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Neet 2020 Reviews {Sep} Check The Post Now!

Neet 2020 Reviews {Sep} Check The Post Now! -> Get ready for an entrance exam and to enroll in a medical college to become a doctor.

Are you an aspirant to become a doctor? Educationists and students are protesting the exams in the trying times of COVID-19. It is because of cross-contamination and personal safety. However, the education ministry is adamant to held entrance exams in 2020 to support your career. Many people believe that academic session of all standards and degrees are delayed by six months. Therefore, it is better to have exams now to support the upcoming generation. 

You can check-out our Neet 2020 Reviews to know more. This entrance exam applies to students in India. Our article will help you and your parents to prepare for exams with proper safety against COVID-19. 

Table of Contents

What is Neet 2020?

National Testing Agency (NTA) has held the NEET exam for the 2020 year. The exam will start at 2 PM and end at 5 PM. It is a three-hour exam. NTA is holding this exam in 3843 centers. The protocols for COVID-19 safety is followed after, before, and during the exam. NTA has refuted the fake disaster news and Neet 2020 Reviews through its Twitter handle. 

What is the difficulty level for 2020 NEET?

Moderate is the difficulty level of NEET 2020. The analysis of students assesses this information. Chemistry and physics subject’s difficulty level is moderate. However, biology questions are lengthy and tricky. 

Neet 2020 Reviews on Chemistry:

  • Difficulty Level: 62.2% easy, 31.1 Moderate, and 6.7% hard questions
  • Topics Asked: 31.1% Physical chemistry, 28.9% and 40% organic and Inorganic chemistry, respectively.
  • Class-wise Distribution: 53.3% Class 12 and 46.7% Class 11

Physics Analysis of Neet 2020:

  • Difficulty Level: 66.7% easy, 26.7% moderate, and 6.7% hard questions.
  • Topics Asked: 15.6% Modern and Optics physics, 37.8% mechanics, 8.9% health and thermodynamics, 17.8% current electricity, and 20% magnetism and electrostatics.
  • Class-wise Distribution: 46.7% Class 11 and 53.3% Class 12.

Biology Analysis of Neet 2020:

  • Difficulty Level: 16.7% easy, 33.3.% moderate, and 50% hard questions.
  • Topics Asked: 17% ecology, 14.9% human biology, 14.9% genetics, 17% plan physiology, 18.5% reproduction, 14.9% living beings’ diversity, and 10.6% structural biology.
  • Class-wise Distribution: 51.1% Class 11 and 48.9% Class 12

Students Reaction and Feedback:

Neet 2020 Reviews suggest that the exam results will be released within one month. The students claim the paper was easy; however, some questions were tricky to answer. They are delighted that the exam pattern was similar to 2019 NEET. The Biology part was lengthy to cover and answer within three hours. 

Final Verdict:

While researching on Neet 2020 Reviews, we find the cutoff will be high this year. The students need to work hard to crack the entrance exam. Biology Numerical questions were also part of the exam. It generally means you need to have a thorough knowledge of the NCERT syllabus. E2, F2, H2, and G2 were the codes of question papers. 

We give our best wishes to you get good results. Please tell us how your exam went this year!

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