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{Full Watch Video} Ninalowo Bolanle Cast Video Leaked On Twitter: Tape Video, Wife, Youtube, Details!

Do you see Ninalowo Bolanle cast video leaked on Twitter tape? Also, learn about his wife and the popular Telegram & tiktok video.

Are you a fan of the famous Nollywood actor Ninalowo Bolanle? Do you see his recent video of him in a very unpleased position?

Ninalowo’s leaked video stirred up lots of controversies in the Nigeria-United States region. So here in this article, we will exclusively discuss the trending Ninalowo Bolanle Cast Video Leaked on Twitter news coverage. Let us delve into the article to know the absolute truth behind this incident.

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About Ninalowo Bolanle Cast Video Leaked on Twitter

Ninalowo Bolanle is a very famous Nollywood actor who has acted in many hit films like Picture Perfect, Desparate Mam Boy, etc. On December 6, 2024, an explicit video of Ninalowo in an undressed manner was recorded and leaked online as a viral Youtube undressed video of Ninalowo.

In that video, the actor was lying on the bed in an undressed position and started to do self-pleasure activities on his private organs. All those scenes were leaked on the Twitter platform. Currently, the uncensored version of the video has been removed from the Twitter platform.

About Ninalowo Bolanle Cast Video Leaked on Twitter

More details on the Bolanle Ninalowo Tape Video

In the viral leaked video, Ninalowo doing his self-pleasure activities for himself invited lots of controversies. In the actual video, Ninalowo’s face was unclear, but his fans identified it by matching his tattoo. 

The person presented in the viral Telegram video also possessed the same tattoo as the Nollywood actor, so everyone confirmed that it was only Ninalowo’s explicit video. However, the actor Ninalowo completely opposed these claims, and he shared a video stating that the person present in that leaked video was not him.

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Bolanle Ninalowo Wife

Currently, the Nollywood actor and producer is single because, in September 2023, he announced his shocking divorce from his beloved wife, Bummi. So, Bummi is Ninalowo’s ex-wife. 

The pair is always used to steal the spotlight on many red carpet-shows. They have been together as husband and wife for 18 years, and as a symbol of love, the pair welcomed a son and a daughter.

But recently, they have decided to separate their relationship in a different direction.

Bolanle Ninalowo Wife

Can we see the leaked video on Tiktok?

No, the leaked explicit video of Bolanle Ninalowo is not available on any other social media platforms because it is a private video of the actor, so it is a highly age-restricted video and cannot be seen by everyone. 

Hence, as per the guidelines of TikTok and similar social media platforms, the video was removed entirely from the digital space without traces to be identified.

Can we see the leaked video on Tiktok

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Latest Instagram post of Bolanle Ninalowo

On December 7, 2024, Ninalowo uploaded a video on the Instagram platform explaining the details of the leaked video. He explained to his fans that it wasn’t his presence in the video and that the guy’s body was entirely different from his physique. 

He added that he is a father of two kids, so he won’t do such inappropriate activities and bring shame to his family.

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Instagram: Bolanle Ninalowo (@iamnino_b) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook: (19) Facebook


Thereby, we have discussed the viral Ninalowo Bolanle Cast Video Leaked on Twitter news. On the internet, on a daily basis, many fake videos are being released to tarnish the image of famous personalities. So, we urge our readers not to encourage such fake videos in the future.

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Disclaimer: This article shares about self-pleasure explicit activity contents.

Reference Link: [Watch Video] Ninalowo Bolanle Cast Video Leaked On Twitter: Wife And Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Details!

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