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Niter Wordle {Sep 2022} Check Puzzle 442 Correct Answer!

Please scroll down the below article on Niter Wordle and learn some clutch points regarding this popular game.

Are you a Wordle lover? Do you search Wordle answers daily to keep yourself updated with the answers of Wordle? Then you have arrived at a definite place. In this article, we will talk about Wordle answers and some other words which are getting famous for Wordle.

Wordle is a top-rated word game worldwide, specifically in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and the United KingdomIn today’s article, our primary topic of discussion is Niter Wordle.

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Why Is The Word Niter Trending With Wordle?

In Wordle, we notice the trending of some words as the Wordle answers. Those words have started circulating on the internet among the lovers of this game because of their worldwide popularity.

Niter is one such word that started trending as the Wordle answer on 4th September, and this is the reason for the trending of this word, but the thing is that Niter is not the correct answer; the correct answer is something different, which we will discuss in a later part of the article.  

Check: is Niter a word  

Niter is an ingredient that is used in making gunpowder. At the time of the civil war, it was used for this purpose. But in the present day, it is also used in making glass, fertilizers, etc. So, it can be noticed that Niter is a dictionary word that has proper meaning and significance.

The Correct Answer for 4th September Wordle

The correct answer for Wordle 442 is Inter which many Wordle players, such as Niter, mistakenly guess. Inter is used as a prefix. It is usually used to convince the interrelation of the words. It also signifies the place inside the tomb. We have checked the Niter definition earlier; now, we will check the history of this popular game.

Background Of Wordle

Wordle, which has now become an international phenomenon, was created by Josh Wardle, who wanted to present this game to his partner. However, this game very soon crossed its arena and touched the hearts of thousands of puzzle lovers.

Alternatives of Wordle have come into the market, such as Heardle, Squabble, Dordle, Quordle, etc. Observing its overwhelming popularity, The New York Times bought this game. Let us see the list of the words that became the Wordle answers of last week.

Besides Niter Wordle, We Must Check Today’s Answer with Past Answers of Wordle

  • Whoop: Answer of Wordle 443 that is the answer of 5th September 2022
  • Inter: Answer of Wordle 442
  • Gully: Answer of Wordle 441
  • Charm: Answer of Wordle 440
  • Fungi: Answer of Wordle 439
  • Prize: Answer of Wordle 438
  • Onset: Answer of Wordle 437
  • Chief: Answer of Wordle 436
  • Gauze: Answer of Wordle 435


From the above discussion, we have gotten the information about how this game started functioning and the answer for today’s Wordle. We have also realized the significance of the trend of the Niter Wordle

Are you satisfied with the information provided in this article? Do you have any particular queries regarding this game? Please let us know in the comment area. To know more about Wordle, click on 

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