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NFT Bitcoin Billionaires {Oct 2021} Read To Know More!

If you are a Bitcoin Billionaires player, get to know the newly introduced feature NFT Bitcoin Billionaires. Must read without skipping a single line.

Many video game apps make people crazy, especially youngsters. If you have any interest in the digital crypto market, then you must read this article.

This article is not about the crypto market; it is about the video game created on the crypto coin theme. So, let me explain to you in detail about the NFT Bitcoin Billionaires. The game is out, and the people from the United StatesUnited Kingdom, and Canada are curious to know all the details.

About Bitcoin Billionaires:

Bitcoin Billionaires is a unique video game where the creators decided to introduce this new game to the world, which has NFT collections by which people can enjoy and feel the real experience. The crypto theme game will take video games to a different level. As the digital coin market has gained popularity worldwide, the developers put their ideas into the video game.

Creators of NFT Bitcoin Billionaires introduced roughly around 13,000 NFTs to market, by which people can get access to anticipate their collection.

Who is the Bitcoin Billionaires Team?

The game developers are well experienced in finances, software development, business, and video game creation. The developer aims to give a quality game to crypto fans.

The team has launched many features over the game. And now, a new feature has been introduced by which all players can get access to NFTs. By NFT access, all players can click on NFT and make a real investment in the market.

NFT Bitcoin Billionaires:

The Bitcoin Billionaires game, launched in 2014, is available on both Android and IOS. As soon as it launched, the game became a hit worldwide, and around 10 million people have booted up. The game has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, and now the game is a blockchain revolution.

Over the game, there are six races which make the game more interesting and exciting as well. The races are Humans, Aliens, Ethereals, Goldens, Zombies, and Legends; more than 200 traits. Each race has a unique storyline, and each is into cryptocurrency. 

The NFT Bitcoin Billionaires game gives you a real-world feeling. As a player, you can succeed in protecting your coins from others like hackers.

Players have a chance of getting rewards, early access. 

Click here to know more. 

Each NFT is rated 0.09 ETH, and the owner will get membership of the Bitcoin Billionaires club and early access to many features. The pre-sale for NFTs will provide stats from 28th October, and NFTs will also be available for the public later over the OpenSea platform. There is a plan for Airdrop after the sale of NFTs.

Final Verdict:

After exploring information on NFT Bitcoin Billionaires, we can say that the games’ new feature of introducing NFTs has made people crazy. Many positive feedbacks ensure this is going to be a new revolution. NFTs sale is highly in demand, and the waiting list is full. Are you also curious to get NFTs of Bitcoin Billionaires? Do mention comments.

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