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Nevada Unemployment Unexpected Error (May) Reasons!

Nevada Unemployment Unexpected Error (May) Reasons! >> A helpful guide is here to help you understand the unexpected error in DETR and the reasons behind it.

Unexpected errors encountered in the unemployment insurance system prevented the people in the Nevada United States from filing their payment claims. The Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation or DETR confirmed that people attempting to file the claims are either getting error notice when clicking the link or they can’t find the link to file the claim. 

Many claimants have reached the news channels and took the social media and discussion forums to report the unexpected errors encountered when filing the regular unemployment insurance claims. 

DETR confirmed that authorities are working on correcting the Nevada Unemployment Unexpected Error.

What is the Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation?

DETR is the highest authority in the United States that leads the employee development agency. It comprises different sections offering workforce-related job placement, services, investigation of discrimination claims, services to people with disabilities, training, labor market data, unemployment insurance benefits, and more.             

Most of these services of offered via the Nevada career center page. However, recently an error occurred with the system of DETR where people can’t access the link to file their unemployment insurance claims.

People are either not seeing the link to file the claim or getting an error message when attempting to file their claims through the provided link.  

What is Nevada Unemployment Unexpected Error?

The Unemployment Unexpected Error is the error notice that eligible unemployed people is getting when attempting to file their unemployment insurance claims through the website of DETR. 

Post website enhancements, it was shut down for three days, and during that period, people received the error message. Rosa Mendez, the spokesperson of DETR, confirmed that the website was down due to enhancement and will resume soon.    

However, many claimants have reported that they are facing the error message and unable to access the link to file the unemployment insurance claims. There are many underlying causes for Nevada Unemployment Unexpected Error.

What are the Underlying Causes of the Error?

After evaluating, we have found that the system was down back in April 2021, and the underlying cause for the error message was website enhancement and the sudden influx of many users. 

  • Since the website was under construction, there was a higher chance of seeing the error message. The website was shut down for enhancement, and hence people who tried filing their claims during the period may have faced the error. 
  • The filing system was taxed significantly because of the higher volume of unexpected filers. Since the website is equipped to serve a larger volume of traffic, but the sudden influx has made the system slow, causing the Nevada Unemployment Unexpected Error.        

Is The Error Fixed and System Up?

After analyzing online, we found many comments of users that confirmed that the system is up and running. However, Rosa Mendez also confirmed that after the update, the system was up but it was working slowly. You may check the user’s comment here

Meanwhile, users must clear the cookies of their browser and attempt to visit the website again. Claimants who missed filing their claims would be allowed to file later when the error is fixed. 


Unemployment insurance claimants are facing a new error when attempting to file their claims at DETR. However, the system is still having technical issues, and claimants are unable to file their claims during peak hours. So, they are requested to file their claims during off-peak hours. 

The Nevada Unemployment Unexpected Error is caused due to the record-level of users in the system in the middle of a nationwide business shutdown. Get some helpful tips to overcome the error here

Have you faced the error while filing? What have you done to fix it? Please share your experience in the comment section. 

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