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Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn (Jan) Read About The Incident!

The NBA is again in the news headlines because of the Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn incident. Kindly read our post until the end to know more about the incident.

Are you an NBA fan? Have you ever watched any game or match of Nick Nurse? This player is currently in the news for an incident that happened during an event. To know more about it, please continue reading. 

Canada fans are shocked by the claims of Flynn’s father on the team coach, Nick Nurse. The reporters have named the incident Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn to cover the news. If you are interested in knowing the event’s details, kindly continue reading our article.

Who is Nick Nurse?

Nicholas David Nurse is a former professional basketball player and current head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. In addition, both the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and Canada’s men’s national basketball team are led by him.

Who is Malachi Flynn?

Malachi Flynn is a pro athlete for the Toronto Raptors in the NBA. He was a two-time All-American in collegiate basketball, having represented both San Diego State and Washington State.

Highlights on Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn:

  • If the Toronto Raptors are anything like LaVar Ball, they may have an issue with off-court controversy.
  • On Friday, Malachi Flynn’s father, Eric Flynn, turned to Facebook to express his displeasure with his son’s treatment by head coach Nick Nurse.
  • As far as Flynn was concerned, he implied that Nurse’s displeasure extends beyond his on-court performance.
  • With only a few minutes on the bench, the 23-year-old has failed to make an impact on his head coach. 

What leads to Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn news?

Averaging 2.8 points, one rebound, and just under an assist per game while shooting 34.9 percent from the field and 27.3 percent from outside the arc, Flynn has played in 27 games so far this season.

Many supporters, like Eric Flynn, are frustrated with Nurse’s recent decision to stick with a slight rotation of no or more than 7 – 8 players.

What happened after?

The Raptors and Nurse appear to be stuck in a difficult position given his lack of faith in his bench. On the one hand, if Toronto is concerned about a play-in run, VanVleet and Siakam can’t be playing so much.

However, on Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn, neither role player has deserved additional time. Svi Mykhailiuk was a significant failure, while Banton has plateaued offensively.

Nurse would not employ an eight-man rotation if everyone was well. However, between surrendering on most of your squad and excommunicating all but two players, there must be a medium ground. 

It’s impossible to fault Flynn for standing up for his kid, as any father would, but this is a unique instance in which he did it in front of the whole world.


Since his son was picked by Toronto with said 29th selection in the NBA Draft 2020, Nick Nurse Malachi Flynn has frequently appeared in various Raptors supporter groups on Facebook.

It offers his views about the club and communicates with fans in the comments sections of the groups. Do you find the news helpful? Please share your views on the event with us!

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