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NFT Gunfire Hero (Dec) About Play To Earn Game Project!

Do you have a longing for extracting the story of the NFT Gunfire Hero game? Then, let us give you some information.

Are you craving to notice the gameplay of a shooting game? If yes, then take a glance at this write-up. 

Research has shown that playing shooter games strengthens visual and brain abilities. Moreover, the brain skills improved by playing shooter games enhance eye coordination and improve risk management skills. According to Brazil, the Philippines, and Thailand gamers, playing those games have made them make decisions outside the medium. 

So, in this writing, we will state some crucial details of the NFT Gunfire Hero

What Is A Step Hero?

It is a game studio created in 2021 by a group of game artists to provide a suitable medium for players. In addition, it is a collection of DeFi and NFT gaming that will help us recall our popular childhood characters.

Moreover, it comprises several factors, including a cross-chained marketplace, engaging gameplay and valuable tokens. However, it also grants social network encounters to increase community reach. So, now, we will trace the information of its extension in the next section. 

Presenting NFT Gunfire Hero

It is a shooter game where the players will play the role of a warrior with a more powerful shotgun. 

In addition, the shooting will be done automatically; but the players have to handle the character’s movement and direction. Your target will be the monsters who will hide from you.  

Game’s Storyline 

The game will show you your region where you have to fight for humanity against the enemies. So, naturally, you need to make no stone unturned to save your place. But, then, the battle will occur in every step of the NFT Gunfire Hero game, in which you have to equip boosters to be stronger. 

But, the enemies will turn stronger with increasing levels. So, if you want to win every battle, ensure to collect all the items. 

Earning Method From The Game

The income mechanism for this game is pretty straightforward and is cited below:

  • First of all, register in the game.
  • Then, join the contest and beat the evils/bosses.
  • While passing the level, you will move forward via maps.
  • Receive STEP tokens.
  • Over PancakeSwap, convert the tokens to USDT. 

Game Levels 

In the NFT Gunfire Hero, you will encounter different modes displayed below.

  • Stage Mode: In the mode, you will have to reveal eight different maps at a time. Moreover, if you fail a level, you have to initiate from the beginning. 
  • Endless Mode: After the 8 levels, the endless mode starts, where you will see 20 rooms in a single session. You will get the rooms haphazardly from the maps.
  • Weekly Event: The event is held every Saturday and Sunday, having levels like Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare. 


The NFT Gunfire Hero is a branch of Step Hero, where you have to shield your territory from evils. Also, in the Gunfire Hero, bosses’ strengths will increase in higher levels, so kindly accumulate boosters as many as possible. 

Thus, kindly enjoy the game before reviewing all the essential points properly from your end. Also, we are only delivering the facts gained over the Internet. 

Is the game exciting? Kindly give your thoughts to us in the box provided below. 

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