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Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews (April) Read Then Order!

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews (April) Read Then Order! >> The write-up is for sharing the details of a Wi-Fi extender to make the right buying decision.

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews: Do you want to boost Wi-Fi coverage across your house and office? What if you can remove dead Wi-Fi zones and improvise the range? Yes, it is possible with Novitec Wifi Booster, the plug-and-play Wi-Fi extender that can strengthen and enhance the Wi-Fi coverage across your building and office. 

Get super-fast Wi-Fi signals at your home and strengthen the speed up to 1200 Mbps with Novitec Wifi Booster. Its powerful antennas can enlarge the Wi-Fi coverage across your house, giving an optimal internet browsing experience. 

The manufacturer offers fast shipping with UPS across the United States with a 50% discount to first 5000 customers. Let’s know Is Novitec Wifi Booster Legit or a Scam.  

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews (Jan) Read Then Order!

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What is Novitec Wifi Booster?

Novitec Wifi Booster is the Wi-Fi extender device designed to improvise and strengthen the Wi-Fi coverage across your house by bypassing internet providers’ speed throttling. The device is 100% safe, and it offers you an optimal internet browsing experience without lags and buffering

The Wi-Fi extender is designed with advanced technology to increase the speed and coverage while blocking the data report to the internet provider. It makes it challenging for internet providers to restrict bandwidth.  

The plug and play Wi-Fi booster increases the speed and range of your router’s existing Wi-Fi hotspot. Installation is also easy as with one push of a button one can install the device and start using it. The product is manufactured in the United States, and first 5000 customers can get a 50% discount.

But before buying let us check Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews for more details.

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews (Jan) Read

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  • Type – Wi-Fi Extender
  • Installation – One Push WPS Button for Installation
  • Signal Speed – Up to 1200 Mbps
  • Number of Antennas – Two Antennas 
  • WLAN Security – Enabled
  • Warranty – A 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 2-year Manufacturer Warranty on Product
  • Discount – 50% Discount to first 5000 Buyers
  • Compatibility – Phone, TV, Laptop, Computer and other Internet Enabled Devices

Pros of Novitec Wifi Booster

  • Easy three minutes installation process
  • Boosts Wi-Fi range 
  • Enhance Speed up to 1200 Mbps
  • No dead zones and broad wireless coverage 
  • Dual powerful antennas.
  • WLAN Security for safe internet browsing
  • Smart and compact design  

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews (Jan)

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Cons of Novitec Wifi Booster

  • No reviews other than the website
  • The coverage range of the extender is not mentioned
  • Not clear whether it works with all internet providers 
  • The product lacks some crucial information 

Is Novitec Wifi Booster Legit or Scam?

Novitec Wifi Booster is aesthetically appealing, and the seller’s website is making huge claims. However, after evaluating, we have not found any evidence to support the claims. Besides, there are no online reviews about the product other than the reviews on the seller’s website. Plus, many crucial details are missing, making it challenging for buyers to make a purchasing decision.

After evaluating the product carefully, we have found that the product is moderately suspicious for some crucial reasons. There are no reviews available, and the seller’s website lacks many essential details, including Wi-Fi range, compatibility of internet provider etc. So, please do your research before buying and stay protected and avoid getting duped. 

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews (Jan).

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Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews from Customers

At first glimpse of Novitec Wifi Booster, the product is legit, and the performance is as claimed. However, when we evaluated the product online, we found no information or reviews online other than the seller’s website. 

The seller’s website has several reviews from verified customers. But, trusting the seller website’s reviews and buying a product is something that buyers must avoid. It is not a good move. Instead, buyers must research the product individually online and check for unbiased Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews.  

The seller site’s reviews can be misleading at times, and hence it must not be fully trusted. You should research and make your buying decision accordingly. 

Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews { 2021 }..


Many people often complain about low Wi-Fi signals at the office and homes. It is because of the low signals from the routers. So, to help you get rid of such issues in Wi-Fi signals, Novitec Wifi Booster is designed. It claims to enhance the speed up to 1200 Mbps and strengthen the signals by bypassing the internet providers’ speed throttling. 

However, the product lacks vital information, and hence buyers must check the product properly before investing their money. Research is necessary to learn about the product’s legitimacy, and the unbiased Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews are the ultimate source for vital details.     

If you have anything to share about the product, please write it down in the comments section. 

0 thoughts on “Novitec Wifi Booster Reviews (April) Read Then Order!

  1. I got a pop-up ad for this device. I usually ignore pop-up ads, but this one sounded intriguing. So I watched the video. When it got to the “how it works” part it talked about throttling. Well, I don’t do any heavy-duty stuff on the internet, so I’m pretty sure I am not subject to throttling. I’m getting all that my provider has to give. So how is this device going to increase my speed if my provider is giving me everything they promised? Also, as said a number above, the only reviews are the glowing sales pitches from the vendor. Lastly, I’m actually perfectly satisfied with the internet performance I am getting now. So, I’m gonna pass on this one. Sounds like a scam.

  2. One other thing. The video says that throttling is a deep, dark, dirty secret that internet service providers don’t want you to know about. I think most of us know that throttling occurs. And I don’t think internet providers try to keep it a secret. At least mine doesn’t. And I think it’s a fair practice. If one household is using excessive bandwidth and impacting the rest of the neighborhood, then they deserve to be throttled so that everyone gets their fair share. In fact, installing a device that thwarts that practice borders on being downright unethical. As for the demonstration of how internet speed increases when you plug in the device, are you kidding me? The demonstration shows an example of speed going from 2.9 mbps to 230 mbps. Come on. Do you expect us to believe that? This is a complete scam.

  3. I thought I was clicking on a link to see a review but no review here. It seems more like an ad for the device. It says on the page to do your own research and check reviews before purchasing. That’s what I thought I was doing.

  4. Why not purchase ot so you can actually write a review on the product rather than a review on the sale of the product?

  5. Piece of junk, doing speed tests when connected.to my router, then the Novitec, my speeds were 4 times faster being connected to my router over the Novitec, don’t waste your money or time on it. Not to confident I’ll be able to get a refund.

  6. This device is far from plug-n-play and in this “review” it says made in the US when it says right on the product it is made in China. Don’t believe anything in the “review”. Super slow shipping. This also is not a speed booster like it claims, it simply extends (boosts) your wireless signal, IT DOES NOT INCREASE THE SPEED OF YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!!!!

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