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Niskger Reviews [July] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

Niskger Reviews [July] Is This Authentic Or A Scam? >> In this article, we are going to review an online store that offers a wide variety of accessories and electronic items.

Are you looking to buy unique products at a reasonable price range all in one place? Shower curtains, Animal clothes, books, air conditioners, outsourcing tape, Christmas tree skirt and many such unique products are available on Niskger’s website. 

Niskger Reviews will help you decide for yourself if you want to purchase from this website.

Niskger is an online store in the United States. A very recently launched website, Niskger has a variety of unique products to offer. 

If you’re planning to purchase anything from their website, there are specific crucial details that you should be aware of. We’d suggest you go through our review where we’ll talk about the pricing, delivery, exchange and return policy, and also answer – Is Niskger Legit?

What is Niskger?

Niskger is a recently launched online store operating in the United States that offer an extensive range of unique products. Their product range includes – air conditioners, dog costumes, artistic shower curtains, Christmas tree skirt and much more

Owing to its very recent set-up, Niskger lacks popularity. They have also not established any social media presence as of yet. Their website seems to have very fewer visitors and the products have no customer reviews. 

Niskger Specifications

  • Website: https://niskger.com
  • Products: Animals clothes, Air conditioners, books, shower curtains, home décor etc.
  • Processing duration: Not mentioned.
  • Delivery: 10-22 days, excluding weekends and bank holidays. 
  • Email: niskger@outlook.com
  • Phone Number: +12052350850
  • Address: 72 Gardiner Avenue, Rochester, New York,14611
  • Exchange: 7-day exchange policy from the day of delivery
  • Refund Period: 7 business days
  • Payment Method: Amex/ Mastercard/Paypal/Visa/Amazon

Niskger Pros

  • They offer a wide variety of unique products. 
  • They have not been flagged or blacklisted by any antivirus on the web. 
  • They have the require details on the website – contact details, exchange, and refund policy. 

Niskger Cons

  • A very recently established online store. 
  • They have no customer reviews and no social media presence. 

Is Niskger Legit? 
Niskger is a newly established online store in the United States. Their website was launched very recently in July. After a thorough investigation, we found that shopping from this website might not be very safe. We cannot confirm the legitimacy of the site due to the following reasons. 

Niskger Reviews are absent from its website as well as from the web. The design of the site is also very sketchy. A few images are not clickable, and a few take you to a completely different product than is shown in the picture. The quality of the images used to showcase the products is also inferior. There is absolutely no social media presence which is also a negative indication.

So, to answer – Is Niskger Legit? We don’t think so. Even though due to lack of information, we cannot prove with evidence that the website is not legitimate, it still checks a lot of boxes that show it to be a scam.

Niskger Customer and User reviews

Niskger is a relatively new website that became active in the United States, very recently. Due to this, it is still not very well-known and lacks popularity.

There are absolutely no Niskger ReviewsCustomer reviews or feedbacks are not only missing from their website but also the web. They have no social media presence whatsoever. The shipping time is very long, and so is the refund period.

There is no conclusive evidence that shows the website to be a scam, but we would still advise the users to be careful and double-check before making any purchase from this website. 

Final Verdict

Niskger offers a wide variety of unique products. Their products range from electronics to animal clothes to Christmas tree skirts. Their website seems to have all the required crucial information like the contact details, return and refund policies. 

But, Is Niskger Legit?  We don’t think so. We have stated and discussed a lot of reasons which prove that this website might be a scam. 

Readers, we’d suggest you not to buy anything from this website. You can get similar products on a lot of different sites as well, which are legitimate and have been around for quite some time.

Suppose you do still decide to go ahead with the purchase double-check from other sources and go through our review thoroughly. Kindly write to us if you have any information about this website that you’d like to share with us. 

0 thoughts on “Niskger Reviews [July] Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

  1. I received masks instead of my two air conditioners I want my money back now or ima fuck someone up…

    1. That’s exactly what I got when I ordered their air conditioner so I paid a lot of money for the masks they sent me I’m so pissed and don’t know how to get my money back

  2. fricking scam. phone number is not real or active. I ordered a portable air conditioner and I go a package of face masks. 64 bucks for face masks. I think not. I’m reporting this site and I’m not letting them win this battle

  3. I ordered portable a.c . What I got is two packs of kn95 mask. I emailed them and no rely. Called and got voice mail. My next step is to lawyers office to start law suit. And file a report against the company.

    1. I filed a complaint against this company at B. B. B . Then email them at niskgers@outlook.com and explained that I filed a complaint against them as I learned I wasn’t only one that received wrong product. And that I would like a full refund was offered replacement product in which I saw no need for and wouldn’t trust then was offered 85% refund. Not sure one to accept it or not and cut my loss. And buy one out of season for next year.

  4. I ordered an air conditioner on July 30 and I got some damn face masks today I want my money back or it’s not going to be pretty I have everything I need to do what I need to do I even got the order form and it shows that I paid for an air conditioner not no damn face masks I sent a screenshot of the order form to their email

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