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Nguyenvanbao Com {July 2022} Check The Additional Data!

The article discusses and finds the best information about Nguyenvanbao com and describes its actual facts of legitimacy.

Do you know anything about the Nguyenvanbao website? The website offers digital marketing services and online money-making services to clients. The website provides online advertisement, content services, push notification services and many other digital marketing services to customers worldwide

Many customers are taking the services from this website. But the problem is that many service buyers don’t know the website’s legitimacy. These customers want to learn more about the website. We need to check the Website of Nguyenvanbao com

Know the Important Matters about the Website? 

We have checked the website. And we find out some critical elements about the website. 

  1. The primary language of the Website is Vietnamese. The website content is written in the Vietnamese language. But you can change the language to the English language as well. 
  2. The website provides services like CPC Advertising Network, Reviews the advertisement network, offers money-making links, and even offers customers that they can earn money. 
  3. The website claims it offers the best money-making link to the public. 

Nguyenvanbao com– The Search Elements of the Website

For this reason, many people are concerned about the website’s legitimacy. We have checked the website and found some critical matters that will give us a clear picture. 

  1. The domain was created on 30 October 2021. It means the website is nine months old. We also check the expiry date of the website. The expiry date is 30 October 2022. The domain will expire within three and half months.
  2. The owner of the domain is identified by the “Whois’ lookout. But still, we can’t comment on the website’s legitimacy.

Nguyenvanbao com– Legitimacy Check

Now we need to search for the website’s legitimacy. We have searched but don’t find any office address on the website. The website offers money-making protocols on the website. But when we check the website’s trust factor, we get surprised. The score of trust is deficient, just 8 per cent. 

The index trust ratio is 47.5 out of 100. The website has a shallow popularity score. It is nearly 2262554. It is a fragile popularity score. The website has a suspicious activity score of almost 31 per cent and a 15 per cent threat score of Nguyenvanbao com

Why is the Website News Trending? 

 Many people are attracted by the money-making proposal of the website. On the social media platforms and the official website, we find the money-making link. For this reason, the website is checked by many people. 


We also check the other prospects on the website. The malware score is 10 per cent, and the phishing ratio is 15 per cent. Yes, the website has valid HTTPS protocols. But we also don’t find any user feedback or reviews about the website. 

For this reason, we say the website Nguyenvanbao com misses much important information. Our search reports have all the trusted sources. But you can also learn about online money-making by clicking the link. Have you checked the website yet? Comment, please.   

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