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Nozaly Com Reviews [April] Is It Legit Or Scam Website?

Nozaly Com Reviews [April] Is It Legit Or Scam Website? >> Read this post to know about its customers thoughts about its services and available products. Yes, you will be able to decide then.

Without ornaments, a woman looks incomplete. Ornaments make a woman perfect. Now, this time purchasing gold, platinum this type of material is very costly, so fashion ornaments take this place. Fashion ornament comes at a very cheap price, and for this reason, anyone can buy it. Although, as per your costume, you can wear different ornaments.

Nozaly.com is a fashion jewellery online store. If you are an ornament lover, then this site can offer you some attractive collection at a reasonable price. In the United States, this store is famous for its unique collection. Though it is a newly launched website, before purchasing, you need to check about the site. Here we share our analysis over available nozaly com reviews, which will help you to know about the pros and cons of the website.  

What is nozaly.com?

nozaly.com is jewellery selling online store. Here the selling some specific collection, not enormous collection available here. Nine different categories you can see on their site.

  • Weavers Of Dreams Bracelet Set 
  • Tibetan Tao Necklace
  • Sunflower Necklace
  • Diana Necklace
  • 24k Gold Initial Anklet
  • 24k Gold Initial Letter Necklaces
  • Collier Zodiac Rigal
  • Sunshine Necklace
  • Collier Sun/Moon

If you are shopping over +35$, then you get free shipping; otherwise, you must pay 3.85 $. They provide worldwide shipping, so from anywhere, you can order their products. For this week they offer a special discount, buy two and get one free with free shipping.

Who are benefited by nozaly.com?

Most of the women love shopping, but for their busy schedules, they cannot go shopping. Mostly housewife is always active in maintaining their family. Free time when they saw themselves in a mirror, sometimes they will think, to change their present look. And that point, they take their smartphone and searching on the web, for buying a dress, ornament many different other things which help to make a perfect looking lady.

Ornament plays a significant part in their lifestyle. For those ladies, this kind of website helping them. Because they are housewives, they are always searching for jewellery in their budget. But is it cheap or not; that’s a question. Before going to that point, firstly, we discuss what the website claim. 

What does nozaly.com claim?

  • Firstly, they provide their service worldwide.
  • They offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee for the customers.
  • Their products are homemade, make with gorgeous quality material guaranteed.
  • Provide free shipping if your purchase above 35$. It takes 6 to 12 days for shipping.
  • They have significant support for +25 artisans.

Is it Legit or Scam?

As per available customer given nozaly.com reviews there, many factors work, and that point it depends is it legit or scam? Lets’ talking about that-

  • After visiting any website, we always recommend checking the security. If HTTPS protects it, then your details are save from third party attacks. Nozaly.com is a secured website. It is essential for any online store.
  • About Us, the page takes a vital part for any legit website because you need clarity to your buyers. Who’s the company is this- everyone wants to know about them and who made these beautiful ornaments, everything a buyer wants to know. It has no about us page. Very disappointed to see this.
  • Now, look out their return and refund policy. According to their policy works only for 30days after that they cannot refund your money. If you purchase on-sell time, then sorry, for discounted items, they do not accept your return. Only current price items can be refunded. They clear all the things regarding replacement and refund. 
  • In which address we return their products? They don’t disclose their office address. Also, there is no customer care number to contact them. Only give a form, where you need to fill up your name, email, phone no, and your message. This process is not user friendly, we think.
  • Not every product but below some products, many customers share their reviews and also photos. As per nozaly.com reviews, 99% of customers are happy with their products. But strange is that buyers’ name are showing like “M**r, V**v, K**a, etc.” like this. We don’t know if the reviews are real, then how is it possible every person’s name written like that. 

Final Verdict

After researching for nozaly.com reviews we say that, here, we notice some point which makes the website legit or some point we think it is a scam. So as per your risk, you can try it.

0 thoughts on “Nozaly Com Reviews [April] Is It Legit Or Scam Website?

    1. I have had the same experience. I ordered early May and still have not received anything. I have tried emailing them but the only said package will take longer.

    2. I received items (after a month of ordering) from them in very poor quality and two bracelets were broken. I have contacted them countless times about a refund. Now going through my credit card provider – AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  1. I purchased items on 28 March (New Zealand), I have not received a thing only reply stating package held up due to covid 19 . No tracking no as told not required as delivery folk don’t require signature.After 28 days they advise that package still in warehouse. Two days ago I get an email advising items to be refunded when I had not asked for one but I had started to ask questions which they took exception too. I just got scammed to the tune of $180 NZ. HOW do we stop these people?

    1. Hopefully you got your money returned? I have just received my order and it is completely poor quality! While I purchased the set on sale it has a listed price of AUD$100 which is outrageous. Really poor quality, one piece is tarnished and it feels like it will break after 1-2 wears. Waste of money so if you have been refunded I’d say you dodged a bullet 🙂

  2. While it may seem legit the product is rubbish! Not worth the money spent…. poor quality and nothing like the imagines. Also beware of exchange rates to your local currency. The product is shipped from China so that should tell you everything about the quality you are getting. Not worth it

    There is nowhere on their website to leave reviews

  3. SKIP this website. Between the picture and the product you receive is TOTALLY different. It’s counterfeits product. I payed 37dollars for a real value 2 dollars.


  4. I purchased -2 xThe Star fish necklace and pendant & 3 xThe moon & star charm ring.

    I can fully recommend the ring. The ring is 925 silver hallmark stamped. and although I am not a expert I am confident the shell used in the moon is authentic.
    These I paid £23 each

    I purchased three Star Fish pendant & necklace – Now I am very disappointed with these items. This is a resin inlay set in a star fish shaped metal pendant. It does not contain the 925 hallmark. The necklace that has been supplied also does not contain the 925 hallmark. I’m not convinced these are authentic 925 silver. This looks very cheep metal. I paid £20 each. certainly a complete waste of money.
    This took 6 weeks to arrive so I cannot return the items as this has superseded the return date of 30 days after purchase.
    Think carefully about using this company.

  5. I ordered on 4/4/20 in UK and only received 4 of the seven products 28 days later, after I emailed them .
    The Advertised 24 k gold initial necklaces are NOT GOLD , they’re horrible and cheap looking and the bracelets are poor quality and I could buy them in primark for 2.99 !
    I’m furious and have sent an email claiming they have committed fraudulent advertising demanding my money in full .
    But I’m not sure what to do either , I didn’t use credit card only debit so don’t think I’m covered ?

  6. Absolute rip off. Total rubbish tin product. Nothing like model pics. Not even silver. After ordering found product for quarter of the price elsewhere. CRAP

    1. Absolutely ridiculous and poor quality. I received my order nearly 2 months after ordering it. one bracelet was broken and they all looked like they came from the $2 shop.

  7. I ordered 3 bracelets on April 16 and received them on May 20. They arrived as advertised except I think I have to put them together as they are in 4 pieces. They are pretty though.

  8. I am astounded by the rave reviews on the website. I ordered the Bohemian bracelets which look great online. It took a very long time to come , which given, what’s happening I was ok with. Today it arrived I am bitterly disappointed it is so cheap looking and I will never wear it. It came in a little plastic bag like something you would find in a flea market. How can they possibly claim that this was originally 104$. Honestly ladies it look like a piece of jewellery from Forever 21. It’s sad I was looking forward to it.

  9. I have also had a bad experience. I ordered early May and nothing yet! Reading all these comments, makes me think I have been scammed! What can be done to get my money back?

  10. I ordered the 2 plus 1 Starfish necklaces for my granddaughters. This was on Mar 20th. Well it is May 31st and I still have nothing. I have sent 4 emails and every response ( 2) i get the standard covid 9 response. Well I cud probably have taken a boat over and gotten it by now. I don’t like being taken for money that I have worked hard for. No response in last 2 weeks. Take my advice…..do not order anything from this site. Major scam. I believe that they are also operating under other sites on the web. BEWARE!!!!!

  11. I placed an order 29/04/20, throughout the purchase process all prices displayed were AUD, after I paid a summary popped up as USD, making my 110aud purchase more like 180aud. I contacted them via the only way possible, web submission… immediately asking for them to cancel, not post products and refund. I got no response. Sent a second web contact on 04/05 asking again, got no reply. Meantime I have not been emailed any type of receipt thus the only proof of purchase is my card statement to show money was debited. I received half of the products on May 20th and they are poor quality dismal absolute junk jewellery. I contacted a third time via web submission on May 20th, this time I saved what I wrote to them here is what I wrote – Email is best, this is my third email to you guys. My first two were straight after my order stating that the Facebook website mislead me into Believing I was paying Australian dollars and then when payment was processed it was US so when converted was much more expensive.
    I asked for my order to be cancelled and not shipped and money refunded.
    You have clearly ignored both my requests. Today I had some of the items arrive, and of course, I should of guessed, it’s absolute junk.
    I want a return address for these items and I want a refund.
    If I haven’t heard within 5 business days I’ll be taking you to the Australian consumer commission.

  12. My order took a really long time to come and not all of it arrived. The quality is rubbish. I want to return it to get a refund but wonder if anyone has been refunded from them, is it worth it trying to get a refund.?

  13. Don’t buy from this company!!!!! Please read these reviews. It total rubbish and you will be ripped off!!!! They take so long to arrive that you can’t return them AND then when you email their customer team to complain they NEVER get back to you!

    It’s a scam!

  14. Don’t buy from this company!!!!! Please read these reviews. It total rubbish and you will be ripped off!!!! They take so long to arrive that you can’t return them AND then when you email their customer team to complain they NEVER get back to you!

    It’s a scam!

  15. Don’t buy from this company!!!!! Please read these reviews. It total rubbish and you will be ripped off!!!! They take so long to arrive that you can’t return them AND then when you email their customer team to complain they NEVER get back to you!

    It’s a scam!

  16. Hi. I emailed them regarding the appalling quality. They said if I returned my order (at my own cost to an address in France I would receive a refund. Emailed them to say tracking information shows they received it on 1st June but no refund as yet. They requested a screenshot of the tracking information which I sent via email on 24th June. I have heard nothing since despite chasing again. So not only am I out of pocket by the cost of the order but also now by the cost of the tracked return of £8, £58 in total. I will continue to harass them for my refund and seek legal advice. Whoever says their rip off rubbish is any good must be fake reviews or they are just used to counterfeit rubbish.

  17. I wish I had read these comments before ordering as I too ordered on 25/6/2020 and have had no response from this company . I understand Covid etc etc but I have resigned myself to never receiving the parcel and from the comments I probably will be better off without them if they look so cheap and nasty.(Looked fabulous in the online picture!!!) lesson well learned.

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