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Net Worth Delonte West 2021 {Oct} Read To Know!

This article helps you to guide about Net Worth Delonte West 2021. Also, about his life, career, earnings etc., in detail.

Are you attracted to basketball? Are you longing to see the basketball match of your favourite player at any cost? If so, then surely you have heard about Delonte West. Do you know him? What is the recent idea about Net Worth Delonte West 2021? Delonte is a renowned basketball player from the United States. He is one of the dreadful cases of a proficient athlete whose life was knocked down. There are many concerns about Delonte’s life and career. We will try to resolve the queries in this article. To know more, continue reading this article-

Who is Delonte West? 

Delonte West is a one-time professional basketball player. He played till 2013 from 2004 for several NBA teams and was considered one of the greatest shooting guards in the NBA. Net Worth Delonte West 2021 is frequently used as to illustrate what not to do as an experienced athlete.

He has earned around $14 million in salary alone during his livelihood. But, tragically, he has a net worth of $1 thousand only recently. Years later, Delonte West was found battling with substance abuse and other issues, which led to his financial devastation. 

Let’s get some more untouched information about him-

Extensive Specification-

  • Full name- Delonte Maurice West
  • Date of Birth- July 26, 1983 (38 years old)
  • Gender- Male
  • Height- 6 ft 3 in
  • Profession- Basketball player
  • Net Worth Delonte West 2021$1,000
  • Place of birth- Washington, DC
  • Nationality- American
  • Parents- Delphina Addison and Dmitri West
  • Siblings- Dmitri West Jr. (Brother)
  • Spouse- Caressa Suzzette Madden

Let’s get to know about his accomplishments- 


He has been a considerably victorious part of the St. Joseph’s men’s college basketball team. He had a good and famous record throughout his career. The biggest record of his career was when he made 14 points against the Cavaliers in 2008-2009.

One of his famous sayings is-

We lost our aggressiveness. We came out and thought they were going to roll over and die.”

Net Worth Delonte West 2021-

Despite making $14 million in earnings during his career, Delonte has been troubled with personal and economic crises throughout his life. During the NBA lockout, he was deprived of selling off his jewellery and numerous properties. He also applied for some momentary jobs for a living.

In recent times, Delonte was snapped, noticing partially destitute, probably homeless, dancing on the streets, begging for help, wandering around a fast-food lunchroom parking lot without any footwear and looking dishevelled. Recent reports confirmed his $1 thousand net worth only.

Note – all the details mentioned in this article are the part of research present on the internet. We are just mentioning it.


According to the sources, Net Worth Delonte West 2021 is just $1000, which is the lowest even after earning millions in 9 years. 

The only source of income for him is some contributions by his well-wishers. In addition, he is receiving donations from his lovers and friends for a living. Would you like to comment on this? Comment here. And to know more about Delonte West, click here– 

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