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nbvstore Reviews – Should you buy from this store?

nbvstore Reviews – Should you buy from this store? >> Read our conclusive post before ordering anything from this online store. Be aware and alert shopper!

There are several online retail shop available on the internet that provides various products, items which may be not authentic or genuine, which sometimes raise the question of whether the product is legit or fake? For that, you should check out nbv store where you can find all the designer items. All the products are designer items; you can check the nbvstore reviews for more information.

According to the nbv store reviews, this online store also sells pre-owned items. But those are checked and verified, plus they put a label on all the pre-owned things. For more detail about the quality of pre-owned items, you can search online for reviews where you can get acknowledgment about the products. 

All nvbstore reviews can also be a check on the feedback section. You have to log in to the nbvstore.com for more information. This online retail shop is the one-stop online showroom for all your requirements.

What is nbv store?

This is an online retail shop that offers up to 70% discounts on all the designer products and items. The store provides all the different but unique products like brush cap, food wrap dispenser, sack bags, cup holders, and many more showcase items. They store also run flash sell where you can get all the genuine designer items on minimum price rate as compared to the market. 

The flash sales are runs every month for around ten days, and announcements are provided by the websites. The flash sales are based on first come first serve theory, and it is for the whole United States. The site offers 100% guaranteed genuine products that is marked by the store. You can read the details on nbc store reviews.

One of the best features of the nbv store is that they also sell the used products but only the safe ones. The first thing that comes to mind is why to buy the used or pre-owned items? But if you check out that product, you will see the product is legit and in excellent condition. The acclaimed that they choose the only right product.

It is a good option if you get a designer who used the product at the least price. They labeled on each used product which they offer for sale, and that is the USP of the nbv store.

Features and benefits (Pros and Cons)

The internet is full of e-commerce websites and the product that they sell. Most of the time, it become hard to find the product is legit or fake. Many retail e-commerce sites sell designer items at a very high cost.  As per available nba store reviews following are pros and cons of this store;


  • All the items are guaranteed legit products.
  • A wide range of designer products.
  • Offers massive discounts on designer items
  • Offers Flash sale on all the designer items every month for around ten days
  • Provide reused items at low cost
  • The retail shop offers up to 70% off on all designer items.


  • No cancellation after the product is shipped, you have to inform on customer care number about the cancellation.
  • Customer has to pay if they input wrong or miss fill the delivery address. 
  • The company offers no cash on delivery you have to pay first before placing the order.

Return and Shipping Policy

The company is having a strict policy against return and shipping, which are:

  • You must inform about the cancellation of the product ordered via customer care before shipping.
  • If you return the product, the return shipping charged has to bear by the customer only.
  • The items must be in its original conditions; tempered and damaged merchandise are not accepted.
  • There will be no responsibility of the nbv store if the customer provides the wrong address or miss filed the delivery address details.
  • The customer will have to pay on giving the incorrect address.

Exchange Policy

  • If you return the product due to wrong placed items or dislike the product, then you have to inform through customer care.
  • The shipping will have to pay by the customer on the exchanged products, and the rest of the amount will be credited to your account.
  • The exchange item must be in legit condition.

Customer reviews:

39-year-old Lohan says, I ordered on designer sack bag from the nbvstore.com, and I received the item in legit condition an on time. It took around four days to get the delivery. The sack bag which I purchased online is a designer one, and it is now ten days found no issue while using. 

40-year-old Mia say, I ordered the food wrapping dispenser, and it took seven days to receive the item, which I hated. The foil dispenser is a little hard to roll, which maybe I guess it is new. But overall, the product is right. Thanks

25-year-old Karen says, I don’t know whether they don’t listen to me or they don’t want to. I placed one red color earphone storage box, but they sent me is a blue color box, which is dislike about that. How can you opt for the alternate option without letting me know? They also charge me for shipping for the mistake that I never committed. Horrible.

31-year-old Molly says, When I unpacked the wall mounted key rack, I found one of the hooks was glued, or I don’t know it was maybe a tempered item, but when I call them for that, they told me that to provide the picture of the received item, and they will get back to me. I am confused now, overall, the rack is good, but somehow I am not 100% satisfied. Please help with that.

19-year-old Ria, I purchased a used sack bag, which is in good condition. It was the requirement for me that I luckily got at a low cost. Thank nbvstore.com.

Final verdict

The article neither supports nor offending the site. The information on research-based and upon the comment by the user experiences and feedback.

We found both positive and negative comment about the website and about this store. After seeing all these nbvstore.com reviews, we can conclude that this online store is new, and the legit rating is average but safe. So, know more about the product before placing it, or it is up to you.

0 thoughts on “nbvstore Reviews – Should you buy from this store?

  1. Rip off no contact after order received can’t go to website and don’t reply to emails?
    Did take my money

  2. Yes I ordered something from their site on March 10th this year they took my money and it’s now March 22nd and my friend never received the gift that I sent him they took my money I responded back to them no answer from anybody and when I try to go to the site it says there is no sight and when I go to contact support there is no contact support page anymore either they’re gone

  3. I’ve lost $ 46 on a purchase….and never would have for a company site to just disappear out of nowhere!!!

  4. I ordered Nintendo switch joycons on 3‐11‐20, its 3‐28th no phone#, the website’s gone, I dont know how to get a hold of customer service they vanished.

  5. I ordered an El Gato capture card for my husbands birthday a month ago. Thought it was just taking forever because of the virus. Went to check the website and it’s not longer available. If you’ve ordered from this website, dispute the order now. As they don’t reply to emails, there’s no tracking number, and the website is currently unavailable. It’s a scam.

  6. This site is a scam…we ordered a firestick on March 8th 2020 and when we tried to contact them about our order the site just disappeared tried to email them and comes back as no mailbox by that name available…it’s Bullshit so don’t fall for it as we did..KARMA A BITCH i will definitely be filing a fraudulent charge with my bank so hopefully y’all do the same and hopefully they will be caught after so many of us that have been done wrong don’t let that shit go

  7. Everything has vanished on this site. You will NOT receive your order. No way to contact them. A rip off!

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