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NFT Pixelmon (Feb 2022) Read All Updated Facts Here!

The article holds all the details about the latest news of NFT Pixelmon to help you decide whether to play or not, but it is not a piece of investment advice.

Are you a part of the NFT community? NFTs are gaining Worldwide popularity day by day. There is A craze regarding this among the youngsters as they consider it an easy and fun way of earning money.

The latest buzz in the NFT world is regarding the Pixelmon game, and it is taking everyone by storm. If you are interested in knowing more details about NFT Pixelmon, then you are not supposed to skip this article for any reason.

Why Are the NFT Games So Popular?

The complete form of NFT is a non-fungible token. These tradable data units can be stored on the blockchains and are non-interchangeable. Its characteristics make it perfect for using it in different aspects of a game, like characters or consumables or different representations.

Now, such games, including NFT aspects, are called NFT games, and the main reason for their popularity lies in their earning opportunity. These games, including NFT Pixelmon, enable you to earn money while entertaining yourself. With a little intelligence and understanding of the game, you can make good use of your leisure time to become rich.  

As youngsters, particularly students, are always searching for ways to earn some extra bucks, they contribute to the most significant part of such games’ popularity.

A brief on Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a derivative of Pokemon. The storyline is also similar. In this game, the players have to collect and train their pixelmon to participate in fights and establish themselves as the best Pixelmon trainer or Pixelmon master.

NFT Pixelmon is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is free to play.

Latest News 

Currently, the name of this game is shining on the news headlines. This is because the game has released its first collection of generation 1 pixelmon. The mint has started on 7th February and offers more than 100 species, including some extremely rare ones.

In this mint, you can collect pixelmon eggs of the 1st generation Pixelmon and hatch them. However, there ia a risk element involved in this mint as there are both good and bad species. So, getting a bad species won’t be very happy news for you.

NFT Pixelmon: People’s Reaction 

If we check out the official Twitter account of this game, we will see that it has more than 54K Followers making it already quite popular. Moreover, the game follows the same pattern as the immensely popular series, Pokemon, and enables players to become a kind can master.

So, it is easily assumable that people are quite excited about it. However, since it has just been launched, we need to wait a little more to learn about the people’s actual reactions.


Our analysis of the NFT Pixelmon shows that it can create a vast community only if it can fulfil all the expectations. You can visit here to know more about Pixelmon and if you have any opinion about the article, kindly share in the comments.

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