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Ninja Legends 2 Codes Wiki (Feb) Find Codes Here!

Ninja Legends 2 Codes Wiki (Feb) Find Codes Here! >> Do you want to get some codes for the most famous game? Then, please read out the whole article till the end to get the information about the codes.

Ninja Legends 2 Codes Wiki: We all know that Roblox is touching the heights of success and fame among its users. It provides an excellent chance for all gamers to develop unique games and let others play the same. Therefore, some games emerge from time to time, all across the Philippines.

Here, we develop some of the codes that will help the Ninja Legend’s players buy something exciting. These codes can get used to buying some Chi either it may be 750 or 500 according to the varying code, even ranges to 10,000 Chi.

Therefore, let us get into the Codes for Ninja Legends 2 and know about the advantages that we can get.

A Few Words about Ninja Legends

Welcome to the Roblox Ninja Legends Wiki developed by Scriptbloxian Studios, and it has been regarded as a stimulator for ninjutsu training. The highlighted aim for this game is to provide training to ninjitsu and purchase some swords and ranks to achieve a high level and become powerful.

There is a pretty straight rule here: “higher the Ninjitsu, the more robust you will be.

Here, we have an updated list of Ninja Legends 2 Codes Wiki that you can use to redeem coins, ninjitsu, and Chi.

Code list of Roblox Ninja Legends 2

Here, you can have a glance at the available code list for all, including the Philippines, as you may miss out on a few of them.

This is the complete list of codes for diverse rewards, and often, these codes can offer you some Gems, Souls, and Auto Train. Let us take a peek at the list of the codes below:

  • Senseisanta500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Goldupdate500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Goldninja500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Epicelements500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Zenmaster500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Dojomaster500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Hashdhashdhawdr (Active for 750 big thighs)
  • Ultrasecrets10k (Active for 10,000 Chi)
  • Silentshadows1000 (Active for 1000 Chi)
  • Omegasecrets5000 (Active for 5000 Chi)
  • Soulninja1000 (Active for 1000 Chi)
  • Dragonlegend750 (Active for 750 Chi)
  • Secretcrystal1000 (Active for 1000 Chi with Multipliers)
  • Legends500M (Active for a random amount of Chi)
  • Blizzardninja500 (Active for Ninja Legends 2 Codes Wiki 500 Chi)
  • Legends200M (Active for random amount)
  • Epicsensei500 (Expired)
  • Sparkninja20 (Active for 20 Soul Boost)
  • Legendaryninja500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Swiftblade300 (Active for 300 Chi Boost)
  • Masterninja750 (Active for 750 Chi Boost)
  • Desertninja250 (Active for 250 Chi Boost)
  • Shadowninja500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Soulhunter5 (Active for 5 Soul Boost)
  • Dragonwarrior500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Epicflingninja500 (Active for 500 Chi)
  • Christmasninja500 (Active for 500 Gems)
  • Roboninja15 (Active for fifteen-minutes auto-training)
  • Skymaster750 (Active for 750 Chi)
  • Epictrain15 (Active for fifteen-minutes auto-training)
  • Darkmaster1000 (Active for 1K Chi)
  • Darktrain30 (Expired)

Ninja Legends 2 Codes Wiki: Final Words

After going through all the ins and outs of the codes, you get aware of all the codes that pave the way to the swords, coins, and much more.

Therefore, redeem them now and get the benefit of it.  Please make sure to stay tuned with us as we will keep updating you for such codes. 

Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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