

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