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Now.GG Cookie Run Kingdom {Feb} Know Full Gameplay!

Have you heard about Now.gg Cookie Run Kingdom? If yes, then find the real facts of this game and know its value.

When it comes to spending leisure time, cookie run kingdom is one of the famous games among people Worldwide. This is why it is considered the biggest sensation in the game. Not only for its cool graphics, but it gives you real-time combat elements to play and have fun.

So, are you excited to try your hands on Now.gg Cookie Run Kingdom? If so, read out this post and unlock all the gaming facts that one should know about to enjoy the ultimate fun. Keep reading. 

What is the Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie run kingdom is trending Worldwide, as it is free to play RPG game released by Devisisters. It was first released on 20th January 2021 after the 3milion pre registered install. Earlier, the game was introduced in 2017 and scheduled for release. Later it was discovered as the two-game in the series, such as Cookie run- oven break and cookie run puzzle world. 

Also, the Now.gg Cookie Run Kingdom has multiple modes such as story, dark, and arena. Let us discuss them in detail. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Modes

  1. Story Mode: it is considered as the standard mode where players follow the group of Gingerbrave, cookie, Wizard cookie, strawberry cookie and chilli pepper cookie. 
  2. Dark Mode: It is a more difficult mode that is unlocked after clearing the level 3-25 by collecting all-stars. Moreover, the difficulty level increases and players can earn cookie soul stones by recovering all levels. 
  3. Arena Battle:  it follows two battles, such as bounties and a tower of sweet chaos. 

Now.gg Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies

However, the cookie run game includes more than 60 cookies. Here we have explained the best ones, such as:

  • Kumbio cookie
  • Red velvet cookie
  • Tails cookie
  • Sorbet shark cookie
  • Cream puff cookie
  • Chilli pepper cookie
  • Tiger lily cookie
  • Gumball cookie
  • Muscle cookie
  • Angel cookie
  • Wizard cookie
  • Purple yam cookie
  • Lilac cookie
  • Sea fairy cookie
  • Fig cookie

What is the latest cookie run kingdom code?

To unlock the features of cookie run, here are the coupons that you can explore.


How do you redeem the kingdom codes?

It is a very simple and fast process. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to unlocking the Now.gg Cookie Run Kingdom features.

  • Launch the cookie run kingdom
  • Click on three lines which are on the right side of the screen
  • Navigate the settings and note your player ID
  • Jump on the DevPlay Coupon page
  • Type the player ID and Cookie run coupon code
  • Tap on claim 
  • Go to the game

Why cookie run is so popular, find details  

The Final Verdict

So you can see that how much cookie run became popular among players. Apart from its cool theme, it’s adventure and cookie run codes help players to unlock amazing features like crystals, experience, sugar gnome, and many more.

So, are you excited to be a part of Now.gg Cookie Run Kingdom? Go & have fun. 

Don’t forget to share your gaming experience with us. 

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2 thoughts on “Now.GG Cookie Run Kingdom {Feb} Know Full Gameplay!

  1. on now.gg there are the subscriptions and stuff you can buy from your own money like packs feauturing guaranteed cookies and soulstones, gems, snowflakes things for the special gacha and such. but it says ”0” as in its for free just like the daily ”subscription” that gives you 30 diamonds and some jelly to level up your cookies. it seems like a nice offer but i dont know if i should trust it lol

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