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No More Masks 2021 {May} Should We Stop Wearing Masks?

No More Masks 2021 {May} Should We Stop Wearing Masks?>> Here in this article, we will read about an anti-mask protest. Read this article to have more information.

All of us are surviving now and dealing with this pandemic worldwide, especially the countries like the United States who were hit the worst by this pandemic. After hearing controversies like No More Masks 2021, people are not ready to wear face masks any further. 

The situation has improved a lot now in these countries, but that does not mean that people start neglecting the fact that this can worsen if ignored or overlooked. Here in this article, we will read about this particular controversy that is happening in America.

What Is No More Masks In 2021:

Further, in this board meeting, the parents started protesting aggressively and started chanting loudly that No More Masks 2021. The dissent deteriorated that the guardians shut down the visitor speaker present there attempting to discuss the school’s endeavors in moderating Coronavirus.

This is about a recent controversy in America in a board meeting of granite school, where parents stood against the mask mandate and opposed the decision to wear masks. Parents there stated that forcing the students to wear masks is abuse,

Decision of The Government On No More Masks 2021:

After this controversy happened, there was a decision taken by the governor of South Carolina; the governor issued an executive order. The order prevented the local governments and school districts from wearing mase masks.

This order was issued on Tuesday and The decision behind this order was taken because the vaccines for covid is readily available, and the cases are also dropping because of which they allowed the students not to wear masks or opt for them. This order was published in favour of parents who were protesting for No More Masks 2021. For more details, go through this link.

When Can We Stop Wearing Face Masks:

When wearing a mask is very necessary, we should not avoid wearing it, and we cannot accurately say that when we can stop wearing masks because these kinds of infectious diseases can affect you multiple times and there is correct time to update when it is going to stop.

But on the other hand, we can resist the daily usage of masks only when the majority of people will attain herd immunity. No More Masks 2021 will then sound appropriate, but as of now, masks should be considered as a necessity, and every individual should wear it.


Here in this article, we have read about a controversy that is going on in the schools of America, how the parents have protested against the school board not force their children to wear face masks.

We read about the government’s decision regarding this controversy, and under this article, we also discussed what should be considered the right time to stop wearing face masks. So, at last, we can say that we should avoid protests like No More Masks 2021 and regularly wear masks until and unless we attain herd immunity.

What do you think about this protest, and do you believe that we should stop wearing face masks? Do let us know your views.

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